Securus Provides New Innovation to Correctional Facilities

The telecommunication industry is one of the most significant and profitable Industries in the world. One part of this industry that is often not thought of is the segment of the industry that provide services to correctional facilities and other law enforcement facilities across the world. One company that has continued to excel in the industry is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a growing company that is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company has released a wide range of products that helped to provide convenience and security to prison officials, inmates, and visitors. They currently offer these products and services to more than 1,000 facilities located across the country, which ultimately provide services to more than 1 million inmates. The most popular product that the company has released to date is a video visitation service that brings inmates and family members closer than ever before. While the video visitation service continues to be a big hit, the company continues to provide new products and innovative services to the marketplace.


Over the past year, Securus Technologies has also released a new technology that is continuing to provide additional security services in control services to correctional facilities. The company recently introduced a new wireless containment solution product that can help to prevent the use of cell phones inside the correctional facility.


One of the largest rules that inmates are required to follow is the Restriction of cell phones and other personal communication devices. Despite the best attempts of correctional facilities and security guards to limit these cell phones from coming in, inmates are still able to sneak them in from time to time. This can then open up a number of different security and control risks, which the correctional facilities needed to find a solution for.


With the new product provided by Securus Technologies, correctional facilities will be able to prevent the use of these cell phones in the facility. The product will prevent an inmate from using a network illegally and will also block any signals that are in or out of the prison through an unauthorized cell phone. The technology can also identify and provide necessary data for the security service to identify who the user of the phone is. This service will provide an immediate benefit to those that incorporate it into their prison as it can help a prison control the use of illegal cell phones while also collecting data and clearly identifying who is breaking the prison rules.


Trabuco: Thrower Of Destructive Balls

A trabuco is an ancient war machines that closely resemble a catapult both in design and function. It is also called the balancing trabuco. The siege weapon would’ve mostly been used during the middle ages flinging projectiles weighing close to 150 pounds at masonry walls in order to encompass foe property. The ancient weapon the trabuco was able to dispatch shots of heavy projectiles at high speeds with surprising accuracy. Though used more as an attack weapon it most likely was used to fling supplies like ammunition over strongholds as well. It is believed to been used heavily during the crusades by Europeans.

The trabuco derives from the contemporary sling or launch and like them works by transforming potential energy into kinetic energy. However, because it operates much like a large sling a chunk of the potential energy is lost due to friction within the machines framework. The speed of the projectile directly corresponds to the size of the counterweight according to So the heavier the counterweight the more force behind the projectile. It’s estimated that a large trabuco would’ve needed at least 15 or more men to operate it depending on the size. It’s said to have taken 12 days to build the structure.

According to, though the earliest origins of the machine can be traced back to a passage written by Islamic scholar Mardi Al-Tarsusi, Muslims are not credited with the invention of it.

The fall of the trabuco came with the invention of gunpowder. In fact, in Brazil, trabuco is a common way to referring to large caliber revolvers or shotguns. It rapidly lost its place in battle to the cannon during the 11th century according to The last known use of the trabuco was in 1521 due to a lack of gunpowder.

These days trabucos are far from being used in their intended purpose. Now they are mostly used for education purposes on history and mechanics.

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Why Men Flock to Dr. David Samadi to Be His Patients

Dr. David Samadi’s robotic department at Lenox Hill Hospital has been transformed. There are more and more patients coming along, and he is performing more and more surgeries. This has to do with the quality of the care that he gives. Patients like him, and they end up recommending him to other patients. It is also because of his unique SMART technique that lets him perform prostate surgeries without the possible side effects that conventional prostate surgeries carry with them. He worked a long time on developing the SMART technique, and it was a most enjoyable experience. What it does is that it uses precision technology to separate the nerves from the prostate during surgery so that there is no damage done to the nerves. This avoids the possibility of impotence or incontinence.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Urology is his area of expertise. However, he will educate people about other areas of medicine, including alternative medicines. He is successful, he says, because he surrounds himself with good people. He treats his staff like family, and they enjoy working together. He also sticks to a set schedule every day that is designed to bring out the most productivity.

Dr. David Samadi’s center provides a lot more than just prostate surgery. It offers care for everything a man would need to be healthy. It is a one stop shop for men’s health.

When asked whether he ever felt disillusioned with career, he said that there was a time at the beginning when he got frustrated at how slowly patients were managed at the institution he was working in. However, he said that in the end, he realized that you need to have patience and not try to rush things.

Dr. Samadi mentioned that he is most productive during the morning hours. He tries to get to his office at around six in the morning, after waking up at around five. Dr. Samadi performs surgeries later in the morning into the afternoon. He always checks up on all of his patients at the end of the day. He makes a point of setting aside time for communication with them.

Dr. David Samadi was born in Persia and fled to America after the revolution. He studied at Stony Brook School of Medicine, after getting his biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Brings Luxury Retailing to Brazil

In 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto led the Brazilian real estate giant, JHSF into a new era with the development of its first shopping and retail complex in Sao Paulo with a deal to house the first Brazilian stores from luxury shopping giants Hermes and Jimmy Choo. Prior to the signing of the exclusive contract, the JHSF brand had been involved in the purchase and rental of various retail and shopping facilities but had limited itself to the management of each facility.

Joining the JHSF real estate brand in 1993, Jose Auriemo Neto quickly established himself as a leading professional with the company well known for providing its real estate services for the hotel and business sectors. Jose Auriemo Neto made his first impact at JHSF with the development of the parking lot brand, Parkbem which opened up a range of new options for JHSF across the nation of Brazil. To know more about him click here.

Despite the fact, Jose Auriemo Neto had already reached a high executive level his next moves on behalf of JHSF created a new era of success for the already respected company in Brazil; the executive made the decision to invest in the development of the Shopping Santa Cruz retail center which has been at the heart of the success of JHSF in recent years. The centerpiece of the retail and shopping department at the real estate company is located in the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo which included the first luxury retail locations of Hermes and Jimmy Choo. In 1998, Jose Auriemo Neto signed the deal to bring the luxury retailers to the country and has seen his own career rise ever since as he is now the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF.

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Oncotarget Discovers Important Breakthrough For Thyroid Cancer

The most important thing any cancer researcher can do is spread their discovery. Fortunately, Oncotarget gives them the perfect way to do this all without breaking a sweat. It gives researchers the perfect platform for publishing their research while also helping those who would like to better understand cancer find the answers they’re looking for. Oncology is one of the most important fields in medical research, but it can’t thrive without the help of science journals to lead the way. Fortunately, Oncotarget is specifically designed in such a way that it can easily help people who want its assistance get their discoveries out to the public. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

The research published on Oncotarget will go into various categories, but they all cover specific areas of cancer research. Some of them deal primarily with cancers of the lungs, but others will deal with cancers of the skin. This keeps a variety of cancer topics in the journal at all times. The success of Oncotarget is thus the success of the medical community as a whole. Without this science journal we would see so many of the things we’ve accomplished gone. There is something important being done here and it needs to be preserved for everyone to see.


The most recent discovery of Oncotarget concerns thyroid cancer. They have discovered key proteins involved in the development of different types of thyroid tumors and the implications for this research is profound. With this discovery doctors can now focus on finding ways to combat specific forms of the cancer and adjusting their strategy accordingly. The impact of discoveries like this aren’t easily seen by everyday people. If you are a layperson, you probably haven’t thought about the ramifications or what can truly be done with the right innovator in mind. Fortunately, they have found a way to make sure everyone gets the knowledge they need. Cancer is an undoubtedly tragic disease, but it doesn’t need to be. This gives oncologists a way to change things into something they aren’t. They’re building a new future for cancer patients and finding a way to prevent anymore from developing. Check Oncotarget journal at

How Green Structure Homes Has Benefitted From Barbara Stokes

Even though Green Structure Homes is a successful company on its own, they needed a CEO who would be willing to push the company even further. In fact, they needed someone just like Barbara Stokes who would not have a problem helping them out in any way. She knew what she wanted to do and she always pushed forward to make sure she was doing it. In addition, Barbara Stokes has always tried to make sure everyone knew there were different things they could do and there were options she had when it came to the business.

After working for a large company like Boeing, Barbara Stokes tried to always show people what it would be like to make GSH the corporate culture it could be. She knew there were things she would have to do to make it better but she also knew there were things she would need to bring attention to the different issues in the industry. Since she has been the CEO, Green Structure Homes has flourished. Not only are they getting more business but they are also doing what they can to help all their employees with the issues they had in the past. Barbara Stokes is the one to thank for these things. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

For years, Barbara Stokes has been helping out with things like charities and different organizations in Huntsville, AL. She knew there would be different options she could use and different things she could do to make sure she was helping the business out. For Barbara Stokes to make these things happen, she tried to always give them attention in the industry. It has led to her making the right choices and giving her best attention to those who are a part of the charity. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Even though Barbara Stokes is very career focused, she also has a lot of time invested into her family. She has recognized this is an important part of life especially since she has three children. The three children who she has are the most important part of her family life. She does what she can to give them the attention and the things they need. Barbara Stokes has always been great at balancing her work life, her family life and the other things that she has to do. By balancing all of this out, she has been a great influence on those who are a part of the industry.


Susan McGalla on helping women succeed at becoming leaders

Diversity in the workplace is important to success. Unfortunately there is not enough of it going around. Statistics say that companies with ethnic and gender diversity are most likely to be more successful performance wise, than companies who are not diverse. Not only does this diversity mean a variety of people, but also it brings a variety of ideas. It’s the best of both worlds. Susan McGalla is a powerful woman that has worked in great leadership roles such as President, Chief Executive Officer, and is an board member. She is an inspiration to women all over to follow your dreams whatever they might mean. By example she shows that women can succeed in leadership roles.

When it comes to helping women get into these leadership roles, Susan thinks networks and initiatives are not going to do it. They are good in a sense that women can go to them with their ideas and plan ahead. It’s also a good way to make connections in the business world. There is only one problem with them and it is at the root of change. How are we going to change this unfair system to get more women in leadership positions? Women executives who are in a place of power need to mentor these upcoming brilliant women on how to do business. They need to be supported and create more meaningful opportunities for them. Men also need to step in and support the whole thing to create real change that is desperately needed.

Susan P. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio on May 31, 1964. She attended Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business from there. She also served on the Board of Advisors for Mount Union College.

The Ohio native is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for The Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan previously worked as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, was the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc., and was President American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla’s first job out of college was at Joseph Horne Company. She worked for that company for eight years in various positions.

How is ClassDojo Helping Teachers and Parents?

Every year there are 100s of startup companies that have great and unique ideas for creative apps. However, most of these companies fail because they either recycled an old app concept that has been done many times already (video calling) or there is no market for the app. Yet, there is one company that has a fresh take on how to help an enduring market, the educational sector.

ClassDojo is a communication app that is used in classrooms to encourage students to develop social-emotional skills. The communication platform also allows teachers, parents, and students to share what’s transpiring during the school day via photos, videos, and messages.

ClassDojo was founded by co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011 in San Franciso, CA.

The tech company is quickly becoming popular in the educational technology field. Its app is being utilized and embraced by millions of teachers, parents, and students in 90% of Kindergarten through 8-grade schools in the United States, and in over 150 other countries.

The brains behind the business would include designers, engineers, and educators from around the globe. Many of them have a deep knowledge about public and charter schools. Also, a lot of them come from top companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Y Combinator and more.

Sam Chaudhary has strived to listen to teachers, parents, and students during the development process which has been a big part of the app’s success. Consequently, ClassDojo answers a real teacher-parent problem which is providing them a way to communicate about a student growth outside of the parent-teacher conference.

The company has raised $21 million from investors. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, say that they are using the funds to expand their team and to decide on what type of content that will interest both the teachers and students. Also, they would like to add features that will benefit the parents. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don insist that they want the app to be used not just at school, but also at home.

Chaudhary says that the app is to help parents to have meaningful dialog with their children while at home and develop there social behavioral skills in school.

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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings Limited is the largest bank located in the Africa Great Lakes Region.

The bank does business with people who are located in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania as well as Rwanda and many other places located in the surrounding region. The bank has at least 10 million customers in the region to date.

The bank has won many awards and accolades for being the best working bank in Africa all across the world because of the size and scope of the bank.

The bank also has the exclusive rights to give out American Express cards locally to people in Africa.

Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

Louis Chenevert is a successful chairman behind the success of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He implemented different initiatives which lead the company to a great success. UTC being involved in technology; the chairman knows the right investment in the latest technology will set them apart. He initiated different projects at the company which led to introduction of new materials which employ the latest technology. Before becoming the chairman and CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert has worked in other areas where he achieved great results. Some of the traits of the chairman which makes him achieve great success include the following:

High negotiation skills

He took more than one year to negotiate a deal with Goodrich which was worth more than $18.4
billion. He is among few professionals who are ready to employ high level of patience provided he can achieve what is right for his company. From the negotiations, he relied on technical skills from the industry. There are many successes which has been attributed to the chairman. He is among few people who are committed to make a difference in the technology world. The company has expanded to create employment to many people in the United States. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Daily Forex Report.

He has worked in several top performing organizations

Apart from UTC, the chairman has worked in general motors among other areas. He has shown high capability in innovating within different areas as a way of trying to achieve great success. There are many ways in which the UTC has achieved great success which can be attributed to the ability of the chairman to make the right decisions. The introduction of materials which can withstand high temperatures made it possible for the company to introduce GTF engine. The engine promises great achievements in the industry. For example, the introduction of the engine promises to realize great savings on fuel. It delivers more power which makes it suitable for the military jets. Emissions are highly reduced due to the introduction of the engines.


Development of advanced materials

The company—through research initiated by Louis Chenevert—came up with the latest technology, which made it possible to manufacture quality materials used in different technology gadgets manufacturing. Apart from the company making quality jet engines, they have a wide range of other products such as actuators, sensors among other maters which employ the latest technology. The chairman knows for the company to succeed, it should diversify in its products. They provide a wide range of products which makes them achieve great success when it comes to diversification.

Investing in new innovations and in the people

At UTC, they invest in employs education as well as research. It is an initiative which was introduced by Louis Chenevert as a way of trying to improve service delivery at the company. They sponsor employees for them to attend training in different universities spread across the United States. The education and research makes it possible for the company to have highly skilled employees who make it possible for them to remain on top of the industry as far as introducing new products to the market is concerned. Read more about Louis at