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Xbox One and Playstation 4 Need New Games

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The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are impressive pieces of hardware. They truly showcase the next generation of graphics in video games. The consoles also offer many unique features that make them far more useful than previous gaming systems. There are hundreds of apps that both consoles can run, but I believe that the focus should remain on video games.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been out for over a year now. The consoles are new and impressive, but a great game has not yet been released for either system. A lot of gamers will agree that the some games are good but not great. It is a shame because the new consoles offer so much potential.

Gamers like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( know that Microsoft and Sony and should focus their attention on developing a game that will push their consoles to the limit. The new generation has only been here for a bit, but gamers are beginning to get restless. They want a great game that will keep them entertained.

Microsoft and Sony have put too much effort into creating an all in one entertainment machine. Gamers buy consoles for one reason only, video games. Xbox One and Playstation 4 need to deliver, or they will continue to lose support. For some information on the future of video games, visit Gamerant.

Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has recently been released on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.  According to my friend Gianfrancesco Genoso and the blog post shared across, the game has been highly praised by all video game critics. IGN, one of the most prestigious video game websites on the internet, reviewed GTA 5 as a perfect video game. IGN rarely reviews a game 10/10, but GTA 5 has earned that esteemed distinction. Grand Theft Auto is truly a masterpiece. Having played the game for several hours on the Xbox One, I can tell you that GTA 5 is a gaming experience like none other. The graphics of Grand Theft Auto 5 are truly astounding.

When driving through the city of Los Santos, you can almost forget that you are playing a video game. Cars fill the roads, pedestrians scatter the sidewalks, and planes and helicopters control the sky. Rockstar, the developers of GTA 5, have consistently made near-perfect video games. Their last game, Red Dead Redemption, was set in a western sandbox. Red Dead Redemption was another masterpiece, but GTA 5 has taken the company to new heights.

Grand Theft Auto 5 plays extremely smoothly, even during highly chaotic moments. The Xbox One’s advanced hardware can easily handle the games significant memory usage. Aside from the technical aspects of the game, Grand Theft Auto 5 has some of the best storytelling and voice acting that I have ever seen. If you have a PS4 or an Xbox One, you must buy GTA 5. For more information on Grand Theft Auto 5, visit Screenrant’s Sister Site, Gamerant

Ghost in the Shell Finally Gets a Go Ahead

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After many years in development, Ghost in the Shell is being realized as an actual movie. The film is going to feature Scarlett Johansson in the lead role and her Marvel Cinematic Universe fame may parlay this project into a huge hit.

Ghost in the Shell is also a comic book property, but not one by any of the big or small U.S. publishers. It was a brilliant sci-fi manga from Japan that served as the basis for a anime film and a television series. The work drew the attention of Andrew Heiberger and of film producers many years ago, but it remained in limbo for a long, long time. Sometimes, even very inspirational manga/anime works end up suffering such a fate. The Starblazer/Space Battleship Yamato adaptation comes to mind.

Ghosts in the Shell is rooted in the very 1980’s sci-fi subgenre of cyberpunk as it deals with cyborgs and a dark vision of the future. You could even say there are touches of Blade Runner in the work. Quite a bit of The Terminator and Aliens inspires the manga as well since its pages are filled with tons of action. Fans of the comic will be thrilled that same action is going to be prominent in the film. Ghosts in the Shell is definitely being geared towards those who follow Johansson in her Marvel endeavors as The Black Widow.

Whether or not Ghost in the Shell becomes a franchise or a standalone one-shot film remains to be seen. If it is a big hit, you’ll surely see new entries in the series. You might even see a new, original manga hit bookstore shelves to continue the adventures of the heroes.

PlayStation Players Have a Horrible Christmas but are Back in Business Following the Sony Hack

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Sony’s entire PlayStation Game Network was shut down on Christmas, as was Microsoft’s Xbox Live services. Sony reports that the continued increase in traffic may result in a few slow downs of service but that game enthusiasts like Igor Cornelsen should have no problems accessing the Sony game network as of Sunday, December 28th. The group that is claiming responsibility for the recent hack that resulted in a loss of service for both networks is known as, “The Lizard Squad”, and no arrests of any of its supposed members has taken place as of yet.

The Lizard Squad disrupted services for PlayStation and Xbox Live by posting artificial traffic levels that exceeded the systems capacities. Though Microsoft was able to restore their system on Friday, Sony did not recover to restore systems for users until Saturday night. Currently there seems no connection to the large hack Sony suffered earlier this month in their Sony Pictures Entertainment division, though nothing official has been released concerning the two incidents by Sony officials. FBI officials have released a statement regarding the incident as a result of Sony’s release of the movie, “The Interview, “ which is a satire on the assassination plot to kill the North Korean President, Kim Jong Un.

Ode to Marijuana

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I know it’s not the most relevant gaming news, but I’m here sipping a little something from the Antique Wine Company, and I think this is something that’s worth getting up on my profile.

As we are coming into the holiday season, it seems appropriate to be thankful for things. I, for one, am thankful that the study and use of medicinal marijuana is becoming more commonplace here in the states. Many of you may join me in agreeing with the recent legal opinions of California and the District of Columbia, and feel that the psychoactive effects of such a drug do not merit a “war”, or even incarceration. Whatever your opinion, there is no question that marijuana is medicinally beneficial, and a recent study has even indicated that cannabis may help cure certain forms of cancer.

The new study I speak of targeted an aggressive form of brain cancer known as high-grade glioma. According to reports from the study, two of the cannabinoids found in marijuana, THC and CBD, were found to significantly reduce the growth of brain tumors associated with this cancer. Even more surprisingly, the beneficial effects of these cannabinoids were amplified when combined with irradiation, suggesting that marijuana may become an essential element in treating this type of cancer in the future.

33 Years After It’s Release, New Donkey Kong Secrets Are Still Being Found

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Despite the fact that the game is older than me, apparently there are still some secrets to be found in the original Donkey Kong. Over at the Cutting Room wiki, a user has discovered that there were two pieces of music buried in Donkey Kong’s code, that were never available to the public.


I was just checking this out on my FreedomPop LTE with my iPad. It’s actually really cool, because you can hear that both themes were used in later Donkey Kong games. Which almost makes them a developer inside joke.


Nothing groundbreaking, world shattering, or necessarily remarkable. But a cool find for a game that’s been out for more than 33 years.