Milan Kordestani, Has A Vision

A good question to ask anyone is; what were you doing in your sophomore year? Many individuals will answer how they were trying to get fake ID’s or trying to get that girl across the street. However, there is one individual who epitomizes what being successful and honest means. His name is Milan Kordestani.

The young man was born less than 2 decades ago in Stanford in the State of California. Here he attended the Philips Brooks Elementary School, this was before his parents divorced. This forced the young lad to relocate to England, where he settled in London in 2009. In London Milan, Kordestani attended a prestigious school better known to the world of academics as Eaton Square School. His academic life took another sharp bend in 2010. Milan Kordestani relocated to Bay Area where he attended high school. It was not until 7 years later in 2017 he graduated from high school.

The academic life of Milan Kordestani but he never stopped shining in other fields. One of those fields that he has excelled is in the field of horse riding. He has achieved a lot of accolades in this field. Some of the achievements in his career include winning the triple crown in the first leg in 2015. He managed this fit with the help of his horse CH His Supreme Reflection. The same year he achieved a top-four finish at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. He went on to again record success in 2016 when he improved to second place in the World Championship Horse Show.

However, Milan Kordestani has made strides in other fields. This stride was in Agriculture. In his sophomore year, the young lad created the Milan Farms.

This was an innovative idea that focused primarily on the production of Poultry, especially chicken, eggs and lastly high-quality saffron. The company has been able to connect with other farms across the country, selling and leveraging the Milan Farms identity.

The Milan Farm identity has grown to be a recognizable brand, especially across the west coast. In fact, Milan Farm is the first farm to organically grow Saffron hydroponically.


How Sheldon Lavin Changed OSI Group Into A Multinational Firm

When people eat out at restaurants they don’t really think about where the food came from. Many think McDonald’s processes its own food, for instance, or the same with any other restaurant. The food actually comes from a food processing company like OSI Group, LLC, which is one of the biggest around. They supply quite a bit of the food you eat at many restaurants including the aforementioned McDonald’s. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

OSI Group has been around for over a century. For most of the first 70 years of its existence it was known as Otto & Sons. It was renamed OSI Group in 1975. It was in that same year that Sheldon Lavin came on board as a partner, part owner, and chief executive officer. He had a background in finance so the food industry was something mostly new to him at the time. As a financier he had helped Otto & Sons a few years before get the financing they needed to build a new food production facility outside of Chicago. This was this company’s first facility to be dedicated wholly to supplying McDonald’s with frozen ground beef patties.

Sheldon Lavin embued OSI Group with a strong desire to grow the company. He expanded OSI Group internationally as McDonald’s opened new locations around the world. He also established partnerships with many other restaurant and grocery chains along the way. His company now has food production facilities in 17 nations and he is always open to expanding into more countries around the world.

In the past few years Sheldon Lavin has expanded OSI Group through the route of acquisition. He bought Flagship Europe from another American food manufacturer in 2016, for instance, and bought a Dutch company named Baho Foods in that year as well. Also in that year he bought a food plant in Illinois from Tyson Foods who were in the process of shutting it down. This latter purchase was for $7.4 million and in making this purchase he saved 500 local jobs.

Sheldon Lavin is a dedicated philanthropist. He supports many charities including ones that are local, national, and international in scope. He has supported Ronald McDonald House for many years and has a seat on its board of directors. He has also established many scholarship funds and other educational causes like the United Negro College Fund. Additionally, he has helped a number of Jewish nonprofits across the United States.

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Ricardo Tosto & Marriage Cases In Law

As a lawyer, professionals in this field have to be as well-rounded as possible. Since the law industry is made up of pretty much everything, it is almost a must for a professional lawyer to experience themselves in all things regarding the law. Although this may seem like an impossible task, in reality, lawyers never stop learning throughout their entire career. For example, in many cases, one of the most important cases to study law about is marriage. A simple yet complex case at times, the best professionals know how to find loopholes and avenues to success in cases involving marriage.

Having said that, one of the best examples of a successful professional who has become very knowledgeable on these cases is Ricardo Tosto. A civil, commercial and banking law expert, these are just some of Ricardo Tosto’s many titles as a professional. In addition to that, Ricardo Tosto is also a well-known business and political lawyer. As we can see, he is the best example of a perfectly balanced professional lawyer. Because of this, it has become very easy for Ricardo Tosto to take on cases such as marriage cases. With that said, here is more on how Ricardo Tosto has taken on cases of marriage in his career.

Ricardo Tosto & Marriage Case

As we can imagine, Ricardo Tosto has had a long list of cases in his career. However, his most recent case involving marriage has brought him some attention. In an article on Ricardo and marriage parallel to the stable union, we get a sense of how complicated these cases can get. In the article, it explains how Ricardo Tosto has to take into account many factors such as division of assets, the marriage status itself, and also how the law can be implemented in such cases. Again, this is a lot to handle for most professionals but, given Ricardo Tosto’s experience as a professional, we also get a sense of how organized he is at taking these cases head-on. In many ways, Ricardo Tosto has separated himself from other professionals under similar circumstances. This case is just another example of why Ricardo Tosto is successful.

Why Ricardo Tosto is a Great Legal Choice

There are a lot of people who require help with legal situations. If you’re living in Brazil, you probably know of the lawyer known as Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has been working as a Brazilian lawyer for many years. In recent years, he has worked on some of the largest cases found within the country and has become very well known for the work that he is able to do. You will find that choosing Ricardo Tosto is one of the easiest things that you can do when it comes to receiving care, justice and compensation for your own personal legal needs.

The most important thing to remember about Ricardo Tosto is the amount of work he has done for those in the past. Once you make the choice to hire Ricardo Tosto, you’re doing something that is ideal for each of your needs and is going to be one of the best options for yourself. Because of the fact that Ricardo Tosto has worked with lots of different people and can assist you with the case that you have right here and now, you’re going to want to consider his expertise when and if you have a case coming up in the future.

There are lots of reasons to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself and why a lot of people choose this professional for their own personal and private needs. If you need and want to consider the benefits of what Ricardo Tosto is able to do for you as well as the extensive experience he has within the field, it is time to give his law offices a call and see if he is able to take you on as one of his clients for your own personal needs. Now is the time to give Ricardo Tosto a try for yourself and see why so many people have been finding him to be one of the best attorneys they have ever used for their own needs because they have finally been able to see justice being served in a way that is beneficial in many different ways.

Who is Robert Deignan?

When people have questions about or are experiencing issues with their computers, phones, or other electronic devices, many turn to ATS Digital Technologies to help them out. When they do, not only are their problems fixed quickly and expertly, but they are often surprised by the exceptional quality of customer service. Robert Deignan, the Chief Executive Officer of ATS, is a major reason for this. As he stated when being awarded with certification from AppEsteem, “Comprehensive, consumer-focused compliance is the backbone of our organization.”

So who is Robert Deignan? Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Robert has always been a team player. He was awarded a full football scholarship at Purdue University, where he graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership. Not long after, he co-founded his first corporate venture, Fanlink, Inc., where he gained hands-on experience in running a business.

It was while working at iS3, an anti-malware service company, that Robert and his co-founders had an idea for what would be his second venture: Advanced Technical Support, or ATS for short. The team realized that they could save people a lot of time and hassle by using special software to access a client’s problem devices remotely. They could then help customers troubleshoot their technical issues quickly and easily, drawing on the team’s long history of cybersecurity.

Even greater, the team decided to commit themselves early on to excellent customer service. No upsells, over-sells, crafty, crooked, or questionable practices. Though it sounds like a no-brainer, the call-center industry is rife with such problems, making ATS a welcome step in the right direction.

Under the guidance of Robert Deignan, each call support specialist is knowledgeable and polite, helping their customers solve problems both big and small, specific and generic, with service that is consistently high quality. The company will also be adding “Truck Rolls” to its wide selection of services, allowing for tech specialists to visit the home and help with things like TV and speaker installations.

In his off-time, Robert continues playing sports competitively, and helped propel his sailing team to victory in the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.

NV foundation and bronzer helps users choose their skin tone

Although you may not immediately recognize the names of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, for those who have spent time in the North American direct-selling business, Ray and Lewis are living legends. The couple had already become highly successful entrepreneurs within the industry by the time they were in their early 30s. As multi-millionaires, they never had to work another day in their lives. But they kept plugging away, founding one successful business after another.

Today, Ray and Lewis are perhaps best known for their latest and greatest company, Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse is a global distributor and manufacturer of health and beauty products. It has created a comprehensive system for the preservation of youth and beauty that it calls the Youth Enhancement System. Through this package of revolutionary products, Jeunesse Global is working towards the creation of what it terms Generation Young, the first generation in history that will have available all of the necessary tools to indefinitely stave off the worst effects of aging.

The basis of the Youth Enhancement System is, of course, the products that comprise it. One of those products is the company’s NV foundation and bronzer. A revolutionary concept in foundations, NV is powerful enough as a beauty enhancer that it can actually be worn without any makeup at all. NV has the ability to give the user’s skin a highly uniform, healthy look. It can also be used as a mild skin-tone modifier, allowing those who would like to lighten their skin tone to do so as well as permitting those who want to go with a tanner look to slightly darken the hue of their skin.

But the real secret behind the enormous success of NV is its anti-aging effects. Formulated with the company’s ultra-powerful anti-aging substance, known as APT-200, NV can help to erase years off of a person’s biological age. This effect can be so powerful that some people claim to look up to 10 years younger with just a week’s worth of application of NV.

NV also helps to erase wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones, helping people to stay looking healthy and young.

End Citizen United An Important Player In American Politics

End Citizens United PAC formed on March 1, 2015, in direct opposition to the citizens united ruling. This ruling by the supreme court in 2010 allowed corporations to spend money to support or denounce individual candidates in election. Corporations cannot fund the candidates directly but can support them in other ways including ads. The ruling could mean that corporations could give money to candidates that act in their favor. Some worry that this will lead to corporations buying the elected officials.

End Citizens United is fighting back against this ruling. They do this in many ways. One way is supporting candidates that turn away money tied to corporations, and have a history of voting for measures to stop the flow of money in D.C. One way that they support candidates is to raise grassroots money to help their campaigns. It helps combat money given to other candidates through big corporations. ECU expects to raise around 35 million for the 2018 midterm elections. Another benefit of raising money in this grassroots way is that candidates connect with people in their states and districts all pushing toward a common goal.

Another way that End Citizens United is fighting back is to raise the issue of money in politics. They are calling out people who’s campaigns are breaking laws. An example of this is when ECU filed a complaint against Florida governor Rick Scout for illegal use of a super PAC to help fund his campaign. A super PAC can raise money for a candidate, but it must not work directly with any campaign. End Citizens United has collected evidence that shows that Scout named as the Chairman of the super Pact in January. They also found evidence that Scout and the Pact had the shared the same address in February. Another piece of evidence points to the fact that the pact and Rick Scout were both working on a fundraiser with Jenny Rucker.

End Citizens United has become an important player in American Politics. They show that you can raise good funds through grassroots measures. They also show that they will not stand by and allow campaigns to be illegally founded. ECU is still pushing towards ending the ruling that allowed corporations to have so much power in politics.

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Tour with Clayton Hutson

There is nothing that brings enthusiasm and fun than attending the best music tour in the world. Respected tour rigger and live sound engineer Clayton Hutson has joined Tim McGraw and his musician wife Faith Hill on their second Soul2Soul: The World Tour. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are country musicians and this will be their second tour since 2007.




The first leg of the tour was amazing and incorporated 70 sold-out concerts. The tour began on April in New Orleans, and as of December 2017, the tour made over $79 million. Most of the fans who had the chance to grace the event could not get enough of the country duo and the tour was extended. Experienced tour rigger Clayton Hutson is eager to provide electrifying live production in the imminent tour.




The best part for all country music loves is that; the second leg of Soul2Souls: The World Tour will commence in Richmond, Virginia. Great musicians will rock the tour from Caitlyn Smith, Brothers Osborne, Devin Dawson, Seth Ennis, NEEDTOBREATHE, Margo Price and Midland to name but a few acts. Excited Clayton said that the last time he joined Tim McGraw and Faith Hill they had a great show and he is keen to play a great role in the tour.




Clayton Hutson has worked with many artists in the industry. Some of the artists in his account include Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Gun ‘n’ Roses and the likes of Kid Rock. Hutson is a magnate in live performances with an ample experience exceeding 20 years. His excellent sound engineering, tour production and stage management skills have been a key facet to the success of his undertakings.




Hutson has been a part of the legendary Billy Graham sound team working as a sound engineer. He connects his success in the music industry to his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll. Through his endeavors, Hutson has been able to tour North America, Europe and Australia lending a helping hand to some of the famous musicians during live shows. Clayton Hutson also points out hard work as the key factor to why he has topped the industry. And to sum up, tickets for the Soul2Soul: The World Tour are available. You can grab a few any time.




What to Know About Clayton Hutson




Clay Hutson is a stage manager, sound engineer and exceptional tour producer who has been helping many artists during live performances. After working with many tour production companies, he decided to start his own label based in Nashville, TN. Learn more:


Paul Herdsman: Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Majority of people often dream about becoming their own bosses by starting companies. However, this is not always the case since most of the people end up giving along the way after facing a few setbacks. The question is what separates those who succeed and fail?

NICE Global COO and Co-Founder Paul Herdsman, shares some of the tips for succeeding in business.


Have A Positive Attitude

Most people who succeed in life never harbor negative thoughts. It is important to always have a positive mindset if you want to get somewhere in the business world. One of the best ways of maintaining a positive attitude is by learning to be grateful for everything in your life. You can put that into practice by coming up with a list of five things every morning that you are grateful about.  Go To This Page for related information.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Risks

One of the functions of entrepreneurs is to take risks. This, therefore, implies that in order to become successful you should always be prepared to take risks. As Paul Herdsman puts it, it is difficult to know if your idea will be successful if you do not take a leap of faith with it. There are numerous risks in business and the most important thing is to gather as much information as possible and take calculated risks.


Write Down Your Vision

They say where there is no vision people perish. This is true for entrepreneurs because you cannot succeed in something you do not have a clear path for. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to be clear about the path you want to take. Herdsman emphasizes a clear picture of how exactly you want your business to look like.


Have The Right Team In Place

No man is an island and this old adage is true when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is important to surround yourself with the right people who will help propel you into success.


Avoid Shortcuts

Paul Herdsman advises entrepreneurs to avoid shortcuts in business. He says that there are no shortcuts for overnight success. True success comes through hard work and determination.


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End Citizens United efforts to reform election finance laws

The U.S Supreme court plays an essential judicial role and from time to time, cases it has ruled have shifted political grounds permanently in the country. In June 2010, Citizens United Vs. Federal Election Committee(FEC) case, the U.S Supreme court overruled a federal court’s ruling which was in favor of the FEC upending decades of campaign finance case law. It withdrew the government’s power to limit the actions of corporations that can affect election election outcomes. The ruling was profoundly controversial and sent shock waves across the political system in the country. Political organizations have been formed to try and overturn the verdict and counter its immediate political implications.

End Citizens United is one such organization that was founded on March 1st, 2015 to spearhead this fight. Its headquarters is in Washington D.C and its goal is to overturn the End Citizens United ruling. Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director, has steered the organization from its formation to a force to recognize having raised $25 million in funding in the 2016 election cycle. She previously served as the deputy political director to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign. Matt Burgess, the deputy president, has a vast experience in managing campaigns and advocacy. Adan Bozzi, Anne Feldman and Andrew Laskar bring in their different expertise into the team making it a formidable leadership team. Its board of directors form its policy leadership and comprises well-experienced professionals in the political field like Ron Barber, Simone L.Ward and Jessica Vanden Berg.

End citizens United aims to achieve its goal by pushing for campaign finance law reforms and legalization of state ballot measures that minimize the impact of corporate funding in politics. It employs a two-point strategy in working towards its goal. First is to support candidates who are in support of improving campaign finance laws and the carrying out specific efforts to diminish Citizens United. It seeks to raise funds at the grassroots level mostly through the digital platform to counterbalance the large sums of money poured into campaigns by corporate donors. It mostly works with Democratic candidates as the party leadership supports its course.

End Citizens United is becoming a force to recon with in the 2018 election cycle having already endorsed 130 candidates and an increasing grassroots donor base. It aims to raise $35 million from grassroots funding. Anticipated political phenomena like the Democratic “wave” will surely advance End Citizens United efforts.

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