The Inc. 500 List & The Who’s Who Growing Companies

If you’re brand/company is on this list then you are among an elite group of successful companies and as of August 17th of 2010, Inc. Magazine named Status Labs at number 339.Status Labs is a (PR), Marketing, and Digital Reputation Management Company that’s headquartered in Austin, but has satellite offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York City. Status Labs growth was measured at 1,099% over a period of three years.


The company stands out as one of the premier digital reputation management companies in the U.S. thanks to it’s outstanding public relations, business practices, and innovative digital service offerings.  If you’re company is on this list then you’re doing big things in the world of business. Status Labs is in great company with brands such as Yelp, LinkedIn, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Zillow, and Dell. This list is truly the who’s who of business.


Status Labs specializes in SEO, PR, Marketing campaigns, and Digital Reputation Management. Over the past year the company has been steadily growing and expanding to meet the needs of it’s demanding customer/client base. The company does business by helping it’s clients build solid reputations, create strategic public relations, and look their very best during digital search results. Status Labs has been featured in prominent publications such as US News/World Report, New York Times, New York Post, The Daily Beast, and Du Jour Magazine. Being so successful comes from having a huge client base as the company serves well over 1500 clients that span across 40 countries.

In 2015, PRWeek awarded (CEO) Darius Fisher with the prestigious “Innovation 50 Award.” It seems like this company can do no wrong, but their excellent customer service is a true testament to what their all about. The 21st Century is looking bright as Status Labs is becoming a more prominent figure in an ever changing digital revolution.

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Getting Your Lifestyle Perks Through Magnises

Imagine that you could carry a little card around and get the best pricing on the finest hotels. Now you can when you join Magnises. This membership platform is designed with young millennials in mind, and it’s never too late to join and experience the finest that Magnises has to offer.

It’s now possible to get hotel stays at some of the finest hotels for just $79 a night, and the best part is that you’re still building the perfect network.

 Billy has been noted as the young but genius entrepreneur that created Magnises in 2013. The membership card was launched in Spring of 2014, and since that time membership has grown to more than 10,000 members.

This black card can be personalized, but above all it can be tied to your bank account, giving you the freedom to carry just one card that you can flash no matter where you go.

As a member of Magnises you’ll get discounts to highly coveted night clubs, hotels, bars, and restaurants. Right now the benefits are tied to the East Coast, but the expansion is under way.

Members will also get discounts and access to private events like concerts and fashion shows in NYC that are tremendously popular.

The benefits that come with the membership through Magnises can change your life. That is, your social life! It’s a huge draw for young millennials, and above all it’s the elite millennials that are grabbing this members at just $250 per year.

That isn’t a lot of money for the benefits you’ll get access to, and as growth continues more companies are partnering with Magnises to make it the ultimate membership platform.

Co-working spaces are also now a huge benefit for those members that are based in New York City, granting them work space when they are out of their offices.

This new benefit known as Work Pass is getting NYC members pretty happy about getting work done when they can rent a desk for just $99 a month, rather than $500 a month. That’s a huge savings!

McFarland wants members to know that this is about taking your life to the next level, and he is doing everything that Billy McFarland can to grow the programs attached to the membership a win-win for any member.

Great Tips on Betting In College Football

Starting another season blindly is very bad since decades of history provide overwhelming evidence that it is a fight very few finish standing. It is unless you create a strong foundation with philosophies focused on long-term success and popular sites like Here is a guide to thriving and surviving just a college football season.

Do not Force It

Week one can set the pace for the whole season. It may be months since gaming on American Football and the options could be overwhelming, with like five consecutive days of matches at the beginning of the season. The early solution is not to chase. It is tempting to take the 9 p.m. game immediately after losing the 5 p.m. game. However, if you are not confident in the next results, do not bet because you intend to get out of the earlier mess. It is gambling’s version of drunken driving.

Popularity vs. Prescience

In spite of living in the most advanced nation on the globe, Americans tend to assume the same regarding football, with the percentages of actions placed on each side of a match usually heavily pointed toward a team. The constant thing keeping this business profitable is that the public is often wrong. On several sites, you can track the percentage of football bets placed on every team on a gaming site. Do not be afraid of going against a popular opinion. Normally, the higher a team’s support, the more confident it is when taking on its opponent.

Early Action

Therefore, if you like a line on Tuesday, do not hesitate to place your game bet on NFL odds, especially if it is for the favorite on Procrastinating until Saturday night could make the difference between a three-point spread needing to win by over a field goal.

Goliath Lost

Uninformed gamblers tend to lean more to the favorites since it is easier to predict the better team and that is what books normally depend on. Especially at home ground, the underdogs hold terrific value, entering each game with a lot of motivation clichéd.

Skewed Stats

For instance, before believing a football team has the third-best defense in the country confirm from Often, the perception will not match reality.

Securus The Recipient of Internationally Recognized Certifications

Dallas-Headquartered company Securus announced that 11 of its field technicians have received additional training and certification from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI).


BICSI is an information and communication technology (ICT) association that supports these industries through training, certification, publications, conferences and credentials.


The information and communication technology field covers a wide range of technologies, including voice, data, electronic safety and security and video technologies. People who hold credentials and certifications from BICSI work in design, installation, monitoring and management of ICT in a variety of fields.


Danny DeHoyos, the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies states that BICSI is the ideal provider for training and certification of their installation team, and only serves to enhance their already impressive levels of experience with the company.



About Securus Technologies


Securus serves more than 3,450 correctional and public safety agencies across the country, and over 1,200,000 inmates. These services include but are not limited to emergency response, incident management, public information, monitoring products, inmate self-service and more.


Securus Technologies offers these services in the interests of safety and “connecting what matters” and prides itself on providing a high level of service.  In addition to its other accreditations, Securus has also received recognition from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and will no doubt continue to provide its services to inmates, their families and the general public into the future.

Soltis Investment Advisers Honored by Financial Times in its ‘401 Top Retirement Plan Advisers’ List

Soltis Investment Advisors, an investment advisory firm in St. George, Utah, announced that it was included among the “401 Top Retirement Plan Advisers” in 2016 by the Financial Times. This is the firm’s second consecutive nomination.

Soltis Investment Advisors is registered with the SEC as a fee-only advisory firm. It has over $1.7 billion in total assets under management making it one of the biggest independently owned wealth management firms within the state of Utah.

Soltis provides comprehensive investment management and financial planning services to families. It also offers investment advice to individuals and retirement plan sponsors.

 Reaction of the Firm

Kim Anderson, Soltis’ VP of retirement services, said that since 2012, the company had doubled in size.

Anderson added that Soltis was dedicated to helping all their clients and employees meet their fiduciary duties and retirement goals respectively.

To be included in the reputable financial times’ list, a firm must hold plan assets worth over $75 million. Furthermore, the plan assets must represent over 25 percent of its total assets under advisement or management.

On top of this, Soltis was evaluated on overall growth in plan AUM and business, expertise and experience, industry certifications, participation rate, and compliance record.

Today, Soltis is one of the first investment advisory firms to complete the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) process. CEFEX is an independent certification process that analyzes the practice processes and trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries.

 Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions based in Austin, Texas. Blair started the investment advisory company with the sole aim of helping small business owners, families, and individuals make a positive change in their lives.

He offers excellent investment advisory services that touch on all aspects of his clients’ lives from tax returns to retirement planning. From a young age, Blair realized that education was the key to making a positive impact in the lives of people.

In 1994, one year after finishing college, Blair founded Wealth Solutions. He wanted to provide unbiased and objective advice to all his clients. As the firm grew, Blair acquired a lot of knowledge in retirement planning. Today, he offers excellent retirement planning advice that allows his clients to not only plan for but eventually live comfortably in their retirement.

Tidal is Amazing and Dez Perez is the One that Made People Realize That


Tidal has a lot to offer. Adele, who did not stream her music when her latest album was released, has a full album streaming on Tidal. Usher released the latest video for his single for his “Hard II Love” album on the Tidal website. This is a masterful music and video streaming playground of exclusive content. That is what makes people recognize the site. They know that this is going to be a place where they can acquire something that is not found anywhere else.


Desiree Perez may be the influence behind this type of exclusive content. She knows that customers will come when Tidal can offer something that no one else can offer. That is how she has lived her entire life. She has been the one that could offer up information that no one else could offer. That is how she has gotten herself out of some tight situations.


Desiree Perez knows business. She could look at what was happening with Tidal and realized that Jay-z needed something that was unique. He already had the artists that had fans galore. He just had to make sure that he was in a place where he could open up the doors to more exclusive content in order to stand out. With Perez he had a chance to see that Tidal could charge more than the competition because he had the exclusive content. Apple could not compete with exclusive Beyoncé videos and visual albums. Spotify could not compete with exclusive album releases from Damien Marley or early releases from Kanye West. This is all a part of the intensity of the music streaming battle.


Perez has never been one to lay all of her cards out on the table at the same time. She always seems to have something under her sleeves that can get her to the next level. This is what makes fans want to keep coming back. They want the element of surprise, and that is what Tidal presents. It keeps people entertained by giving them access to music and behind-the-scenes commentary much earlier. Nick Jonas created a documentary for his “Last Year Was Complicated” album that was exclusive to Tidal. Jay-Z has even released some “Only Available on Tidal” content to keep fans excited.

Eric Pulier: A Commitment to Higher Needs

The story of Eric Pulier is one of those rare but amazing stories of child prodigies proving themselves early on in life and continuing into adulthood. As early as the 4th grade Pulier began writing his first programs. As his talent he grew he was finally able to start his own database company while still in high school. As you would probably expect, Pulier enrolled at Harvard University and took classes at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology to advance his expertise to the point it lies on today.

As he began his career after graduation Eric Pulier focused on combining innovation with philanthropy to produce technological advances that not only defied the expectations people had for technology but also gave the world what it needs. A great example of Pulier’s work is the groundbreaking Starbright World, the world’s first private social network. Starbright World connected chronically ill children with each other and allowed them to share their experiences with others who would understand. The success of Starbright World attracted the attention of then POTUS Bill Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore. Understanding the potential of his expertise Pulier was tasked with a project for the Presidential Technological Exhibit referred to as “The Bridge Of The 21st Century”.

If there’s one thing that dwarfs Pulier’s amazing talent for software engineering, it’s his commitment to philanthropy that has shown itself throughout his career. He has consistently placed the public good into his pursuits and has done so without any rest or hesitation. Eric Pulier stands as an example of rare but talented individuals making it to the top of their crafts and bettering humanity in the process.

More about Eric:

Don Ressler Transforming The Shopping Experience Through JustFab

Don Ressler is praised for coming up with businesses that have offered solutions to different problems and most of the ideas he has launched came out with great success. Through dedication and massive consideration, Don Ressler has managed to launch businesses that have stood out in the market for enhancing productivity and offering solutions to problems in different sectors.

He started his career when he launched and the company paved the way for bigger ideas since the success it attained after a short while allowed him to reflect and identify his strengths on Wikipedia. To move forward, he sold to Intermix Media in 2001. After some time, he came across another person with similar ideas like his, Adam Goldenberg, the then COO at Intermix.

They set out on a journey to work together and offer solutions. Their first idea was the formation of Alena Media, which performed unexpectedly well after a short while. The marketing section on of the company generated millions in revenue and it is at this point that they realized they could establish a business that could serve globally. They needed capital to kick start their next idea, so the duo sold Alena in 2005.

After raising the required capital, Don Ressler and Adam thought about their next step for some time until they decided to make a try into the beauty market.  Intelligent Beauty offers weight loss products through the company’s franchise called SENSA. Ressler also operate another franchise called DERMSTORE that deals exclusively with cosmetics and makeup products.

Intelligent Beauty has been a success and they have expanded to other online markets with the establishment of different models of business as highlighted in JustFab.

About JustFab
Established in 2010, this is a company that offers beauty products on their online portal. The system is designed to operate on the basis of member subscription and there different products for all categories of buyers. JustFab has received two major rounds of funding with their first offering $33 to help them establish a strong system.

Another major success that JustFab has made is the acquisition of several businesses among them FabKids, which specializes with fashion items for children. They also have a franchise that offers sportswear, Fabletics, and all the companies operate on subscription basis.

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