Evolution Of Smooth And Marketing To Millennials

The brilliance of EOS lip balms lies in the niche they chose to market to and the emotional connection and loyalty they formed with their customers. They have in just a few short years beat out long time company Chapstick in sales. Their first year they only sold around one million units, and they are doing those numbers now in just one week. Their customer base has grown from one aisle at Walgreens to an overseas market in Asia.

Not everyone knew about EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/) when they first came to the drugstore aisles at Walgreens. This, in fact was strategic as the brand chose to face the decision of where to place their efforts in the growing business. Would they promote their product endlessly, or use their resources to set themselves up for future success? The three founders chose to set themselves up for success and used their resources to have custom automated machinery built that could churn out their balms one by one in house. This also gave the company a chance to keep their product offering interesting, being able to change packaging color and the formulas and flavors of their balms as often as they wanted to.

Today, the brand is becoming more widely known, as they tapped into the marketing resources they knew their customer base would respond to. They focused their efforts on beauty bloggers, magazines, beauty writers, music stars and celebrities that were all popular with the female millennial generation. Promoting the product this way proved to be successful in keeping their customer base growing and talked about. The mystery behind the product was broken down by bloggers who all raved about the balms and celebrities who actually used them to keep their singing mouths free of cracks while on tour. The products are now being sold on Target supermarkets and eBay online.


Get Your AC With Goettl

Goettl is a leader in the HVCA industry. Goettl has helped to shape the heating and air conditioning industries for many years. The company provides its customers in Arizona with the best HVCA services. The company has an unmatched commitment to Arizona and other communities that they serve. The Goettl brothers started their adventure in Mansfield Ohio in 1926. The brothers Bill, Adam, and John went to Phoenix Arizona to look for opportunities at the time of the Great Depression. They did this a few years later. This is when the Goettl Air Conditioning was started. The company continued to grow to become a pioneer known internationally for the mass production of evaporative coolers and many different innovations in cooling and heating technology. The company had over 100 patents at one point.

Ted and Adam are the grandsons of Adam Goettl. They co-founded Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical in 2013. The grandchildren have continued the tradition of their family since 1987 in offering and servicing comfort systems to numerous businesses and homes all over Central and Northern Arizona. They have a steady demand for new built homes, custom homes, and commercial projects. The resume of the company over the last one decade has popularized them.

Some of the Goettl’s installation includes the Del Webb CottonWood Ranch, communities of Verde Valley-Brookfield, and Mountain Gate. It is impossible to live in Phoenix, Arizona without an air conditioner since the average temperature is 90o throughout the year. This is how the Goettl Company saw the opportunity to come up with air conditioning services. The company ensures that their customers enjoy a good summer cooling by providing them with swamp coolers and air conditioners. They also do routine tune-ups and repair work.

The company has a team of professional who are skilled and experienced. They offer very prompt and professional AC repairs and services to their customers. They also offer advice on how to maintain your AC well and how to detect any breakdown of your cooling system. They provide routine conditioning maintenance service. Customers are assured of a smooth running of the AC units. The Goettl Company has been able to transform lives and has made living comfortable with their heating and air conditioning services. Their call lines are always open in case you want to call in for any help. A skilled technician is quickly sent to fix your problem. The company also helps customers to figure out the best units to install in their homes.

Mike Baur Introduces Accelerated Training Initiatives

Businessman and entrepreneur Mike Baur began the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) in 2014. As co-founder, director and CEO of SSUF, Baur uses his industry knowledge and experience to help others jump start their own businesses. The Swiss Factory provides a multitude of financing services to startups for accelerated business growth. The financial services package is called the “360° Services Platform,” and it includes: Association, Digital Business Strategy, the Wenger and Vieli Law Accelerator, the Pre-Accelerator, and the Growth Accelerator.


The platform is designed to push startups into the fast lane by offering any and everything that’s needed at a reduced price as a package. Because the office space acts as an incubator; this gives startups a much needed base and allows them to focus on understanding the various stages of organic business growth.


Some might even say that Mike Baur and his team at the Swiss Startup Factory work as a team with other entrepreneurs. Baur’s main focus however, is offering expert advice and direction in the areas of fundraising and capital growth. In July 2016, SSUF announced a new partnership with Y&R Group Switzerland. This is a partnership for a particular purpose, that purpose is to help startups.


It’s key for startups to receive accelerated training in the areas of branding and marketing. This partnership initiative will introduce the fundamentals of digital marketing in a three month training program. The program includes workshops on search engine optimization, brand building, website design and technology strategies, business problem solving, website analytics and help with generating leads and sales.


Although, Mike Baur started SSUF just two short years ago, he’s already off to an impressive start. Much like the accelerator startup programs and financial services that the company provides; he’s really striving to keep the SSUF name out there. This past September, it was announced that Swiss Startup Factory was one of the advertising partners of the Digital Festival. SSUF’s other partners also joined in hosting the festival, these include Y&R Group Switzerland, RedBull Media House, and Goldbach Group, and AMAG Import.


I guess you can say that, Mike Baur is indeed a man on a mission. A mission that involves helping startups get their businesses up and running in the shortest amount of time. By teaching business strategies for organic growth; SSUF changes unknowns into knowledge for startups. The accelerator programs provide startups with information and support.

Don Ressler Does More for Customers

Don Ressler knows that customers are the lifeblood to his business and that they are able to get what they want out of the business when they are in different areas. This is something that has been great for the people who are in different areas and it allows them the chance to do more with their clothes since they can have it delivered to their homes very easily. This is something that Don has made sure that is able to help him out with his business when it comes to different things in the way that it work for the clothing company.

People who buy Fabletics know that they are getting clothing that is high-quality. The company works hard to make sure that the clothes are the best of the best and that they are not made from cheap materials. They are meant to be able to perform under a lot of stress and this has made the company even better for people who can do different things. Don Ressler makes sure that things are great for the people who wear the Fabletics clothes because he wants to promote a lot of quality for his customers.

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This is something that gives them a great chance to do more with what they have and they are able to offer their products to people who live even in remote locations so that they can get what they need from the business. Fabletics and Ressler wants to make sure that their products are above average and that they can deliver them to people so that they will be as convenient as possible.

While most people enjoy the idea of having a subscription clothing service, there are many who do not want to have that. They want to be able to visit the store and get to try on the different clothes. This will give them the chance to make more options for themselves and will allow them the chance to do more with their company. When people are able to try on clothes, they may be more likely to buy the. For this reason, Fabletics now has a flagship store that people can buy from and they plan to open many more stores.

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