The (White) Shark of Digital Advertising

Founded in 2011 by Gary Garth and Andrew Lake, White Shark Media is one of America’s fastest growing companies in the field of online advertising. White Shark Media is among the only 29 companies in America to collaborate with Google for their advertising search optimization.


White Shark Media mainly provides services in digital marketing that are custom made to fit the client’s needs. Owing to their skill and experience in the world of online advertising, White Shark Media has experienced a significant growth rate over the years.


The company is founded on the concept of giving its customers a world-class experience, while not charging an outrageous amount for it. Because of this, not just big companies, but also smaller home businesses can approach White Shark Media and have their businesses’ advertising taken care of.


The main focus of White Shark Media is to help you earn more money and optimize your marketing process. In the world of the internet, customer reviews are everything – and White Shark has numerous amounts of them.


But that’s not all, customer satisfaction being the key here, the company also offers a free evaluation of your current business plan and marketing strategies to give you a glimpse of what to expect from them. More often than not, customers are so impressed by the initial evaluation that they want White Shark Media to help them get the best out of digital marketing.


Be it medical services or real estate, White Shark Media knows of ways to market almost any kind of business. Just by the sheer amount of positive reviews on their website, you can tell that White Shark Media knows how to give customers a good advertising service.


I had approached White Shark earlier this year to help with the marketing of my home business. I made this call by putting my faith in all of the numerous positive reviews out there, and I think that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


White Shark optimized my ads daily to make sure that I was always on top of the marketing game. Their staff is always ready to help you with whatever you need and conducts monthly checks on its customers to ensure that things are running smoothly. All in all, they know what they are doing, and I would recommend White Shark Media to help your business rather than adopting the ‘do it yourself’ approach and burning a hole in your pocket.


Julie Zuckerberg is highly motivated

Julie Zuckerberg is the Leading Talent Acquirer at Deutsche Bank, where she has earned quite a reputation. Julie is distinguished for her capability to work intimately with industry professionals in the private assets field and also the commerce side of administration. Julie is extraordinarily accomplished at flourishing successful corporate dialogue, including upper echelon executive offers that bring together corporation stakeholders. Julie’s tested counsel is frequently essential for employing qualified personnel and her staffing philosophy is recognized for having a deep impact on the aptitude of a company’s output prospect and frequently delivers an assortment of talented and assorted staff.


She also has extensive experience working as an Executive Recruiter, before rising to the rank of Leading Talent Acquirer. Julie has also thrived under the esteemed title of Vice President during her employment at Deutsche Bank. While there, her skills were focused on administrating imperative associations with elite industry firms to shape an extremely valuable group of proficient workers. Julie has also created associations with a copious amount of commerce connections to better manage the hiring procedure to hire competent employees. This is essential for filling imperative positions such as Provincial Administration & US Conformity, as well as Investor Relations, among others.


Julie Zuckerberg is known for possessing a wealth of competent business knowledge and experience. Julie has served as Director of Candidate Placement while employed at the company Hudson Global Resources. This was her first professional employment back in 2002. While employed at the Hudson for a period of 5 years, Julie brought into the company a plethora of legal groups and experienced management employees for a variety of well known firms. This influx of personnel helped to fill a range of positions. When Julie left the Hudson, she committed her experience to Citi Global. It was here that Julie executed the responsibilities of the Executive Recruiter. This allowed her the freedom to make use of superior avenues of hiring employees via online sources, benefiting from social media advertisements as well as through direct sourcing. These are only some of the priceless and tremendously inspired avenues of gathering qualified personnel that Julie utilized. Julie displays a capability to organize several tasks and while working at Citi Global, a well known consumer bank, Julie served as corporate V.P. Julie’s more fascinating duties incorporated the moving of new personnel through immigration and repatriation.


Julie Zuckerberg’s knowledge obtained while working as a V.P. at N.Y. Life Insurance, imbued her with the skill to handle the hiring procedures to maximize available positions with competent faculty.


While outside of the company setting, she is happily located in New York, concentrating on numerous endeavors from industrial innovations, cooking, running, volunteering for charity organizations and taking photographs.



Is Community Banking The Best Way To Bank

Financial Institutions give people a way to save, protect, and manage assets. These institutions also provide products and services that allow you to invest and keep track of your assets at anytime of the day or night. Community Banking has always been around in addition to National/International Banking, but now these smaller more regional institutions have caught up or surpassed it’s counterparts. With so many advancements in technology over the years, these banks have become very popular with the general public. Over the past five years there is an event known as the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference and it’s designed to share ideas, perspectives, opinions, and experiences among of this exclusive industry.


President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended the event last year and was chosen to serve as one of it’s panelists. John Holt participated in the Banker Panel Discussion which is a lay out of how to how to stay competitive by use of innovation. “Reinventing Community Banking” was the theme as this very industry personifies the slogan perfectly. These discussions were very productive as the participants talked about branching, organic growth, as well as new innovations. Thanks to John Holt, NexBank was represented well.


NexBank Capital is native to the Dallas, Texas Area and it has become one of the most successful community banking facilities in the nation. This institution hosts a wide range of services such as commercial lending, credit services, public funds, mortgage services, investments, online banking, mobile banking, and many more. This premier bank had a reported $4.0 Billion in assets and it has been involved in many projects in the Dallas Statistical Region. There’s one thing that can’t be denied and it’s that community banking has become a revolutionary in this ever changing field.


Mullen Lowe Brasil Statement on Changes in Media and Internet Application in Online Advertising

According to José Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil, the media has been growing every day together with the society, and in a certain way, it is becoming inseparable from people’s life. For instance, in the 20th century the ways in which television and radio mass media broadcasts news, and other information has changed. Borghi says that the change in the ways the information reaches the public has played a great role in improving advertising field. This improvement came about because small and large companies embraced the opportunity to create awareness of their products and services to more people.

The CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, formally known as Borghi Lowe says that recently the mass media has grown drastically changing communication at a high pace. The internet as well has changed the way people communicate with each other through the many applications evolved. It has also led to significant profitability to treasured brands and companies such as Google.

The evolution of smartphones and tablets devices has offered the consumers with a new platform to access information compelling for a need to change in advertising methods. Individuals and companies need to change their advertising perspective to remain competitive because the potential audience seems to have shifted their behavior as well. Apparently, this has led to the emergence of online advertising, and it is positively influencing the investments growth in Brazil and the rest of the world. From the statistics of the year 2015, $9.5 billion was made from investments acquired through online advertising. This performance marks a 14 percent increase compared to the year 2014. José Borghi says that there is a high expectation of more investments being received from online advertising in the year 2016.

Online advertising is more rampant and advanced in the United States. According to the Internet Advertising Revenue Report, investments earned about $27.5 billion in 2015 alone which is about 20 percent growth if compared to the 2014 statistics. José Borghi says that the biggest impact came from digital marketing established for mobile devices which brought an increase of about 51 percent. The internet has also become readily available and less expensive in recent years leading to the increased application.

With the trend revealed above in Brazil and the rest of the world, online advertising is one of the aspects that every company needs to accommodate in their action plan. José Borghi from the Mullen Lowe highlights that with this form of publicity, better results can are achievable which confirms that the media industry has undergone a great revolution.


Lori Senecal; A Business Guru

Lori Senecal has created a career in the advertising industry despite her introvert nature. A majority of the people believe that for one to advertise any product; they should be in a position to advertise what they do for the rest of the world to see. However, for Lori Senecal this has not been the case; as she remains calm in all her activities. She has earned a reputation for helping companies during transition periods which are critical moments for any organization. The period determines whether a company will survive or collapse since it involves a lot of changes. She helps organizations align their activities with the current trends in the industry thus countering competition in the market. Currently she is helping Crispin one of the agencies in the industry to stay relevant to marketers and also to ensure that it stays afloat. In addition to her career, she also supports women empowerment; this is evidenced by her recent promotion of four women at Crispin agencies.

At the moment, Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B).She also served in the same capacity at KBS. During her tenure as the C.E.O, she drove the strategic mission and worked with the partners to fuel growth and expansion of the organization. She also plays leadership roles to enable her partners implement proper structures in the different organizations. For instance, in her previous role at Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) she helped drive the organization’s growth and vision which ensured that the company remains competitive. During her five year stay at KBS she spear headed real inventions that made the company stand out as “the brand agency” in the innovative world.

According to the Huffington Post, Senecal urges employees to create a career of their choice. In this case, she encourages that the employees venture into the careers they well fit. She does this by sponsoring passion projects and start-ups ventures created by the employees. She does this through invention competition that end in the selection of the most inventive venture. The initiative is manifested by the growth of KBS agency from a 250 person domestic agency to now over 800 people globally. Visit her crunchbase profile for more information.

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How Eric Pulier Conquered The Technology Field

Technology plays a vital role in our day to day activities. It’s one of the popular and profitable industries on earth as well with so much new innovation hitting the market every year. Other than the normal technological products we buy as consumers, these advanced pieces of equipment are used in a wide range of employment fields. This is where Eric Pulier comes into the picture because he’s made a huge imprint on society with his personal techno ingenuity. Eric Pulier uses his intelligence by connecting his ideas with advanced technology. By doing so he has been able to solve numerous issues in the education and healthcare fields of work. His fond achievements have created quite a buzz in the industry which has given him many opportunities to display his talents to the general public.


From physically impaired children to disadvantaged communities, Pulier has made a huge impact by helping those in need. This remarkable guy developed one of the first multimedia educational programs that helped Multiple Sclerosis patients learn and understand how to effectively deal with the illness. He also worked closely with the Clinton Global Initiative Program where he led an expedition by providing lower cost cloud computing to lower income, underserved communities. This guy just seem to have his hands in a number of philanthropic programs. In 2010 Pulier was the top honoree at the “U.S. Doctor’s For Africa Benefic” event in New York City thanks to his philanthropic achievements. Pulier is brilliant when it comes to developing and finding solutions to everyday problems. He’s the founder of 15 companies by names of:


  • Service Mesh Inc
  • Digital Evolution
  • Akana Software
  • U.S. Interactive
  • FLY
  • And many more

Learn More about Pulier Here.

To simply sum it up; this guy is the real deal and has a heart of gold. His strong passion and perseverance sets him apart from all others in his class, but who knows what Eric Pulier has in-store for the future.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Providing Effective Treatments For Disturbed Sleep Breathing

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dental industry leader when it comes to sleep apnea research. He shares the information he has gathered on the sleep disturbed breathing condition to help dentists be better able to identify patients that may have the condition and help them get the treatment they need. He has also used the knowledge he has gained to treat a number of patients himself. Dr. Weisfogel has created numerous sleep apnea treatment methods which he’s helped dentists to incorporate into their practices. The dedication and support he and his staff provide has helped many dentists dealing with sleep medicine and sleep dentistry.

A graduate of Rutgers University with degrees in biology and psychology, Dr. Weisfogel also graduated from New York University College of Dentistry where he earned his DDS. While in medical school at NYU he became aware of sleep disturbed breathing as a problem many dental patients have. He then went on to develop methods for identifying, diagnosing and treating sleep disturbed breathing patients. Not only have his methods been proven effective on his patients, he has affiliated practices throughout the United States that have gotten great results using the treatment methods he created.

Dr. Weisfogel’s research, dedication and commitment to treating sleep apnea and other disturbed sleep breathing conditions is second to none. Plus he does the highest quality work and has an impressive success rate. He and his staff is also always available to help affiliate dental practices in any way they need. He has helped to guide many dentists on their journey into using dentistry to help people with disturbed sleep breathing. He also offers support with staff training, online screening, billing methods, business practices and more.

Helping people in need is a passion that drives Dr. Weisfogel to seek out and develop new treatments for patients with sleep disturbed breathing. He has patients all over the country that now enjoy a relaxed, healthy, full night’s sleep because of his work. Even with all of his success, Dr. Weisfogel still isn’t satisfied. He continues to do intense research that improves people’s lives every day.

Don Ressler: An Entrepreneur With a Vision

In today’s business world, it takes a unique combination of education, experience, and a sixth sense as to what people want in order to find success. While many entrepreneurs try to find this combination and use it to their advantage, some seem to be born with it and turn their vision for success into reality. This has been the case with Don Ressler, who has utilized his business know-how and abilities to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation.

Along with partner Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler took the profits he earned from selling MySpace in 2005 and started Intelligent Beauty, a business incubator generating more than $500 million in revenue annually. Realizing the vast untapped market of online cosmetic stores, Don has found himself creating one successful company after another. Among Intelligent Beauty’s best success stories are DERMSTORE and JustFab, both of which have generated tremendous business on Crunchbase in a short period of time.

As JustFab’s customer base has continued to grow, its funding history has become even more legendary in business circles. After MySpace was sold to News Corp. for more than $580 million in 2005, Don Ressler knew it was time to take his profits and invest them in a completely new venture. Sensing consumers wanted a new way to access today’s most stylish fashions, he went to work and created JustFab. As a subscription-based service featuring monthly showrooms of today’s most beautiful and trendy fashions and designs, Don quickly realized he was on to something big. While many in the business world initially balked at Don selling MySpace on Pando, it became quite clear that what numerous people viewed as a risky departure was in fact a calculated move aimed at launching his next great business venture.

Along with using profits earned from the MySpace sale, Don and partner Adam Goldenberg also used other means to assure they had adequate financing for JustFab. In 2008, the entrepreneurial dynamic duo took in $43 million from Technology Crossover Ventures, while in 2011 another $33 million was raised from Technology Crossover Ventures and Matrix at As business continues to grow, Don’s position in the business world continues to grow as well. Whether it’s creating new and exciting ventures for JustFab or developing other related businesses, Don has proven time and time again his expertise in financing and marketing. With even more projects ahead, the future looks bright for this entrepreneur with a vision.

Hair Care for Achieving Perfect, Natural Hair

Most females desire to own healthy, lustrous hair. However, it becomes quite difficult for a female to maintain both of these qualities. Some females often sacrifice the healthiness of their hair to obtain radiant, attractive looking hair. Other females who focus on maintaining the wellbeing of their hair, often get disappointed with the natural hair care methods as these mostly do not lead to a display of strong, eye-catching hair.

Applying True Hair Care Methods

In reality, one simply must not avoid hair care products to maintain the naturalness of one’s own hair. This is because ageing weakens the hair and causes certain deficiencies within the scalp. Moreover, lengthy hair (up to or more than shoulder length) can be damaged through daily, natural impacts of friction. On the other hand, one must not entirely depend on hair care products for maintaining a gorgeous looking hairstyle as large quantities of these can strip away the hair’s natural elements and strong use of chemicals can damage the hair. According to Wiki, the ideal methods of maintaining healthy, alluring hair mainly include using perfect amounts of hair care products that are not only safe but are also made up of hair enhancing properties.

WEN by Chaz Hair Care – The Perfect Hair Care Solution

WEN hair care products are widely popular in the market for its unique ability to enrich the hair consistently so that the hair looks beautiful and healthy always and every day. WEN by Chaz hair care range includes all that is required to provide perfect hair care and acquire perfect results.

Chaz Dean’s hair care range provides products for cleansing, boosting, styling and treating all hair types. These products are made up of gentle ingredients that enhance the quality of hair and keeps the natural elements of hair intact. These ingredients include glycerin and an array of sweet-scented, natural herbal extracts and oils that deeply clean, soften, intensify and fortify hair. The products are available on QVC.

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Organo Gold with Bernardo Chua’s Expert Guidance

There are many companies in the world with each performing varied tasks. However, some firms should be recognized because of their unwavering efforts and products of excellent quality. Organo Gold is one of such companies.

A great man, who recognized the health benefits of a Chinese herb, founded Organo Gold. The company provides both coffee and tea products, which apart from being healthy, they also offer a broad spectrum of health benefits. With such vast benefits, the firm’s products are something everyone should try.

The company was started by a healthy blogger, Bernardo Chua. He did not get started on the idea right away. He first kicked the idea around the social media, in particular, Facebook.

All the time, Bernardo was working with other companies, which gave him the relevant experience and expertise he needed to start his own venture. The experience he gained played a substantial role in founding and organizing the company to its current successful position.

According to The Street, in his professional career, through one of the firms he worked for, Bernardo Chua learned about the Ganoderma lucidium herb. Though the company he was working for utilized the herb for a different purpose, Bernardo saw the health benefits of the herb.

With the knowledge, he set out to incorporate the Ganoderma lucidium herb to tea and coffee products to come up with excellent products. With this knowledge and expertise, Organo Gold has been able to bring a new commodity to the market. The products of Organo Gold provides a healthier alternative to beverage users, which enhances health and fosters wellbeing.

The gourmet coffee firm primarily focuses on catering for the welfare of the active lifestyles of both coffee and tea consumers. The company has since its inception, through the help of Bernardo Chua, been able to grow substantially to the current network marketing corporation it is.

With the excellent reputation that Organo Gold has earned over the years, it has become a pacesetter in the wellness and health industry. Intrinsically, the company ventured into the Singapore markets and established Organo Gold Singapore in 2014.