Felipe Montoro Jens Helping Break down the Concessions in the Sanitation Industry

The Sanitation industry is one of the most important industry in any economy, and Brazil is no different. Over the years, the Brazilian government has been looking for a way in which to better this industry and finally its progress is bearing fruits. Recently, the government announced a concession that was meant to better the industry. The concession included both changes in management and resources. To understand this concept better, Felipe Jens has helped break things down.


According to Felipe, one of the limiting factors when it comes to the provision of services in the sanitation industry is the huge loses that are as a result of leakages. Felipe notes that with huge wastes people are unable to receive valuable services. With a stall in service delivery, the financial services are wasted in addressing these issues as opposed to providing quality services.


The concessions are timely and if integrated well into the system will see the Brazilian economy benefit a lot. Mr. Felipe seems to be in agreement with Edison who says that in as much as the private sector partnership services and expertise come in handy in the delivery of services, active participation of public sector is key. Generally, the sanitation sector is made up primarily of the public sector with at least 90% of the services rendered by a public organization. By actively engaging the public sector, the government will be guaranteed that the services given will meet the needs of the industry.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the few distinguished business executives in Brazil. With extensive industry experience in infrastructure projects, Mr. Felipe seats at the CEO position in Energipar Captacao S.A. Before taking his current position, Felipe was involved in a number of companies that helped shape his career path.


Montoro is a graduate of the University of Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV). It is here that he earned his BA degree and a postgraduate degree in International Management.


Redefining Financial Management, By Vinny Parascandola

Managing the financial accounts of persons who are considered to be high-value individuals is quite a tricky matter because it requires the right skill and utmost care to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the services. Financial management is a specialty that is all too well associated with AXA Advisors as it has managed to prove its worthiness in this field. AXA Advisors is simply an organization, and without the right management, then there is a high probability of failure in the process of offering clients with quality services.

Vinny Parascandola ensures that such a situation does not occur through the extensive experience that he has managed to gain over the years while specializing in the management of people’s financial matters. Working for over 25 years as a financial manager has exposed Mr. Vinny Parascandola to the highs and lows of financial issues, and therefore, he understands quite well the do’s and the don’ts in his line of work.

Under the management of Mr. Vinny Parascandola, AXA Advisors has been propelled to success levels that initially seemed to be unachievable. Vinny has a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, and he partly attributes his success to the academic knowledge that he gained while in school, indicating that knowledge, coupled with experience can propel and individual towards achieving great success. AXA Advisors is not the first company that Vinny has worked with since he has also been involved with other organizations such as MONY Life Insurance and Prudential in the past where he exhibited aptness in his work. Due to this fact, he managed to change ranks up to the point where he was absorbed by AXA Advisors as the Senior Executive Vice President.

Awards are not new to Mr. Vinny. He has received many of them since the time he started working at Prudential. Due to his hardworking nature, he was identified as the most promising Rookie, and from that time, he became motivated to work even harder. Another significant award is the Gama Career Development Award that he has received due to his efforts in naturing talented individuals into becoming advanced in the field of financial management.


The Great Works of Dr. Scott M. Rocklage

Scott Rocklage joined the University of California and attained his bachelor’s Degree in chemistry. Later, he attained his Ph.D. honors in chemistry from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he had done a lot of research in the prestigious laboratory of Richard R. Schrock (Nobel Peace Prize winner in Chemistry 2005). Scott Rocklage is now the current Managing Director of 5AM Ventures. He joined the company in 2003 as a Venture Partner. However, later in 2004, he became a Managing Partner.


Dr. Rocklage has many years in the healthcare sector, thus, furnishing himself with a lot of valuable experience. He has achieved a lot under his watch such as overseeing the approval by the FDA of three United States New Drug Applications namely Omniscan, Telescan, and Cubicin.


Dr. Scott M. Rocklage has also had high positions in renowned pharmaceutical firms. He formerly had served as the CEO in Cubists Pharmaceuticals, a popular drug manufacturing company. At Nycomed Salutary, Scott M. Rocklage served as President and CEO of the company.


Scott M. Rocklage works with many professionals in many fields to come up with better ideas in the healthcare sector. He has been involved in many research programs. One of the many research programs that he describes as of great interest to him is in the field of Oncology and cancer treatment which has so far saved many lives.


Scott M. Rocklage is very hardworking, and as an entrepreneur, he always takes time factor as a crucial aspect of his life. Also managing his priorities right makes him a lot productive. With a hectic schedule varying from day to day his itinerary include attending board meetings, conducting research, and studying.


An entrepreneur, Scott M. Rocklage has had to take many risks, which is one of his many reasons that he has been able to succeed. Moreover, Scott M. Rocklage acknowledges that selection of the team in the management of a company is one of the pillars of success as a good workforce is more certain to be productive. Scott M. Rocklage is also a key player in many inventions and co-inventions with over 30 United States Patents. Scott M. Rocklage is normally based in his MA Office which is located in Boston.

Scott’s Professional Network: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-rocklage-66aa7a12a

Dr. Akhil Reddy Finds his passion through Wine Tasting

Dr. Akhil currently works with MB2 Dental as a dentist, located in Dallas, Texas. MB Dental is a practice organization, who delivers affordable healthcare opportunities for all individuals. As a company, they believe that patients always come before profits and they ensure that they meet every need of each and one of their patients.

As Dr. Akhil Reddy’s sole focus, his focus too is to ensure that healthcare for everyone is much affordable, disregarding if one may be wealthy or important. At an early stage of Dr. Akhil’s days, he had already knew that his calling would be connected with medicine, engineering, and hands related skills. Once Dr. Akhil was accepted to one of the most well respected schools, University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program, he moved closer to his dreams of his acceptance in California, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Dr. Akhil also earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, California. Dr. Akhil is truly amazing for his great success in earning his Doctorate by the age of 23. He then moved back to Dallas, Texas after he had graduated, where he then began his practice with MB Dental.

According to Crunchbase, not only is Dr. Akhil a dentist through his profession, he has also become a wine connoisseur. He’s not too busy of a dentist to not have time for some good wine tasting.

Through his interest, he has made it his mission to hunt for good tasting wine due to his strong appreciation of balanced flavors and exquisite wine production. Dr. Akhil Reddy makes it his goal to find good tasting wine at affordable prices who don’t much get the buzz that they deserve. His well knowledge of wines can pin point some really great wines.

For instance, Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon has to be one of the freshest and most vibrant wines that cost as low as $18. This wine makes it a good complimentary to a good tasting meal. On the other hand for $9, Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit is also an exceptional good tasting wine for its price, which has a hint of vanilla and cream from the barrels that are used to age it. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/3112766/Dr-AKHIL-REDDY-Irving-TX.html

It has a grapefruit and stone fruit flavor. For $5, Asda Beajolais has a fruity flavor of cranberry with the top-notch of a classic Beajolaid wine. This wine specifically goes very well with steak. When choosing wine, forget about the price tag; good wine needs time to bring out its rich taste; it’s about the type of grape and the mastery of the making of the wine.

Finance And Music Clash In The Life Of Cassio Audi

It is easy to see just why each financial expert is in a position to help their clients and in many cases the reputation built by investment specialists such as Cassio Audi has been hard fought for. One thing we rarely know is the background or personal history of any financial expert, but Cassio Audi has a history unmatched by the majority of those he works alongside in the Brazilian financial markets; as a teenager, Cassio Audi was one of the leading lights of the initial establishment of the Brazilian and South American heavy metal music scene.

As one of the original members of the band Viper, Cassio Audi has already become a well known figure who has a loyal following of heavy metal fans who know the financial expert as one of the best loved drummers from the early days of Brazilian heavy metal. The Viper album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” is classed as one of the early classics of Brazilian heavy metal with Cassio Audi’s drums highlighted as a major source of success for the band. Over the course of just five years the work of Cassio Audi in the band Viper saw the teenage band members come together to form the band and record their first album; Audi left the band in 1989 just as Viper were preparing for the recording of their second studio album.

After leaving Viper, the life of Cassio Audi has continued to be a success, particularly as he has become one of the best known investment experts in Brazil. Audi came to the attention of the public during the 2008 global economic crisis when he continued to guide his clients to financial success in the most difficult financial environment that saw the Sao Paulo University graduate become a popular figure for his investment tips and advice.

For more information on Cassio Audi follow him on Facebook.

How Logan Stout Developed His Company IDLife As A Way For Each Person To Achieve Optimal Health

While growing up, Logan Stout was a fan of playing sports, especially baseball. He was also very successful in basketball and was named the MVP of his high school team in both his junior and senior years. After graduating from high school he went played baseball professionally and also coached teams. During this time he was also attending the Panola College, earning a business degree. He also attended the University of Dallas where he graduated with a degree in psychology.

His love of mentoring young players and helping them build their athletic abilities led to Logan Stout founding the Dallas Patriots organization. This organization, which he leads as the Chief Executive Officer, offers baseball camps, private classes, and other ways for players to develop their game. He also helps other with this organization by creating volunteer positions where people can apply their skills to helping young baseball players develop.

In 2013, Logan Stout published a book called, “Stout Advice: The Secrets of Building Yourself, People and Teams“. In this book he outlines the strategies that he has used during his career as a baseball player, coach, and entrepreneur. He has learned that the skills he has developed in each of these professions also apply to the other ones as well as life in general.

Another company that Logan Stout has developed is IDLife which he founded and leads as the CEO. His company offers personalized nutrition plans that are designed to meet the individualized needs of each customer. People take a free health assessment which identifies the best dietary supplements that best fit them which they can purchase through IDLife.

As Logan Stout explains it, the ID in the name of his company stands for “individually designed”. The mix of products that customers receive are designed with their age, sex, eating and exercise regimens, and other factors all being taken into account. An algorithm takes all of these factors into account in order to create a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that optimize each person’s performance. The algorithm is based on more than 7500 clinical studies about nutritional science.

Jim Tananbaum; Ushering the Future of Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum was interviewed on Ideamensch at the start of last month. He came up with the idea of Foresite Capital after studying the trends in different sectors. Jim was able to identify certain factors that determine the success of an entrepreneur and the company during this time. He sees the firm as a facilitator of progress in the healthcare sector because it is harnessing the future. Tananbaum identified a niche for a private equity firm known as Foresite Capital because of the inherent nature of the healthcare industry. These companies require relatively more resources and more time because they have to wait for their drugs to be approved.

Tananbaum said that he brings ideas to life by focusing on creating an environment that is suitable for growth and creativity. He said that he was very excited about the future because there was a need to solve the largest needs in health. There was a huge potential for companies if they could come up with solutions. He advised entrepreneurs to work with venture capitalists to come up with ideas. Tananbaum said that VCs have worked in the industry for many years. They understand what it takes to build a successful company. Visit his about.me page to know more

The majority of his day is spent at Foresite Capital. He takes meetings with portfolio companies to track their progress and companies that are seeking funding. Tananbaum stated that family time was important to him. He makes sure that he has meals with them. He also tries to squeeze in an hour of working out each day. This is important to him because it helps him to unwind and stay active.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital. Foresite is a dedicated equity firm that invests in healthcare startups with promising innovations. The company was started six years ago. It has invested in more than seventy companies. These companies include Aimmune Therapeutics, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, and 10x Genomics. Jim has degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Yale. Tananbaum also graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Medicine.

Check out officialjimtananbaum.com

See more: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170418005997/en/Foresite-Capital-Announces-CEO-Jim-Tananbaum-Named

Felipe Montoro Jens Conquering Waste In Brazil: All It Takes Is Partnership

In order to conquer basic sanitation issues, the government of Brazil has decided to join forces with BNDES (the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.) Edison Carlos, President of Trata Brasil, specializes in sanitation issues and appeared on a recent interview to discuss a new project. He is fully confident that waste will decrease by improving the following: infrastructures, resources, and management. In addition the the aforementioned steps, Felipe Montoro Jens, a highly regarded financier, has been tapped for his expertise in infrastructure, which will add to the effectiveness of the initiative.


In the above-mentioned interview, Edison provided statistics regarding the sanitation issue. He says that 90% of sanitation service in Brazil is per public power. Out of the 90%, 70% uses state-run departments. He believes that both private and public initiatives do not need to exclude one another, but can work together very effectively, if managed properly.



BNDES agreed to create plans fueled by local surveys; Plans will be customized to each area based upon the needs specific location. Jens complained that the water loss in one particular area was so wasteful, it would make it impossible to implement any new initiatives. He reiterates that water conservation is of upmost priority in making these new initiatives a success story.


Edison further explained that just because an organization is efficient on paper, doesn’t mean it is providing the most cost-effective and productive service that it could. A company must incorporate the needs of citizens, as well. That’s why Jens believes that all costs must be watched closely while the new programs go into full swing. Another important aspect, says Edison, is keeping the initial goals at the forefront of decision-making when drafting up contracts, as well involving public agencies involved in all localized inspections.


Both Edison and Jens are optimist about these plans, and Edison is grateful to have Jens by his side; Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known partner who has ample amounts of expertise to bring to the table. In addition to being an expert in infrastructure, he is a financing and investment savant, as well. He’s held several positions, such as Chief Exectutive Officer of energizer Captaco S.A. and Director of Santo Antonio Energia.


When Jens became involved in the merger between Brazil’s government and BNDES, He did so out of a passion to lower the waste he witnessed around him. He feels that high amounts of waste ultimately lower the economic value of the states. Therefore, He regards this as a beautiful partnership set on combating an urgent situation, and he recommends that it be implemented immediately. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923






The Career Path of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the FAAP Foundation located in Sao Paulo City. He is natively a Brazilian born in the year 1961. He resided overseas for one year, where he multitasked studies at the big New York University and job.


He got married to Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres in the year 1986. As a result, they got three children. All her kids are learned, two of which are already graduates and the third is getting ready to take after the footsteps of his father alongside engineering.


Beginning in the year 1987, Flavio Maluf has served at Eucatex Group. In this duration, he has passed through sections of the firm before reaching his top most position. He started his profession in line with the trade before moving to the industrial section where he worked till 1996. He assumed the presidency of the company a year later and had been working there since then up to date. His focus is fundamentally on the invention as well as massive ventures in the inauguration of unique items in the sector.


On taking over the presidency of the firm, he started a modernization procedure by its administration style. In his view, it has an aggressive sketch, an individual looking for the excellence and victory of the firm routinely. He reflects himself a precisely present managerial, but not merging.


Notably, the Eucatex Group’s history started its way as early as 1951. It was the first of all the Brazilian firms to have a thought concerning the environmental as well as the acoustic comfort. It also made use of eucalyptus to produce panels and plates. The group’s business underwent significant transformations and currently meets the requirements of the furniture manufacturers as well as the big firms alongside civil construction. A new company was launched at Salto city in the year 2010 under Flavio Maluf’s coordination.


Additionally, Flavio Maluf participates in the charity occasions and also volunteers with the objective assisting the local society as well as helping others. Lately, he worked together with the Hospital and the Maternidade Ídio Carli. The former refers to the old residence of Santa Emília Health. https://www.facebook.com/flavio.maluf




Lime Crime Cosmetics: Incredibly Bold, Outrageously Bright Make-Up

It’s a new day in the cosmetics industry. Lime Crime cosmetics is here and it’s making all the old rules about make-up obsolete. With this hot new line of make-up you get to make up your own rules. The brand offers make-up in 48 incredibly bold, outrageously bright colors. This isn’t make-up for the faint of heart. It’s make-up for people who want to make a cosmetics statement so loud, members of the stuffy, staid, old fashion police will want to run and hide. This is a line of make-up for those who wake up ready to shake up the world out of its doldrums with their unique fashion statement.


The brand was created by the Unicorn Queen Doe Deere in 2008. Back then the Russian born entrepreneurs was a budding rock star performing all over New York City. To add definition to her fine features she looked high and low for the brightest colored make-up possible. When she couldn’t find anything bright enough to meet her needs, she gathered the necessary vegan ingredients together and hand made make-up in the loudest colors imaginable. That’s how Lime Crime cosmetics was born. And today the cosmetics line still has a rock & roll sensibility that’s miles outside the mainstream.


The products in this cosmetics line are easy to use, smudge-proof and stay on all day and all night too. Plus it’s never tested on animals, so it’s cruelty-free. The cosmetics line features eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, nail polish, semi-permanent hair dye and much more. And you don’t have to go hunting for it from store to store, you can have it mailed directly to your door. The old school ‘experts’ told Doe Deere selling cosmetics this way would never work. But with the incredible success the brand has enjoyed, she has proven they were wrong about that too.


If you are ready to take a walk on the wild side and enter make-up heaven, try Lime Crime cosmetics. The product line is designed to let you create your own unique look while releasing your colorful inner child and letting your spirit soar.