Impacting People’s Lives Positively ThroughDrRohrich’s Prowess in Plastic Surgery

The 52nd edition of the annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium will be graced by a lot of activities this year. Among many others, in attendance will be Dr. Rohrich, a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in America. The event that will be held in Miami on the 8th, 9th and 10th of February 2018, is aimed at reflecting the advancement and evolution of interest and technology in cosmetic surgery.

Besides being the host, Dr. Rohrich is expected to play many roles in making the event a success. DrRohrich is expected to lead numerous panel discussions, chair meetings and even give lectures. All of this is in a bid to help people and maintain the high status the symposium has always had.
A guru in plastic surgery, an author and innovative leader, Dr. Rohrich is one of the biggest names in the world of plastic surgery. He specializes in all sectors of plastic surgery from rhinoplasty to ageing and facial aesthetics. Dr. Rohrich is also a distinguished professor and a holder of the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery. DrRohrich has made significant impacts on the medicine sector globally. However, the journey to the top was as a result of nothing but hard work, consistency and dedication.

Born in 1953, DrRohrich was raised in a ranch located in North Dakota. It is his will and desire to achieve that prompted him to join the North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. There he worked hard and completed his undergraduate and postgraduate education with the highest honours. DrRohrich then went on to pursue medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. There he also graduated with the highest honors. For some time, DrRohrich practiced surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Centre. He then went to England to study pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. Thereafter, DrRohrich did a microvascular and hand fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It was until 1986 that he joined the plastic surgery wing at UT South-western Medical Centre.

After working for 5 years at the UT South-western Medical Centre, DrRohrich took over from Dr Fritz Barton as the Chairman of the hospital’s plastic surgery wing. DrRohrich has played an integral role in shaping the plastic surgery world. He is an educator in the field and also holds several symposia on the same. Other than that, DrRohrich has written numerous publications and articles on injectable fillers, patient safety, liposuction, nasal anatomy and many other plastic surgery fields. He has even co-authored a good number of books in the same field.

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Wellness: what it is, and how Jeffry Schneider fosters it

Jeffry Schneider is the CEO of a growing firm. The firm now has over 55 employees and works with many companies.

In many circles, wellness seems to be a somewhat vague concept that people want, but cannot clearly define or achieve. People know the benefits that wellness can bring, but many, despite their best efforts, still feel anxiety and stress, regarding how to incorporate it into their daily lives. So, what is wellness, and how can somebody foster it?


One of the best ways to describe and explain general wellness is balance. What is great about balance as a definition is that it can encompass so many facets of life. Being properly balanced means a healthy lifestyle that promotes peace and productivity. It means not emphasizing one aspect of your life, whatever it may be, to the detriment of other important aspects.

Balance will typically look different from person to person, as everyone is slightly different. Because of this natural uniqueness, balance for each individual will be unique to the individual. General ideas can help, but the specifics of implementation often come down to each person.

Balance often necessitates change. This is because often, in our fast paced and hectic world, our priorities and efforts are out of sync. Acquiring true balance often means adjusting the way you live in order to truly align with who you are and with the ideal person you wish to become. Balance is not always easy, but it is almost always the key to true and deep wellness in all areas of life. So, what are some more practical ways to help achieve wellness in your life?

Sleep: Sleep is one of the best ways to re-balance yourself. So often people are suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep is one of those things that everyone knows they ought to get more of, but feel that they do not have the time for. That being said, getting a sufficient amount of rest can be a great way to help you foster a sense of wellness in your life.

Exercise: Getting an adequate amount of exercise is a great way to help you feel better. It can help improve not only your physical state but your mental one as well. Thankfully, there is a wide range of exercise you can participate in. One of the simplest ways is to simply walk 30 minutes to an hour every day, or at least four days a week.

Right Diet: Lots of different diets can help people lose weight and feel better. The right diet for you is the one that you can stick to and that helps you stay in a healthy weight range and state of being.

Relax: There are many different forms of relaxation. They can include meditation, deep breathing, a massage or simply being present. The idea is to do something that relaxes your body and mind.

Jeffry Schneider has developed many of the habits above to help him achieve wellness. He has a diet plan that he can stick to and works for him (pescatarian). He wakes up early in the morning and jogs, swims or rides a bike for exercise. He also tries to stay present in whatever he is doing, which helps him achieve a balanced life. These are some of the practical habits Jeffry Schneider implements in his life to achieve wellness.


Eric Lefkofsky announced exclusive deal between Tempus and CanerLinQ

The field of data-driven cancer innovation is heating up. Just recently, Eric Lefkofsky of medical analytics firm Tempus announced that his firm will be entering into a partnership with CancerLinQ, the data collection arm of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the largest professional organization of oncologists in the world.

Lefkofsky stated that the deal between the two firms was struck as a means to compliment each other’s skill sets. With Tempus’ ability to provide some of the most advanced analytics capabilities currently available in the medical field, the vast trove of data provided by CancerLinQ may prove to be the magic bullet in the fight to understand cancer treatments and how patients interact with them.

One of the most pressing issues in cancer treatment over the last few decades has been the stagnation that has occurred in the means by which many diseases are treated. While there are new targeted therapy drugs that have recently been approved for general use, these drugs tend to be confined to very narrow uses, such as people with a specific pancreatic tumor that tests positive for a certain number of genetic characteristics. While these developments have been extremely promising for the very specific disease entities that they are approved to treat, the broader field of oncology has not greatly benefited from their introduction. Although that may very well change in the years ahead, the cancer treatment industry needs something that can provide real advances in the here and now.

This is where Tempus comes in. Rather than focusing on creating high-tech drugs and other treatments that directly fight cancer cells through genomic targeting or bioengineering enzymes to destroy tumor tissue, Tempus is taking a much more general and practical approach. The company has undertaken to create the most advance analytics suite ever seen in the field of medicine. The company says that its platform will eventually be able to answer questions of a level of complexity that were previously only able to be addressed through double-blind clinical studies. Instead of taking $5 million, five years and thousands of man hours to answer a question about why one patient cohort responds well to a given chemotherapy regime while another doesn’t respond at all, the Tempus system may be able to answer that same question in a matter of nanoseconds at no additional cost.

Lefkofsky does not anticipate that this will represent an Earth-shattering breakthrough. Instead, he says that the process of garnering ever sharper insights into the nuanced ways that treatments interact with patient groups will lead to slow but steady improvement in patient outcomes. While this is not a romantic way of fighting cancer, Lefkofsky sees it as being similar to compounding interest, with all the little incremental improvements eventually adding up to incredible leaps forward.

But he says that the process will take time to unfold. Some people may not like the idea of attempting to fight cancer by means that the people who most advocate the strategy in question admit will never actually lead to a cure. However, what Lefkofsky is suggesting is that, when the process is repeated and improved upon over a large time frame, eventually, cancer will likely become little more than a bothersome chronic illness. Just as diseases like HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis were once nearly always fatal but are now considered mostly non-life-threatening, Lefkofsky envisions a time in the not-to-distant future when increased understanding of cancer treatments will lead to that disease also becoming little more than a chronic illness.

The partnership between Tempus and CancerLinQ marks a big step in that direction.

Big News For Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus

Tempus will now work with ASCO’s CancerLinQ and Precision HealthAI to help personalize the treatment of various forms of cancer through the analysis of loads of information sourced from medical facilities regarding cancer patients, their characteristics, treatments, diagnoses, and triumphs in beating or at least stifling the disease.

CancerLinQ is its own entity, separate from parent company ASCO, that consists of in excess of 1,000,000 cancer patients’ personal, confidential information. Ever since CancerLinQ was created several years ago as a subsidiary of ASCO, the entitiy has continually been collecting information about cancer patients, their treatments, and outcomes in the face of impending, deleterious doom.

Dr. Clifford Hudis, the Chief Executive Officer of ASCO, has shared that he believes the deal between Tempus, Precision HealthAI, and CancerLinQ is practical and will bear fruit, as the pair of partners should be able to analyze CancerLinQ’s expansive warehouse of information both more efficiently and effectively than if CancerLinQ hadn’t shared such responsibilities outside of its own operations.

What We’ve Known About CancerLinQ And Its Link To Tempus

Several months ago, Eric Lefkofsky was interviewed by a journalist. Despite the interview not being primarily about Tempus’ then-upcoming deal with CancerLinQ, Mr. Lefkofsky shared that CancerLinQ’s goal was compiling huge amoutns of cancer patients’ data from healthcare providers.

Many healthcare providers, ranging from hospitals to research institutions, keep patient information of all sorts confidential, and typically don’t share it with outside organizations. However, with the security and potential for societal benefit that CancerLinQ brings to the table, countless top-tier medical providers trust CancerLinQ with their private data. Continue reading “Big News For Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus”

Mark McKenna is a Lifetime Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine in state of Georgia and Florida. He is originally from New Orleans and is a passionate advocate for his patients as well as the community. Mark got his education at Tulane University where he also decided to become an entrepreneur. He launched McKenna Venture Investments as a small real estate development firm. McKenna was able to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc during this time. His company now has over 50 employees and offers a number of different services that include real estate closing, finance and design-build.

Hurricane Katrina took a major toll on Dr. Mark McKenna’s business interest in 2005. He decided that this was an opportunity to give back to the city that he loved. He invested in the rebuilding of the city infrastructure and developing housing areas for low income families. Mark’s work with the New Orleans relief effort was a way to set an example for others in his company to follow.

Dr. Mark McKenna moved his business from New Orleans to Atlanta Georgia where he proceeded to develop a new brand. ShapeMed is a wellness medical practice that also focuses on aesthetics. Dr. McKenna went on to sell the company to Lifetime Fitness Inc. He then continued to make bold business moves and founded OVME. OVME brings new concepts that are reshaping elective healthcare with modern technology and medical aesthetics.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a family man and looks forward to spending time with his wife Ganine and their daughter Milana Elle. He makes breakfast for his daughter while her mother is still resting. Mark then sets out to accomplish the tasks that are on his list of things to do.

Dr. McKenna started out in business as an entrepreneur. He understands the importance of surrounding himself with people that are as knowledgeable as he is. He believes that it is important for a person to do what they love in order to achieve success. This is why each individual must spend time finding out what is truly satisfying for them. Then they are able to apply the kind of effort needed for amazing success.

Securus Provides New Innovation to Correctional Facilities

The telecommunication industry is one of the most significant and profitable Industries in the world. One part of this industry that is often not thought of is the segment of the industry that provide services to correctional facilities and other law enforcement facilities across the world. One company that has continued to excel in the industry is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a growing company that is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company has released a wide range of products that helped to provide convenience and security to prison officials, inmates, and visitors. They currently offer these products and services to more than 1,000 facilities located across the country, which ultimately provide services to more than 1 million inmates. The most popular product that the company has released to date is a video visitation service that brings inmates and family members closer than ever before. While the video visitation service continues to be a big hit, the company continues to provide new products and innovative services to the marketplace.


Over the past year, Securus Technologies has also released a new technology that is continuing to provide additional security services in control services to correctional facilities. The company recently introduced a new wireless containment solution product that can help to prevent the use of cell phones inside the correctional facility.


One of the largest rules that inmates are required to follow is the Restriction of cell phones and other personal communication devices. Despite the best attempts of correctional facilities and security guards to limit these cell phones from coming in, inmates are still able to sneak them in from time to time. This can then open up a number of different security and control risks, which the correctional facilities needed to find a solution for.


With the new product provided by Securus Technologies, correctional facilities will be able to prevent the use of these cell phones in the facility. The product will prevent an inmate from using a network illegally and will also block any signals that are in or out of the prison through an unauthorized cell phone. The technology can also identify and provide necessary data for the security service to identify who the user of the phone is. This service will provide an immediate benefit to those that incorporate it into their prison as it can help a prison control the use of illegal cell phones while also collecting data and clearly identifying who is breaking the prison rules.


Trabuco: Thrower Of Destructive Balls

A trabuco is an ancient war machines that closely resemble a catapult both in design and function. It is also called the balancing trabuco. The siege weapon would’ve mostly been used during the middle ages flinging projectiles weighing close to 150 pounds at masonry walls in order to encompass foe property. The ancient weapon the trabuco was able to dispatch shots of heavy projectiles at high speeds with surprising accuracy. Though used more as an attack weapon it most likely was used to fling supplies like ammunition over strongholds as well. It is believed to been used heavily during the crusades by Europeans.

The trabuco derives from the contemporary sling or launch and like them works by transforming potential energy into kinetic energy. However, because it operates much like a large sling a chunk of the potential energy is lost due to friction within the machines framework. The speed of the projectile directly corresponds to the size of the counterweight according to So the heavier the counterweight the more force behind the projectile. It’s estimated that a large trabuco would’ve needed at least 15 or more men to operate it depending on the size. It’s said to have taken 12 days to build the structure.

According to, though the earliest origins of the machine can be traced back to a passage written by Islamic scholar Mardi Al-Tarsusi, Muslims are not credited with the invention of it.

The fall of the trabuco came with the invention of gunpowder. In fact, in Brazil, trabuco is a common way to referring to large caliber revolvers or shotguns. It rapidly lost its place in battle to the cannon during the 11th century according to The last known use of the trabuco was in 1521 due to a lack of gunpowder.

These days trabucos are far from being used in their intended purpose. Now they are mostly used for education purposes on history and mechanics.

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Boraie Development Building $81 Million Apartment Complex

Atlantic City will have the first development at market rate in about twenty-five years in the form of two-hundred and fifty apartments that should open during the summer of 2018. The project site from Boraie Development LLC was recently toured by The Press of Atlantic City. The complex called The Beach at South Inlet is being built at Connecticut, New Jersey, Pacific and Atlantic avenues at a cost of eighty-one million dollars.

The development comes after a ten-year historic decline in growth caused by the gaming industry’s decline as neighboring states opened new casinos. The Atlantic Gateway is viewed as a stabilizing project since it is not a gaming investment. The goal is to provide modern housing since the next generation of renters already know what they want. There will be a resident’s lounge, gym and pool in addition to other modern amenities included at the apartments. Check out press of atlantic city

About Boraie Development

According to NY Times, there are many services that focus on areas of the real estate market offered by Boraie including the sale and marketing of real estate developments. The company uses its own capital in addition with private funding sources such as commercial banks to provide project funding. Boraie creates projects to attract those who appreciate the long-term commitment to ownership.

Established during 1986 the company was incorporated in New Jersey. Its annual revenue is approximately 9,279,614 and there is a staff of about thirty-five employees. It is help privately in New Brunswick, NJ and has a headquarters. Boraie Realty has a long-term relationship with its brokers and its reputation is excellent. The last twenty years have seen high sales volumes and they have over thirty years expertise as a broker in Central New Jersey. Boraie development provides continuing support and education that is needed by both sellers and buyers in the economy today. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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Why Men Flock to Dr. David Samadi to Be His Patients

Dr. David Samadi’s robotic department at Lenox Hill Hospital has been transformed. There are more and more patients coming along, and he is performing more and more surgeries. This has to do with the quality of the care that he gives. Patients like him, and they end up recommending him to other patients. It is also because of his unique SMART technique that lets him perform prostate surgeries without the possible side effects that conventional prostate surgeries carry with them. He worked a long time on developing the SMART technique, and it was a most enjoyable experience. What it does is that it uses precision technology to separate the nerves from the prostate during surgery so that there is no damage done to the nerves. This avoids the possibility of impotence or incontinence.

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital. Urology is his area of expertise. However, he will educate people about other areas of medicine, including alternative medicines. He is successful, he says, because he surrounds himself with good people. He treats his staff like family, and they enjoy working together. He also sticks to a set schedule every day that is designed to bring out the most productivity.

Dr. David Samadi’s center provides a lot more than just prostate surgery. It offers care for everything a man would need to be healthy. It is a one stop shop for men’s health.

When asked whether he ever felt disillusioned with career, he said that there was a time at the beginning when he got frustrated at how slowly patients were managed at the institution he was working in. However, he said that in the end, he realized that you need to have patience and not try to rush things.

Dr. Samadi mentioned that he is most productive during the morning hours. He tries to get to his office at around six in the morning, after waking up at around five. Dr. Samadi performs surgeries later in the morning into the afternoon. He always checks up on all of his patients at the end of the day. He makes a point of setting aside time for communication with them.

Dr. David Samadi was born in Persia and fled to America after the revolution. He studied at Stony Brook School of Medicine, after getting his biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Brings Luxury Retailing to Brazil

In 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto led the Brazilian real estate giant, JHSF into a new era with the development of its first shopping and retail complex in Sao Paulo with a deal to house the first Brazilian stores from luxury shopping giants Hermes and Jimmy Choo. Prior to the signing of the exclusive contract, the JHSF brand had been involved in the purchase and rental of various retail and shopping facilities but had limited itself to the management of each facility.

Joining the JHSF real estate brand in 1993, Jose Auriemo Neto quickly established himself as a leading professional with the company well known for providing its real estate services for the hotel and business sectors. Jose Auriemo Neto made his first impact at JHSF with the development of the parking lot brand, Parkbem which opened up a range of new options for JHSF across the nation of Brazil. To know more about him click here.

Despite the fact, Jose Auriemo Neto had already reached a high executive level his next moves on behalf of JHSF created a new era of success for the already respected company in Brazil; the executive made the decision to invest in the development of the Shopping Santa Cruz retail center which has been at the heart of the success of JHSF in recent years. The centerpiece of the retail and shopping department at the real estate company is located in the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo which included the first luxury retail locations of Hermes and Jimmy Choo. In 1998, Jose Auriemo Neto signed the deal to bring the luxury retailers to the country and has seen his own career rise ever since as he is now the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF.

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