How David Samadi Grew His Medical Career

David Samadi is a very successful and popular oncologist who is currently based in New York City. The doctor has given so many people the cancer treatment they needed in the past, and this is one of the top reasons why he has won many hearts. His career in medicine has only been going up the ladder, and he is envied by many. For David Samadi, however, the success he enjoys at the moment came in a very challenging way. According to him, the dream to become a doctor was born when he was a young boy, but he had to work and overcome the challenges that were on his way. Most of the people who have been cured by the successful doctor have said that he is very kind-hearted and generous when dealing with patients.

David Samadi was never born in the United States as many people think. The oncologist was born in Iran. He had a younger brother and a sister. Due to the revolution that took place in Iran in the past, David Samadi and his brother were forced to relocate the country and settle in Belgium when they were very young. As teenagers, the brothers found it very difficult to survive on their own without the help of their parents. Many years later, David Samadi and his brother have made it in their career lives, and their parents are very proud of the progress made by their sons.

When David Samadi and his younger brother got an opportunity to visit the United States, they were very excited. To them, this was just a dream that had come true. The two chose to go for the careers they had always dreamt of. Because they had very few options in school, the brothers had to work so hard in their university so that they can impress the lecturers and other institutions that needed to hire medical students. By the time he was graduating, David Samadi was ready with the skills needed in medicine. According to a recent interview, Samadi was the second top student in his class, and this impressed many people.

David Samadi has served in the oncology world for some years now. When he was new in the department, the businessman realized that prostate cancer was claiming many lives in the society, and there was very little progress in the medical world. With his help, however, very many Americans have been treated and healed.

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The RealReal Developing Into A Successful Brand

The RealReal had its first-ever perpetual store located in New York City. The RealReal store located in New York City has great success. There has been talk that in the year 2018 The RealReal store is going to support in-store capabilities. Allison Sommer has mentioned that the year of 2018 is going to be a pop-up year. Allison Sommer is in charge of advertising for this business. Associated in-store capabilities enable the ability for virtual products to gain a street-level existence. In the year 2016 The RealReal did a pop-up. The pop-up was held in New York City. The pop-up held by The RealReal reportedly accomplished $2 million. As a result of such an amazing outcome The RealReal established a location. The establishment of the SoHo location took place towards the end of November. The RealReal provides an incredible brand.

The RealReal has also done a pop-up in San Francisco. Since the pop-up in San Francisco this business has seen an enormous percent growth with online consumers. With such great success The RealReal had in San Francisco another pop-up will be occurring in Las Vegas. Additionally, more locations will be happening within the year all over the United States. The RealReal continues to have these pop-ups so more and more consumers become loyalist and the brand reaches more and more fervent fashion individuals. The RealReal will be supporting sequestered shopping happenings for VIP consumers and informative workshops in order to bring forth more consumer circulation. The RealReal has been in existence for 6 years. The RealReal is credited for being the most supported virtual superfluity resale establishment. Its site currently has 7 million supporters globally. Therefore, the in-store existence appears to be working for The RealReal business and its continuing success.

The creator and CEO of The RealReal is Julie Wainwright. The RealReal offers quality resale items for ladies, men, and the household. Within the past 18 months The RealReal has established 6 valuation agencies. The RealReal has established offices in Chicago, Washington, D.C., L.A., San Francisco, and New York.

In conclusion, The RealReal is developing into a successful brand.

Jim Larkin: Irish Labor Organizer

He was called “Big Jim”, because he stood up for marginalized workers everywhere in Ireland. He was an Irish labor organizer and he was the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. Jim Larkin is also one of the first individuals to popularize the phrase, “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.”

Although James Larkin had little formal education, he grew up in the Liverpool slums and worked a number of manual jobs as a youngster in order to supplement the income of his family.

He eventually became a dockworker and later became a foreman on the Liverpool docks. In 1905, he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and became a trade organizer at the same time.

Over the following years, Larkin would become increasingly vocal when advocating for the workers in Ireland and in the Liverpool area. He never compromised his ideals, even though they were some in NUDL who desired him to tone it down somewhat.

In 1907, many members of the trade union had had enough of Jim Larkin, so they banned him from the group. This is when he founded his Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Besides all that, Larkin was responsible for leading many important demonstrations, including the 1913 Lockout in Dublin. Unfortunately, the ITGWU would basically cease to exist after this occurred, and Larkin decided to come to America after that.

He was attempting to raise funds in order to fight the British, but unfortunately he was charged with anarchy and communism in 1920. After he was pardoned in 1923, he was deported back to Ireland.

Even though he had his share of setbacks, he wasn’t done with championing workers rights in Ireland. In 1924, he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland.

He remained committed to the rights of the working man throughout his life until he passed away in 1947. You would be hard pressed to find a better advocate than James Larkin if you were a working man in Ireland.

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Sahm Adrangi Doubts Kodak

It was an announcement that sent the company’s stock prices skyrocketing. However, it was one that did not impress everyone within the world of investing. Sahm Adrangi and his company Kerrisdale Capital Management were doubtful of Eastman Kodak Company’s announcement regarding its plans to enter the world of cryptocurrency and to launch a blockchain-enabled image licensing platform. This doubt prompted Kerrisdale Capital to take a short position in Kodak. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

In early February, Sahm Adrangi and his private investment manager company published a negative report that detailed the reasons behind its position regarding Kodak. It further explained this report to interested parties in a conference call that it hosted on February 7.

Sahm Adrangi expressed the belief that Kodak’s announcement in early 2018 was not a move that was built on a solid foundation. Rather, Kerrisdale believed, that it was an attempt on the part of Kodak to chase after a trend instead of addressing issues facing the company. The hype surrounding Kodak’s new ventures may have sent its stock prices upward, but it made Sahm Adrangi doubtful and he even went so far as to speculate that Kodak might even be headed for bankruptcy.


Kerrisdale Capital is well-known within the world of investing, and it has built a solid reputation within the industry. The company was founded in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi with less than $1 million. During just under a decade, it has grown substantially into a company that manages approximately $150 million in assets.

At the helm of Kerrisdale is Sahm Adrangi. He is not only the founder of the company but also serves as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for it. He is credited with having been actively involved with Kerrisdale Capital since founding it nine years ago, and it is his research that has helped to drive the company’s path. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.