Tour with Clayton Hutson

There is nothing that brings enthusiasm and fun than attending the best music tour in the world. Respected tour rigger and live sound engineer Clayton Hutson has joined Tim McGraw and his musician wife Faith Hill on their second Soul2Soul: The World Tour. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are country musicians and this will be their second tour since 2007.




The first leg of the tour was amazing and incorporated 70 sold-out concerts. The tour began on April in New Orleans, and as of December 2017, the tour made over $79 million. Most of the fans who had the chance to grace the event could not get enough of the country duo and the tour was extended. Experienced tour rigger Clayton Hutson is eager to provide electrifying live production in the imminent tour.




The best part for all country music loves is that; the second leg of Soul2Souls: The World Tour will commence in Richmond, Virginia. Great musicians will rock the tour from Caitlyn Smith, Brothers Osborne, Devin Dawson, Seth Ennis, NEEDTOBREATHE, Margo Price and Midland to name but a few acts. Excited Clayton said that the last time he joined Tim McGraw and Faith Hill they had a great show and he is keen to play a great role in the tour.




Clayton Hutson has worked with many artists in the industry. Some of the artists in his account include Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Gun ‘n’ Roses and the likes of Kid Rock. Hutson is a magnate in live performances with an ample experience exceeding 20 years. His excellent sound engineering, tour production and stage management skills have been a key facet to the success of his undertakings.




Hutson has been a part of the legendary Billy Graham sound team working as a sound engineer. He connects his success in the music industry to his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll. Through his endeavors, Hutson has been able to tour North America, Europe and Australia lending a helping hand to some of the famous musicians during live shows. Clayton Hutson also points out hard work as the key factor to why he has topped the industry. And to sum up, tickets for the Soul2Soul: The World Tour are available. You can grab a few any time.




What to Know About Clayton Hutson




Clay Hutson is a stage manager, sound engineer and exceptional tour producer who has been helping many artists during live performances. After working with many tour production companies, he decided to start his own label based in Nashville, TN. Learn more:


Paul Herdsman: Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Majority of people often dream about becoming their own bosses by starting companies. However, this is not always the case since most of the people end up giving along the way after facing a few setbacks. The question is what separates those who succeed and fail?

NICE Global COO and Co-Founder Paul Herdsman, shares some of the tips for succeeding in business.


Have A Positive Attitude

Most people who succeed in life never harbor negative thoughts. It is important to always have a positive mindset if you want to get somewhere in the business world. One of the best ways of maintaining a positive attitude is by learning to be grateful for everything in your life. You can put that into practice by coming up with a list of five things every morning that you are grateful about.  Go To This Page for related information.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Risks

One of the functions of entrepreneurs is to take risks. This, therefore, implies that in order to become successful you should always be prepared to take risks. As Paul Herdsman puts it, it is difficult to know if your idea will be successful if you do not take a leap of faith with it. There are numerous risks in business and the most important thing is to gather as much information as possible and take calculated risks.


Write Down Your Vision

They say where there is no vision people perish. This is true for entrepreneurs because you cannot succeed in something you do not have a clear path for. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to be clear about the path you want to take. Herdsman emphasizes a clear picture of how exactly you want your business to look like.


Have The Right Team In Place

No man is an island and this old adage is true when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is important to surround yourself with the right people who will help propel you into success.


Avoid Shortcuts

Paul Herdsman advises entrepreneurs to avoid shortcuts in business. He says that there are no shortcuts for overnight success. True success comes through hard work and determination.


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The life of Gregory Aziz and his contribution to North America’s Railway Sector

For the last two decades, National Steel Car has been the major beneficiary of Gregory James Aziz, services as the CEO and President. The native of Ontario has propelled the company to become the top railroad freight car manufacturing company in the world as well as being the only North American Company in the industry. Greg was born in the 1949 and grew up in London and later attended Ridley College. Aziz would later enroll at the University of Western in Ontario where he majored in Economics. Peers of Aziz and those close to him describe him as a focused and highly ambitious man who worked tirelessly to achieve his earnest goals.


It is the same spirit that has seen Greg achieve major success all through his career, from the time he was working with Affiliated foods to investment banking in New York and finally at National Steel Car. According to Aziz, the railway sector is very important to the economy of the United States, and he is humbled to have played a major role in the sector as the CEO of National Steel Car which is among the major players in the field.


After his graduation, Greg J Aziz opted to join Affiliated Foods which is a family run food company. Greg had just completed his studies but his contribution to the company remains undisputed. It was under his watch that the food company grew to international status, securing markets in areas they were previously not heard of. Affiliated Foods, grew to become the largest importer of fresh food, in virtually all markets of the globe, among them South America, Eastern Canada, and Europe. However, James Aziz could not let the success be the glass ceiling of his career, and he moved to New York where he began working as an investment banker.


It was during this time that he organized to buy National Steel Car Company and come 1994, he would be successful in his plan. He bought the company from its Canadian owner, Dofasco and his sole aim was to guide the company to become North America’s top Railroad Freight Car Company. Greg Aziz invested 100% of his time and resources into the company which at the time was a sleeping giant, and a few years later the results would speak on his behalf. Production tripled and more people were hired to work in the company. Click Here for more information.


More about Greg James Aziz


James Aziz believes in giving back to the community and via his company or solo initiatives he has funded a number of noble organizations in his hometown of Hamilton. Among the charities include the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army. He is also a family man and is married to Irene, with whom they have raised a family. The couple is also the major sponsor of the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair, which is the first of its kind in Canada.



End Citizens United efforts to reform election finance laws

The U.S Supreme court plays an essential judicial role and from time to time, cases it has ruled have shifted political grounds permanently in the country. In June 2010, Citizens United Vs. Federal Election Committee(FEC) case, the U.S Supreme court overruled a federal court’s ruling which was in favor of the FEC upending decades of campaign finance case law. It withdrew the government’s power to limit the actions of corporations that can affect election election outcomes. The ruling was profoundly controversial and sent shock waves across the political system in the country. Political organizations have been formed to try and overturn the verdict and counter its immediate political implications.

End Citizens United is one such organization that was founded on March 1st, 2015 to spearhead this fight. Its headquarters is in Washington D.C and its goal is to overturn the End Citizens United ruling. Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director, has steered the organization from its formation to a force to recognize having raised $25 million in funding in the 2016 election cycle. She previously served as the deputy political director to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign. Matt Burgess, the deputy president, has a vast experience in managing campaigns and advocacy. Adan Bozzi, Anne Feldman and Andrew Laskar bring in their different expertise into the team making it a formidable leadership team. Its board of directors form its policy leadership and comprises well-experienced professionals in the political field like Ron Barber, Simone L.Ward and Jessica Vanden Berg.

End citizens United aims to achieve its goal by pushing for campaign finance law reforms and legalization of state ballot measures that minimize the impact of corporate funding in politics. It employs a two-point strategy in working towards its goal. First is to support candidates who are in support of improving campaign finance laws and the carrying out specific efforts to diminish Citizens United. It seeks to raise funds at the grassroots level mostly through the digital platform to counterbalance the large sums of money poured into campaigns by corporate donors. It mostly works with Democratic candidates as the party leadership supports its course.

End Citizens United is becoming a force to recon with in the 2018 election cycle having already endorsed 130 candidates and an increasing grassroots donor base. It aims to raise $35 million from grassroots funding. Anticipated political phenomena like the Democratic “wave” will surely advance End Citizens United efforts.

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Alex Pall Drums Support for Chainsmokers

Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall’s partner in chainsmokers, sang in ‘Closer, their latest track. Their previous singles were performed by other artists. The two are slowly coming out of the DJ shell. They have Halsey to thank for the great success of their latest single. The rising star gave everything she’s got and the results were tremendous.

DJs more often than not depend on vocalists to give life to their compositions. The duo are looking to earn recognition as true artists. The presence of Andrew in ‘Closer’ is one step towards achieving this goal. The two are working on bringing dance music to life. They keep letting out a bit of themselves with every passing day with a view of widening their fan base.

The two started out well and have been close buddies ever since their first meeting. Alex began his music journey as a part time DJ. Pallard on the other hand had been a producer before the two joined hands. He had been invited to play in some shows and he even had some of his songs on SoundCloud. He had wanted to do full time DJing once he was done with high school. They have successfully taken on numerous challenges throughout the four years they have worked as a team.

Unlike many other artists, Alex and Paul share the same values and this more than anything has kept them going. Their fans are their biggest priority and the duo keeps working and thinking of ways of keeping them entertained. They take the time to evaluate every project so as to get it right the next time they’ll be working on something new.

The fact that they have exceeded their expectations does not make them want to sit back and enjoy their success. They are ever on the move trying to figure out what they could do to remain on top of their game. As they consider doing an album, they are keen on putting together songs that are related.

Pall lauds the partnership with Halsey and believes that there are better things to come for them. He is proud of their work as they can monitor the report on their sings and it is promising. More and more fans are warming up to them.

Adam Milstein Explains Why Americans Celebrated Israeli’s 70th Birthday

In 14th May, Israel celebrated her 70th birthday after independence. In America, the celebrations were all over with Americans joining the Israel citizens and Jews living in the USA in the celebrations. From college campuses, halls of Congress to over 16 Israel festivals were held in all the cities to mark the celebrations. People celebrated the accomplishments of Israel and how the relationship between Israel and the USA has grown stronger. Adam Milstein is one of the community leaders who were delighted to witness the celebrations. He is an author who writes much about the state of Israel and the Jewish community on Jerusalem Post.

Both America and Israel have a come a long way to get to where they are today. These two nations are established by people who were in search of religious freedom. Also, they are established on the western values of democracy: freedom of the press, free speech and Judeo-Christian values. Zionist Dream is just like the American Dream which targets to help everyone to succeed by giving them the right to opportunity and self-determination.

Adam Milstein also points out that both America and Israel have withstood existential threats for a long time through patriotism and courage of their citizens. This is why Israel citizens, Jews, and Americans joined hands during the Israel 70th birthday. Besides, the two nations fought for their independence. Adam Milstein participated in the Yom Kippur War while he was serving at the IDF. War made ensured the two nations governed themselves without foreign interferences.

Adam Milstein is a passionate community leader who always wishes the best for the state of Israel. He is the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which supports many organizations that target to empower Jewish community. Adam Milstein is also a great entrepreneur. At Hager Pacific Properties, he is a managing partner and oversees property management as well as accounting at the firm. He is a learned community leader as he holds a degree and an MBA from Technion and the University of Southern California respectively.

Learn About Upwork’s Most Practical Tips For Completing Your To-Do List

According to Upwork, there are several ways to get through your to-do lists quickly and one of them is mentally capturing everything that needs to be completed and writing them down. Make sure to create a plan for the day by writing down all of your tasks in one sitting. Keep in mind that if you do not complete all your tasks in one sitting the Zeigernik Effect psychological phenomena will come into play, since people are more susceptible to remembering uncompleted tasks and forgetting about the completed ones.

Make sure to prepare your list in advance and then completing the tasks one by one. It is best to do this in the morning right after waking up when your energy is at its highest for maximum results. Furthermore, complete everything in one place because moving around too much will make you lose focus.

Another tip is avoiding checking numerous sources for one task because the amount of time invested in that amount of work can become disorganized. Upwork has many freelancers that will help lift the burden and limit the amount of work to complete for increased productivity.

To manage time properly when going about completing tasks, determine what time of day you want to complete the tasks, how many minutes and hours each one will take.

Each day you have to shift gears and adapt to the situation. Constantly reevaluate yourself to avoid procrastination and keep the end goal in mind. Get involved with the process of zooming in and zooming out where you can break things up into smaller manageable chunks, and then complete them first before zooming out and proceeding on to other tasks. Also, make sure to complete the tasks according to your energy level. If your energy is high, then complete priority tasks and focus on the non important tasks when your energy is low.

The Upwork platform is perfect for independent businesses and professionals to come together and choose from the 5 million freelancers across the world possessing 3,500 skills ranging from website creation, writing, customer service, and graphic design to complete their pressing tasks. Slice away layers from your to-do list by hiring one of these freelancers today.


Stansberry Research predictions on Trump’s trade war

Since March 8th, President Trump has threatened to impose a 10% aluminum and a 25% steel tariff on enemies and allies alike. Mr. Trump reasons that foreign firms have damaged the United States’s steel and aluminum industries, so rebalancing is necessary to save domestic firms. Unfortunately, while the reasoning is sound, this ignores that these industries employee less than 1% of the United States workforce. This proposed protectionist policy also goes against the Republican’s creed of promoting free trade, earning President Trump condemnation by Republicans and Democrats alike (

In fact, Trump’s protectionist pursuit lead to the resignation of Gary Cohn, the White House chief financial advisor that oversaw the Republican’s tax effort and a staunch opponent of the President’s plan. Cohn’s departure makes tariffs look increasingly likely as there are fewer people to reign in the President’s protectionist tendencies.

Despite these measures aimed at shoring up Trump’s supporters in the steel and aluminum industries, Stansberry Research has examined Mr. Trump’s proposed tariffs and has come to the conclusion that more Americans will be damaged in the ensuing conflict than would benefit from the proposed duties.

Stansberry Research believes that such a move would bring retaliation from the European Union and China, raising the costs of goods for ordinary Americans. Furthermore, without foreign investors such as China buying US debt from the Federal Reserve, the National Debt will spiral out of control. Thus Stansberry concludes that while it is unclear that a trade war will break out, if one were to do so it could be destructive to all those involved.

Stansberry Research is a private publishing firm dedicated to investment research. Founded initially as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, Stansberry Research is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter that keeps their clients informed about industry topics ranging from natural resources to Biotechnology.


GreenSky Credit facilitates billions of dollars in purchases each year

GreenSky Credit is not yet a household name. But the company, valued at more than $4.5 billion and estimated to be one of the largest fintech companies currently in existence, is quickly heading for international superstardom.

GreenSky Credit was founded in 2006 by former child prodigy and all-around super-entrepreneur David Zalik. Zalik scored nearly perfectly on the SAT test at the age of 12, allowing him to skip high school and immediately begin attending college classes. But shortly thereafter, he grew bored with the overly theoretical work of academia and dropped out of college to start his own business. MicroTech, a computer assembly company, did well. And Zalik was able to grow it into a strong medium-sized business, selling it 10 years later for a respectable $5 million.

Zalik, now aged 22, was able to reinvest his profits into Atlanta-area commercial real estate. This, too, did well, netting him another $5 million or so. But Zalik grew bored with this business and branched out, founding an e-consultancy firm that began working with a number of home-remodeling suppliers, like Home Depot and Benjamin Moore. It was in this business that Zalik first had the idea for GreenSky Credit. It turned out that many customers who had no experience in remodeling or contracting would often estimate the cost of projects to be far lower than the actual price. Unfortunately for contractors and suppliers, this would often cause these customers to back out of the projects, forfeiting the sale for the merchants.

GreenSky Credit was formed as a way to facilitate instantly approved loans at the point of sale, allowing merchants to quickly overcome the most prominent objection to closing deals that they faced in the field: projects running over customers’ budgets.

On the contracting end of the business, GreenSky Credit immediately took off. But Zalik saw the firm’s potential in other areas. He began branching out into solar energy merchants, surgical centers and other big-ticket merchants. Today, the company has more than 17,000 merchants who are able to be matched with 14 of the nation’s top lenders. GreenSky Credit is the only firm that offers true instant point-of-sale loan approval for many of these industries.

Emerging From Bankruptcy With Southridge Capital

Owning and running a business today is very difficult. The financial outlook from most experts show that an average business will fail within the first five years. Maintaining the business is a full time job for most owners. They may have the drive and ability to run it properly, but, demand by consumers just may not happen. Many of them find that they must file for bankruptcy in order to preserve some of their investment. You can visit for more details.


Bankruptcy is a crushing blow to anyone but to a business owner it may mean losing everything he has put into his business. From the money he has put in to the actual facility equipment. It is important to work with a good attorney when filing in order to keep as much of what you have put into it.


Once you have filed for bankruptcy, you may want to start fresh with a new venture. Southridge is a leader among their competition to help you to start over again. Their team of experts can put together a plan of action for you to once again flourish. It may mean changing your business profile or model. They can help you to put it together and present it to financial lending institutions to secure the capital you need.


After receiving your funding, they will work with you to increase your earnings. Southridge Capital have the ability to to use technology to do this. With the experience and expertise they have in a number of areas, they can build your business to its greatest potential. Increasing business and managing your finances properly will increase your credit scores allowing you to fully regain your businesses reputation for excellence. Emerging from bankruptcy is a long process but with the right tools and the right backup, it can be done easily. To see more you can visit