Learn About Upwork’s Most Practical Tips For Completing Your To-Do List

According to Upwork, there are several ways to get through your to-do lists quickly and one of them is mentally capturing everything that needs to be completed and writing them down. Make sure to create a plan for the day by writing down all of your tasks in one sitting. Keep in mind that if you do not complete all your tasks in one sitting the Zeigernik Effect psychological phenomena will come into play, since people are more susceptible to remembering uncompleted tasks and forgetting about the completed ones.

Make sure to prepare your list in advance and then completing the tasks one by one. It is best to do this in the morning right after waking up when your energy is at its highest for maximum results. Furthermore, complete everything in one place because moving around too much will make you lose focus.

Another tip is avoiding checking numerous sources for one task because the amount of time invested in that amount of work can become disorganized. Upwork has many freelancers that will help lift the burden and limit the amount of work to complete for increased productivity.

To manage time properly when going about completing tasks, determine what time of day you want to complete the tasks, how many minutes and hours each one will take.

Each day you have to shift gears and adapt to the situation. Constantly reevaluate yourself to avoid procrastination and keep the end goal in mind. Get involved with the process of zooming in and zooming out where you can break things up into smaller manageable chunks, and then complete them first before zooming out and proceeding on to other tasks. Also, make sure to complete the tasks according to your energy level. If your energy is high, then complete priority tasks and focus on the non important tasks when your energy is low.

The Upwork platform is perfect for independent businesses and professionals to come together and choose from the 5 million freelancers across the world possessing 3,500 skills ranging from website creation, writing, customer service, and graphic design to complete their pressing tasks. Slice away layers from your to-do list by hiring one of these freelancers today.


Stansberry Research predictions on Trump’s trade war

Since March 8th, President Trump has threatened to impose a 10% aluminum and a 25% steel tariff on enemies and allies alike. Mr. Trump reasons that foreign firms have damaged the United States’s steel and aluminum industries, so rebalancing is necessary to save domestic firms. Unfortunately, while the reasoning is sound, this ignores that these industries employee less than 1% of the United States workforce. This proposed protectionist policy also goes against the Republican’s creed of promoting free trade, earning President Trump condemnation by Republicans and Democrats alike (http://alivenewspaper.com/2018/04/stansberry-research-on-trade-war/).

In fact, Trump’s protectionist pursuit lead to the resignation of Gary Cohn, the White House chief financial advisor that oversaw the Republican’s tax effort and a staunch opponent of the President’s plan. Cohn’s departure makes tariffs look increasingly likely as there are fewer people to reign in the President’s protectionist tendencies.

Despite these measures aimed at shoring up Trump’s supporters in the steel and aluminum industries, Stansberry Research has examined Mr. Trump’s proposed tariffs and has come to the conclusion that more Americans will be damaged in the ensuing conflict than would benefit from the proposed duties.

Stansberry Research believes that such a move would bring retaliation from the European Union and China, raising the costs of goods for ordinary Americans. Furthermore, without foreign investors such as China buying US debt from the Federal Reserve, the National Debt will spiral out of control. Thus Stansberry concludes that while it is unclear that a trade war will break out, if one were to do so it could be destructive to all those involved.

Stansberry Research is a private publishing firm dedicated to investment research. Founded initially as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, Stansberry Research is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter that keeps their clients informed about industry topics ranging from natural resources to Biotechnology.


The Release of Lime Crime’s New Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Lime Crime has done it again. This cosmetics company has stood at the forefront of the cosmetics industry for the past few years. Thanks to the brand’s ingenuity, it has grown to become a fan-favorite. On April 24, 2018, Lime Crime introduced its all-new product that’s known as the Venus 3 eyeshadow palette. The company does a great job of building anticipation and a week before its launch, people all over the globe got a first-hand glimpse of the new product. This is Lime Crime’s formula of success, and the company always seem to deliver on its promises.

The previous versions of this exclusive eyeshadow palette are known as Venus, Venus 2 and Venus XL. These products come equipped with a mirrored box, and they come in numerous shades of rustic colors. Thanks to being deeply pigmented, the eyeshadow won’t fade or falloff. Venus 3 has stepped-up its game for 2018 with its earthy-brown shades and glistening finishes. You won’t find another eyeshadow palette on the market today that can match this superior appearance. These ultra-buttery formulas has a heavenly appearance. Lime Crime’s social media accounts has been blazing with activity. Fans and customers have gone wild in the comments section. “You’re spoiling us,” said one commentator. By signing-up directly with Lime Crime, you would’ve been one of the very first individuals to receive the new product. The all-new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette starts at $38, and it gives consumers seven different shades and finishes, including matte, metallic, glow, shimmer matte and lit lilac.

Founder Doe Deere is simply revolutionizing the game by setting new standards. Her products has brought excitement back into the makeup industry. This Russian-born beauty has been on a mission of excellence ever since 2008, and she will definitely continue by introducing ingenious products to the market.

Richard Dwayne Blair: Choosing A Good Investment Firm

Are you searching for an expert to help you with investment issues? Need a reliable or reputable investment advisor by your side? Perhaps you want to know about Richard Dwayne Blair and his popular firm, Wealth Solutions.

It is extremely important to seek reliable assistance when it comes to investments or financial planning. With so many firms and professionals out there offering a wide variety of services, it can be a daunting task deciding who to consult. That’s why many people choose Richard Dwayne Blair – one of the leading professionals in the industry.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been rendering superior services to clients for years and comes highly recommended. Richard Dwayne Blair takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and works with them to address their situation appropriately.

In today’s financial marketplace, you need a well-maintained investment portfolio in order to become successful. If you are a beginner in the industry, you need to enlist the services of an expert who is passionate about helping you understand what works and what doesn’t. It is crucial to know how to determine the best asset allocation strategy for your particular situation. that best

Things like risk tolerance and personal investment goals should be taken into consideration. In other words, your investment advisor or financial planner should be highly knowledgeable and experienced and have the industry resources to guide you and meet your needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly successful investor and entrepreneur. Richard has great expertise in financial services and wealth building. When you consult Richard Dwayne Blair, he will explain how things work in the industry and provide you with tips, strategies and information that you need to succeed. His investment system and wealth building strategies are designed to help both beginners and experienced investors succeed in their endeavors.

Investing is a great way to manage your money and plan for future but you need proper guidance in order to achieve the results you desire. With Richard Dwayne Blair by your side, you can rest assured that your financial issues will be handled appropriately.


The Chainsmoker’s Release New Single of Their Most Reflective Era of Music Yet

Get ready for The Chainsmoker’s newest era of music as they take on the topics and subjects of the dark world they find themselves creating music in. In February 2018, the DJ production duo released “Sick Boy” their first single in 9 months and is just a taste of what is to come for the popular pair. In an interview with Hugh McIntyre from Forbes Magazine, Drew Taggart–one half of The Chainsmokers– discussed the reasoning behind “Sick Boy” and the style of their new and upcoming album. Taggart explained their music has always been a reflection of the trends and problems happening in the world around them and that is how they’ve always wanted their music to come across. He explains “Sick Boy” was written out of anger and frustration as he watched himself become a caricature of who he actually was.

The Chainsmoker’s, an East-Coast DJ and production duo started creating music together in 2012 after Alex Pall and Drew Taggart were introduced by a mutual friend and coworker in the music business. Since then the two boys have released numerous hits starting in 2015 with their Top 10 hit single “Roses.” After that release the boys became unstoppable for the next few years churning out one Top 40 single after another. Their most notable pieces include collaborations with the likes of Coldplay in “Something Just Like This”; “Closer” ft Halsey and a 12-week #1 on the radio; and the grammy-winning dance jam “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Although the duo have obviously turned to a darker style of music, their fans are already one step ahead in the support of this new style and era of The Chainsmokers. An era that will be filled with meaningful pieces that intend to reflect the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of Pall and Taggart, as well as the world, friends, and fans that surround them in all of their successes.


How Elysium Health Broke New Ground in Proactive Health

Finding ways to stay healthy can be complicated with all the conflicting information out there. However, there is one company that has created a supplement designed to support your cellular well-being.. That company, Elysium Health, is changing the way people look at their supplements.

What is so important about cellular health? Every part of our body from our hair to our eyes, skin and each one of our vital organs are made of cells. Cells are the building blocks of the body. Therefore, cellular health is one of the most critical issues one should look at when it comes to proactive health. And to help people support the cells in their body, the team of researchers at Elysium Health has created the daily supplement Basis.

So how does Basis work? This supplement is proven to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our bodies. NAD+ is required for energy creation, DNA health, circadian rhythm, and more. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline and those processes stop functioning.

Elysium Health was co-founded by the director of the Paul F. Glenn Laboratory for the Biology  of Aging Research at MIT, Dr. Leonard Guarente. For decades, Guarente has been studying the molecular and genetic causes of  aging. Basis is the result of that work.

To place an order for Basis today, visit Elysium Health’s website. Each jar of Basis contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 days’ worth of daily intake. As a result, the company sells the supplement in a variety of monthly subscriptions. An individual jar of Basis costs $60. To lower that cost, you can buy Basis in a variety of monthly subscriptions. A regular month-to-month subscription costs $50 per month. Prepaying for a six-month subscription brings the monthly cost down to $45, and prepaying for a twelve-month subscription brings the cost down to $40 per month.