How David Samadi Grew His Medical Career

David Samadi is a very successful and popular oncologist who is currently based in New York City. The doctor has given so many people the cancer treatment they needed in the past, and this is one of the top reasons why he has won many hearts. His career in medicine has only been going up the ladder, and he is envied by many. For David Samadi, however, the success he enjoys at the moment came in a very challenging way. According to him, the dream to become a doctor was born when he was a young boy, but he had to work and overcome the challenges that were on his way. Most of the people who have been cured by the successful doctor have said that he is very kind-hearted and generous when dealing with patients.

David Samadi was never born in the United States as many people think. The oncologist was born in Iran. He had a younger brother and a sister. Due to the revolution that took place in Iran in the past, David Samadi and his brother were forced to relocate the country and settle in Belgium when they were very young. As teenagers, the brothers found it very difficult to survive on their own without the help of their parents. Many years later, David Samadi and his brother have made it in their career lives, and their parents are very proud of the progress made by their sons.

When David Samadi and his younger brother got an opportunity to visit the United States, they were very excited. To them, this was just a dream that had come true. The two chose to go for the careers they had always dreamt of. Because they had very few options in school, the brothers had to work so hard in their university so that they can impress the lecturers and other institutions that needed to hire medical students. By the time he was graduating, David Samadi was ready with the skills needed in medicine. According to a recent interview, Samadi was the second top student in his class, and this impressed many people.

David Samadi has served in the oncology world for some years now. When he was new in the department, the businessman realized that prostate cancer was claiming many lives in the society, and there was very little progress in the medical world. With his help, however, very many Americans have been treated and healed.

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The RealReal Developing Into A Successful Brand

The RealReal had its first-ever perpetual store located in New York City. The RealReal store located in New York City has great success. There has been talk that in the year 2018 The RealReal store is going to support in-store capabilities. Allison Sommer has mentioned that the year of 2018 is going to be a pop-up year. Allison Sommer is in charge of advertising for this business. Associated in-store capabilities enable the ability for virtual products to gain a street-level existence. In the year 2016 The RealReal did a pop-up. The pop-up was held in New York City. The pop-up held by The RealReal reportedly accomplished $2 million. As a result of such an amazing outcome The RealReal established a location. The establishment of the SoHo location took place towards the end of November. The RealReal provides an incredible brand.

The RealReal has also done a pop-up in San Francisco. Since the pop-up in San Francisco this business has seen an enormous percent growth with online consumers. With such great success The RealReal had in San Francisco another pop-up will be occurring in Las Vegas. Additionally, more locations will be happening within the year all over the United States. The RealReal continues to have these pop-ups so more and more consumers become loyalist and the brand reaches more and more fervent fashion individuals. The RealReal will be supporting sequestered shopping happenings for VIP consumers and informative workshops in order to bring forth more consumer circulation. The RealReal has been in existence for 6 years. The RealReal is credited for being the most supported virtual superfluity resale establishment. Its site currently has 7 million supporters globally. Therefore, the in-store existence appears to be working for The RealReal business and its continuing success.

The creator and CEO of The RealReal is Julie Wainwright. The RealReal offers quality resale items for ladies, men, and the household. Within the past 18 months The RealReal has established 6 valuation agencies. The RealReal has established offices in Chicago, Washington, D.C., L.A., San Francisco, and New York.

In conclusion, The RealReal is developing into a successful brand.

Jim Larkin: Irish Labor Organizer

He was called “Big Jim”, because he stood up for marginalized workers everywhere in Ireland. He was an Irish labor organizer and he was the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. Jim Larkin is also one of the first individuals to popularize the phrase, “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.”

Although James Larkin had little formal education, he grew up in the Liverpool slums and worked a number of manual jobs as a youngster in order to supplement the income of his family.

He eventually became a dockworker and later became a foreman on the Liverpool docks. In 1905, he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) and became a trade organizer at the same time.

Over the following years, Larkin would become increasingly vocal when advocating for the workers in Ireland and in the Liverpool area. He never compromised his ideals, even though they were some in NUDL who desired him to tone it down somewhat.

In 1907, many members of the trade union had had enough of Jim Larkin, so they banned him from the group. This is when he founded his Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Besides all that, Larkin was responsible for leading many important demonstrations, including the 1913 Lockout in Dublin. Unfortunately, the ITGWU would basically cease to exist after this occurred, and Larkin decided to come to America after that.

He was attempting to raise funds in order to fight the British, but unfortunately he was charged with anarchy and communism in 1920. After he was pardoned in 1923, he was deported back to Ireland.

Even though he had his share of setbacks, he wasn’t done with championing workers rights in Ireland. In 1924, he organized the Workers’ Union of Ireland.

He remained committed to the rights of the working man throughout his life until he passed away in 1947. You would be hard pressed to find a better advocate than James Larkin if you were a working man in Ireland.

Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Sahm Adrangi Doubts Kodak

It was an announcement that sent the company’s stock prices skyrocketing. However, it was one that did not impress everyone within the world of investing. Sahm Adrangi and his company Kerrisdale Capital Management were doubtful of Eastman Kodak Company’s announcement regarding its plans to enter the world of cryptocurrency and to launch a blockchain-enabled image licensing platform. This doubt prompted Kerrisdale Capital to take a short position in Kodak. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

In early February, Sahm Adrangi and his private investment manager company published a negative report that detailed the reasons behind its position regarding Kodak. It further explained this report to interested parties in a conference call that it hosted on February 7.

Sahm Adrangi expressed the belief that Kodak’s announcement in early 2018 was not a move that was built on a solid foundation. Rather, Kerrisdale believed, that it was an attempt on the part of Kodak to chase after a trend instead of addressing issues facing the company. The hype surrounding Kodak’s new ventures may have sent its stock prices upward, but it made Sahm Adrangi doubtful and he even went so far as to speculate that Kodak might even be headed for bankruptcy.


Kerrisdale Capital is well-known within the world of investing, and it has built a solid reputation within the industry. The company was founded in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi with less than $1 million. During just under a decade, it has grown substantially into a company that manages approximately $150 million in assets.

At the helm of Kerrisdale is Sahm Adrangi. He is not only the founder of the company but also serves as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for it. He is credited with having been actively involved with Kerrisdale Capital since founding it nine years ago, and it is his research that has helped to drive the company’s path. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

Talk Fusion: The Story Of The Failed Email

Back in 2004, Bob Reina was searching for his new home in North Carolina. His family’s opinion was important. Therefore, he took a short video clip and tried to email it to them. AOL, a free web-based email service provider, told Bob that it was not possible.
Many people were facing this problem. Bob called his longtime friend and IT expert, Dr. Jonathan Cheng. It was at this moment of revelation that Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion.
Talk Fusion’s flagship project was video email. This product was a welcome solution for the market. Bob talked to everyone he could about his new product. He got many positive responses from potential customers and associates even before launching the product.
Talk Fusion is an award-winning video marketing solution, which offers businesses ways to make their marketing more engaging and memorable.
Bob Reina is not an overnight success. Bob is an alumnus of the University of South Florida. He attended Tampa Police Academy, where he earned the Award of Merit for being top in his class. Bob served in many capacities as a police officer.
He worked for ten years as a police officer. Bob had to work hard to achieve his goals. His paycheck was a limiting component. He was working part-time as a network marketer. Bob started by selling products from the trunk of his police car to his colleagues in the force.
Bob then built a team of marketers on whom he relied on to multiply his sales. He failed and had to start over with a new company and a new team each time.
As the current CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob leads the company’s success by being vocal about his ideas. He is persistent and consistent with his expectations and deadlines. He starts his day at 5:30 AM and then plans his day regarding priorities.
There is a strong culture of philanthropy at Talk Fusion. Bob dedicates his resources on helping people. He believes in giving back to the community. His monetary donations to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and an Indonesian orphanage are life-changing. Learn more:
Talk Fusion employees and independent associates replicate these generous acts. The associates can donate a free account to the charity of their choice. Through this platform, charitable causes can reach more people.

Talk Fusion University is underway. This is a free educational platform where Bob Reina shares his knowledge, experience, and tips. This will enable others to reach their goals.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have Partnered Up With WebMD

Have you or someone you are close to recently received news about a cancer diagnosis? Do they know all the options that they have available to them?Is there new and radical treatment options available to them for the type of cancer they have?

When you have been given the news about a health crisis such as cancer, in order to be able to try and overcome it, you have to know all the facts surrounding the many treatment options available to you. In order to help you to become aware of all the options available to you, Cancer Treatment Centers of America have partnered with WebMD to make patients more aware of the many options available.

The goal of the partnership is to help patients to learn how to build strength and stamina during a difficult time. They want to help you get the quality of care that you deserve during this difficult time. Cancer Treatment Centers are always welcoming to all who come across them. They want you to feel comfortable from the moment that you step into their care. They provide the best experts in their fields to give you a better chance of beating the cancer diagnosis.

If you have been given a cancer diagnosis and the information you were given is not as informative as you would like it to be, if it is vague about the odds of overcoming the cancer diagnosis or you feel like the person treating you is not as qualified as you would like them to be, seek out a second opinion. It is your life afterall that you are coping with and not the life of the doctor treating you. If they have been given the same diagnosis, do you think they would take the odds and treatment options available to them right away or would they choose to seek another opinion as well? Click here

Motivational Real Estate Investment Coach Nick Vertucci

Through seminars called Fortunes in Flipping, real estate investor Nick Vertucci, teaches others how to reach their financial goals by using the same system he used to buy, renovate and sell property. In 2013, he started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which became a highly popular educational resource among those who want to learn more about the turn-key investment opportunity.

The course instructs students on things like how to flip houses for profit and how to invest in real estate with no money down, among other topics. His Fortunes in Flipping seminars are run in many places across the country, and they usually last for 3 to 4 days. Nick Vertucci also offers one-on-one mentoring programs, as well as helpful online tutorials on property investment strategies.

He has years of experience in the development process when it comes to the renovating and selling of single family homes, and he got his start in the world of real estate investing when he was urged to attend a seminar on the subject by a friend during the first part of the millennium after he’d lost his job selling computer parts. After attending this 3-day seminar, Nick Vertucci’s interest in the real estate business grew, and he spent 10 tears learning as much as he could about it.

His new career in real estate investing helped him achieve the financial success he needed to take care of himself and his family. He had once been homeless, with only his vehicle to live out of before he started working in the computer market, but once that market had a temporary crash, he was once again in need of a way to make a decent living.

In addition to running his successful seminars and real estate academy, Nick Vertucci also hosts a radio show called The Real Estate Investing Hour, which is on the KFWB NewsTalk 180 station, and he is also the founder, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of The Nick Vertucci Company, which is located in the California city of Irvine.

He currently lives in Orange, California where he continues to run his real estate academy, NVREA, which some students have said was well worth the money it costs to attend, because of the professionalism that everyone on the staff shows, and because of Vertucci’s straightforward approach and passion for teaching and motivating students. He and his wife, Gina, are the parents of 3 daughters.

Impacting People’s Lives Positively ThroughDrRohrich’s Prowess in Plastic Surgery

The 52nd edition of the annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium will be graced by a lot of activities this year. Among many others, in attendance will be Dr. Rohrich, a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in America. The event that will be held in Miami on the 8th, 9th and 10th of February 2018, is aimed at reflecting the advancement and evolution of interest and technology in cosmetic surgery.

Besides being the host, Dr. Rohrich is expected to play many roles in making the event a success. DrRohrich is expected to lead numerous panel discussions, chair meetings and even give lectures. All of this is in a bid to help people and maintain the high status the symposium has always had.
A guru in plastic surgery, an author and innovative leader, Dr. Rohrich is one of the biggest names in the world of plastic surgery. He specializes in all sectors of plastic surgery from rhinoplasty to ageing and facial aesthetics. Dr. Rohrich is also a distinguished professor and a holder of the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery. DrRohrich has made significant impacts on the medicine sector globally. However, the journey to the top was as a result of nothing but hard work, consistency and dedication.

Born in 1953, DrRohrich was raised in a ranch located in North Dakota. It is his will and desire to achieve that prompted him to join the North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. There he worked hard and completed his undergraduate and postgraduate education with the highest honours. DrRohrich then went on to pursue medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. There he also graduated with the highest honors. For some time, DrRohrich practiced surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Centre. He then went to England to study pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. Thereafter, DrRohrich did a microvascular and hand fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It was until 1986 that he joined the plastic surgery wing at UT South-western Medical Centre.

After working for 5 years at the UT South-western Medical Centre, DrRohrich took over from Dr Fritz Barton as the Chairman of the hospital’s plastic surgery wing. DrRohrich has played an integral role in shaping the plastic surgery world. He is an educator in the field and also holds several symposia on the same. Other than that, DrRohrich has written numerous publications and articles on injectable fillers, patient safety, liposuction, nasal anatomy and many other plastic surgery fields. He has even co-authored a good number of books in the same field.

For details:

Wellness: what it is, and how Jeffry Schneider fosters it

Jeffry Schneider is the CEO of a growing firm. The firm now has over 55 employees and works with many companies.

In many circles, wellness seems to be a somewhat vague concept that people want, but cannot clearly define or achieve. People know the benefits that wellness can bring, but many, despite their best efforts, still feel anxiety and stress, regarding how to incorporate it into their daily lives. So, what is wellness, and how can somebody foster it?


One of the best ways to describe and explain general wellness is balance. What is great about balance as a definition is that it can encompass so many facets of life. Being properly balanced means a healthy lifestyle that promotes peace and productivity. It means not emphasizing one aspect of your life, whatever it may be, to the detriment of other important aspects.

Balance will typically look different from person to person, as everyone is slightly different. Because of this natural uniqueness, balance for each individual will be unique to the individual. General ideas can help, but the specifics of implementation often come down to each person.

Balance often necessitates change. This is because often, in our fast paced and hectic world, our priorities and efforts are out of sync. Acquiring true balance often means adjusting the way you live in order to truly align with who you are and with the ideal person you wish to become. Balance is not always easy, but it is almost always the key to true and deep wellness in all areas of life. So, what are some more practical ways to help achieve wellness in your life?

Sleep: Sleep is one of the best ways to re-balance yourself. So often people are suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep is one of those things that everyone knows they ought to get more of, but feel that they do not have the time for. That being said, getting a sufficient amount of rest can be a great way to help you foster a sense of wellness in your life.

Exercise: Getting an adequate amount of exercise is a great way to help you feel better. It can help improve not only your physical state but your mental one as well. Thankfully, there is a wide range of exercise you can participate in. One of the simplest ways is to simply walk 30 minutes to an hour every day, or at least four days a week.

Right Diet: Lots of different diets can help people lose weight and feel better. The right diet for you is the one that you can stick to and that helps you stay in a healthy weight range and state of being.

Relax: There are many different forms of relaxation. They can include meditation, deep breathing, a massage or simply being present. The idea is to do something that relaxes your body and mind.

Jeffry Schneider has developed many of the habits above to help him achieve wellness. He has a diet plan that he can stick to and works for him (pescatarian). He wakes up early in the morning and jogs, swims or rides a bike for exercise. He also tries to stay present in whatever he is doing, which helps him achieve a balanced life. These are some of the practical habits Jeffry Schneider implements in his life to achieve wellness.


Eric Lefkofsky announced exclusive deal between Tempus and CanerLinQ

The field of data-driven cancer innovation is heating up. Just recently, Eric Lefkofsky of medical analytics firm Tempus announced that his firm will be entering into a partnership with CancerLinQ, the data collection arm of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the largest professional organization of oncologists in the world.

Lefkofsky stated that the deal between the two firms was struck as a means to compliment each other’s skill sets. With Tempus’ ability to provide some of the most advanced analytics capabilities currently available in the medical field, the vast trove of data provided by CancerLinQ may prove to be the magic bullet in the fight to understand cancer treatments and how patients interact with them.

One of the most pressing issues in cancer treatment over the last few decades has been the stagnation that has occurred in the means by which many diseases are treated. While there are new targeted therapy drugs that have recently been approved for general use, these drugs tend to be confined to very narrow uses, such as people with a specific pancreatic tumor that tests positive for a certain number of genetic characteristics. While these developments have been extremely promising for the very specific disease entities that they are approved to treat, the broader field of oncology has not greatly benefited from their introduction. Although that may very well change in the years ahead, the cancer treatment industry needs something that can provide real advances in the here and now.

This is where Tempus comes in. Rather than focusing on creating high-tech drugs and other treatments that directly fight cancer cells through genomic targeting or bioengineering enzymes to destroy tumor tissue, Tempus is taking a much more general and practical approach. The company has undertaken to create the most advance analytics suite ever seen in the field of medicine. The company says that its platform will eventually be able to answer questions of a level of complexity that were previously only able to be addressed through double-blind clinical studies. Instead of taking $5 million, five years and thousands of man hours to answer a question about why one patient cohort responds well to a given chemotherapy regime while another doesn’t respond at all, the Tempus system may be able to answer that same question in a matter of nanoseconds at no additional cost.

Lefkofsky does not anticipate that this will represent an Earth-shattering breakthrough. Instead, he says that the process of garnering ever sharper insights into the nuanced ways that treatments interact with patient groups will lead to slow but steady improvement in patient outcomes. While this is not a romantic way of fighting cancer, Lefkofsky sees it as being similar to compounding interest, with all the little incremental improvements eventually adding up to incredible leaps forward.

But he says that the process will take time to unfold. Some people may not like the idea of attempting to fight cancer by means that the people who most advocate the strategy in question admit will never actually lead to a cure. However, what Lefkofsky is suggesting is that, when the process is repeated and improved upon over a large time frame, eventually, cancer will likely become little more than a bothersome chronic illness. Just as diseases like HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis were once nearly always fatal but are now considered mostly non-life-threatening, Lefkofsky envisions a time in the not-to-distant future when increased understanding of cancer treatments will lead to that disease also becoming little more than a chronic illness.

The partnership between Tempus and CancerLinQ marks a big step in that direction.