How Securus Technologies is Helping to Prevent Crimes

I work on a fugitive task force that has been especially busy in recent months. The crime rate in our city has been climbing in recent years, and despite adding more officers to the task force, we seem to be overpowered and outnumbered by the criminals.


One of the best tools we have at our disposal is help from the public is the way of informants. These are people who wish to remain anonymous but want to help clean up the city as bad as the officers. Even with their help however, we were barely making a dent in the crime in our city this year.


When we received notification that Securus Technologies was installing a brand new inmate communication system at our jail, our team was asked to come in for training on the LBS software. I was not sure how the phone system was going to help, and was I surprised at what it was capable of.


When we were training on the software, the team was shown how the system was able to pick up on conversations with inmates that were revealing information not picked up previously. It detected inmates talking about bring drugs into the jail, which people on the outside were helping with the efforts, and even discussions of crimes that were actually considered cold cases.


Seeing the system in action, we dedicated one member of our team each day to join in on listening to certain calls, and it reaped huge rewards. Not only were we able to discover when high-level gang members were putting out a call for contraband to be brought to the jail, we discovered which soldiers on the outside were responsible for the drugs and weapons entering our city at an alarming rate.


Thanks to the LBS software, we have a resource that is cleaning up our city.


James Dondero, a Successful Investor Who Defies Personality Stereotype

James Dondero is not the stereotypical investor, at least when it comes to the Myers-Briggs personality test. However, his biography reveals a different personality, one who turned his early successes in collateralized loan obligations into an investment giant, Highland Capital Management.

Based in Dallas, Highland is a $15 billion powerhouse specializing in alernative investments. The success stories of Dondero and his firm include investments in American Airlines and a Texas energy company that faltered despite involvement by billionaire Warren Buffet. Employing ideas promoted by Dondero, Highland provides access by mutual fund investors to opportunities, which are known for their relatively low costs, through his Highland Global Allocation plan. Valued at $894 million, Highland contains fewer than 200 securities, or only about half the number found in most funds, but allows as much as 40 percent of the assets to be concentrated into individual firms or groups of companies.

Dondero attributes his success to the fact that he is a “puzzle solving” manager, or a person who carefully considers complex debt arrangements and emerging trends. However, the 54-year-old investor is otherwise hesitant to say much about himself and could easily fall into the category of an introvert.

Majoring in both accounting and finance, James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia and is authorized to practice as a certified public accountant, a certified management accountant and a chartered financial analyst. He helped establish Highland Capital Management in 1993 and also serves as the chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare and the CCS Medical store.

A resident of Dallas, Dondero is committed to promoting educational opportunities in the region, having provided financial assistance to both learning programs and such establishments as the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, the Perot Museum of Natural Science and Dallas Zoo. In addition to his business activities, Dondero serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote, the worldwide engraver of currency and postage stamps. more of him in

Alexandre Gama Is Back As The Top Of The Advertising Industry In Brazil

After graduating from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, Alexandre Gama showed great promise in the advertising industry. He became the most awarded copywriter in Brazil while at his job with DM9.

Serving in executive positions at AlmapBBDO and Young & Rubicam furnished Alexandre Gama with the experience he needed to establish his own advertising agency, Neogama. Founded in 1999, Alexandre Gama merged with BBH, creating Neogama/BBH, however, Gama took back control of Neogama in 2016, leaving his position of BBH’s global CCO to dedicate himself to Neogama and his music platform, Violab.


Adam Milstein Receives An Honor For His Philanthropy Efforts

There was a time not long ago when the world was a different place. People communicated primarily by landlines and the thought of many technologies was still in the idea stage. However, the time has come when technology has become a major force in the world. Technology has changed the world in many ways. The use of technology has made a tremendous changed in how many aspects of modern society are handled.


One of the biggest changes has been the use of the Internet as a digital world platform. The Internet has transformed business operations and communications along with numerous other aspects of life. Millions of people tend to a wide variety of business related tasks through the use of the Internet. E-commerce has made purchasing products and services much different than in previous decades. In addition, the ability to pay bills online has made a fundamental shift in how people approach bill payment,


A significant change in the world that has gone on quietly without much attention is the way that charities have changed their approach to giving. The Internet has become a major resource in the effort to attract and receive financial contributions. Many charities have websites that accept online payments that have allowed charities to receive contributions in a new way that has made it much easier for charities to increase donations.


While technology has changed the way many charities approach giving, there are some things that remain the same in the area of charities and contributions. One of these is the area of philanthropy. The concept of philanthropy goes back many generations. Giving is what philanthropy is all about and technology changes and world changes will not change the concept of philanthropy.


Adam Milstein is a man who represents the heart of philanthropy. He gives no matter what other people are doing. Adam Milstein has a heart for giving and he shows his heart on a regular basis. Listed as one of the 200 most significant philanthropists in the world, Adam Milstein has made helping people a passion in his life. He is someone who has made a name for himself in the philanthropy community.


Adam Milstein has been making a name for himself for decades. He is widely known in the Jewish community for helping in numerous organizations that support and provide help in the Jewish community. Also, he is a businessman who has an outstanding reputation in the business world.


Hussian Sajwani And DAMAC Is At The Top Of The Real Estate Market

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most successful property developers and real estate managers in all of the Middle East. Since 2002, Hussain has been the DAMAC owner and has risen the company to one of the largest construction firms in Dubai. His diverse business connections has also aided foreign investment into the UAE.

DAMAC Properties Dubai is a publicly traded company based in the UAE. The company has scored may contracts with intnerational companies, including a deal to buid Trump Tower.

Since Hussain Sajwani has such close ties to Donald Trump, it is no surprise that the Hussain Sajwani family and the Trump family get along so well. Both families will go out for dinners and golfing whenever the Trump family is in town. His family had also supported trump during multiple political rallies in the United States.

The Trump International Golf Club in Dubai is a successful project bringing in over $2 billion in sales from luxury properties. Now that Donald Trump is in office, he will no longer be able to business deals whilst in office. Hussian Sajwani still urges to continue business with his company under the supervision of his children.

Hussian Sajwani and his company DAMAC had also released even more premium property projects in Dubai. Golfotel will be a luxury apartment building surrounded by a golf course.

With its fiv-story structure, it will contain over 2,000 livable rooms. Many of the rooms will have a direct view of the Trump World Golf Club Dubai. Gyms, world class restaurants, swimming pools, shuttle services, concierge serives, and even more are included.

The hotel will also be close to two internationla airports and most of the town’s tourist attractions. The Arabian Travel Market 2017 recommends this as one of th ebest investment properties in Dubai. This is certainly one of the largest projects by Hussain and DAMAC.

The senior vice president, Niall McLoughlin, is very confident that investors will flock to this building sice it has a proximity to one of the best golf courses. Properties near international golf courses tend to have much higher investment returns.

The hyperactive rise in the tourism industry in Dubai makes it an ideal time to start buying properties. Vacation rentals for tourists and apartments for professionals are all needed at this point in time. Hussian Sajwani And DAMAC have invested a lot of time into this specific project, hoping that it will attract worldwide leaders to this booming city.

Evolution of Smooth Becomes all the Hype

Up until several years ago, whenever consumers needed or thought of lip balm, the brand that immediately came to mind was Chapstick. Chapstick was extremely generic, it was not marketed toward a specific group of consumers, it didn’t come in many flavors, and the packaging was boring. Although it was reasonably priced, readily available, and efficient at hydrating ones lips, there was nothing that made the product exciting.

Seven years ago, a new type of lip balm hit the market, and it became all the hype. It was called Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm. Marketed towards women, it is available in a countless number of flavors, the packing feels soft in the hand, and it comes in small, egg shaped pods in pastel colors that coordinate with the flavor. Making the product appealing to all the senses helped it to become a huge seller, outselling Chapstick. EOS lip balm currently sells over one million units per week. It is priced at approximately $3.00 per unit, and is available at most major retailers like Well and Walmart. Making it even more appealing is the fact that there are numerous flavors. Whether you are looking for something fresh and minty, sweet and fruity, or yummy and flavorful, you are sure to find the perfect EOS balm to meet your needs.  For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.

Wengie Running Late

When you’re running late in the morning, Wengie offers a simple trick that can get your hair tame. Drying the hair is a bit easier when you prop the hair dryer in a drawer so that it stays in place. You can also put the hair dryer ring on a wall, standing under the dryer while you’re putting on your makeup and getting ready in the morning. This gives you time to do multiple things at one time before heading out the door.

Honey Birdette in the US as Plans to Start in the UK are Underway

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand. It is launching an e-commerce site in the US and has plans on the way to expand their UK retail market from the already existing three stores to 40 stores by the end of 2018. Eloise Monaghan started the brand in 2006 in Brisbane. It launches its US site after having an increase of over 374% online sales in the US for the last 12 months. The goal of the new online platform is to enhance the online experience for the consumer and establish faster delivery with orders over 50 dollars getting free deliveries. The platform will also facilitate easier returns and take care of extending the product range for the esteem US customer base.

Apart from having plans with the online platform in the US, it’s also targeting to introduce physical stores to add up to the ambitious plan of increasing the stores in the UK. The first Honey Birdette store outside Australia was opened in London’s Convent Garden last year. After that, the other two stores in Leed’s Victoria Gate and Westfield White City followed, making three stores in the UK.

The brand has given information about a lineup of ten more stores it intends to open all over the UK. These includes the Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle. This is just but a start of the 40 stores targeted by the end of next year. Honey Birdette has 55 stores in its Australian market and continues to eye more premium locations all over Europe. Briefs at the stores go for £35 while bras cost £60. The company has the backing of BBRC.

About Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette was an idea conceived in 2006 by two friends over a glass of champagne. The idea came after the two were tired of failing to find provocative, luxurious and classy bedroom lingerie and bedroom accessories.

They saw a need and set out to fill it by trying to bring a sense of sensuality in Australian bedrooms thus starting the first sensuous lingerie line in Australia. Honey Birdette will provide a comprehensive guide to all pleasure needs from choosing appropriate high-end bedroom toys to carefully detailed lingerie.

Talk Fusion; Pioneer in the Video Marketing Industry

Talk Fusion received the communications solutions products of the Year award for its video chat service last August. The award recognizes voice, data, and video communication products and services that have been grown exponentially in the previous year. This award was the second one that Talk Fusion received from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. Rich Tehrani is the CEO of TMC. Rich said that he was honored to announce Talk Fusion as the winners of the prestigious award. He recognized the company’s position in the communications industry and the innovative products that they developed.


The Video Chat product was developed using WebRTC technology. It allows anyone to communicate face-to-face using any device. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes. It has been praised for its simplicity. The full version of the product had only been live for five months at the time when the company was honored with the award. Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. He said that it was only the beginning and that they had huge plans for the future of the product. Rich stated that the company was dedicated to staying at the top of the industry through the video-chat app. He finished by saying that this was only the first step in the development of a complete video marketing solution.


Ryan Page is the chief technology officer. He stated that the award was a confirmation of the innovative nature of the company. He said that the award was priceless and added that the processes that Talk Fusion used were responsible for the achievement. Last year was a big one for the company. It saw them release various products. They released a WebRTC recorder and an instant payments site. Talk Fusion is a company based in Florida. It offers video marketing solutions. The company was started in 2007. It was the first company to introduce an instant payment compensation plan. Talk Fusion prides itself on upholding ethics when conducting business. It is a member of the direct selling association. The company has a team of independent associates who market its products in more than a hundred countries.


Don Ressler Founds Successful Companies

Don Ressler has established himself as one of the more successful entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industries. He has been a major contributor to the development of numerous successful startup companies. The most notable company that Ressler has developed is Intelligent Beauty. This company would go on to develop a few other subsidiary companies that offered various products such as cosmetics. When he first began his career in entrepreneurship, Don Ressler started up a company called Fitness Heaven. The company would specialize in the health and wellness industry. Ressler sold this company in 2001 and then started up another company called Alena Media. This company thrived as it would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Don would eventually give another one of his companies Intermix Media of his over to News Corp.

After handing over Intermix Media to News Corp, Don would begin to develop an idea for another company. This new company would be in the fashion industry and was called Intelligent Beauty. When this company was developed on, Ressler looked to offer skincare products and cosmetics to consumers. Within two years of the company’s existence, it would become a highly profitable business. It would also develop a new subsidiary company known as SENSA. During the initial stages of development, SENSA appointed its leadership with Brett Brewer as the CEO and Dr. Alan Hirsch as the person in charge of product development. The company would go on to secure $43 million in funding and become one of the top businesses in its respective industry.

Read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

In 2010, Don Ressler was in position to launch another company under the brand of Intelligent Beauty. This new company would be called JustFab which would specialize in selling apparel. The company received initial funding of $33 million from Matrix Partners. Once the company was built, it appointed Kimora Lee Simmons to run the company in terms of management and product development. Ressler also looked to have Simmons be in charge of marketing the company as well. Mentioned on within the first several months of the company’s existence, it would secure another $76 in funding to finance its operations. Don would not be done putting together new startup companies as he would co found Fabletics. This new company became a leader in selling top active apparel for women. Within just three years of being in operation, Fabletics established itself as one of the most successful and innovative retailers in the fashion industry.