Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces Clinical Pathways

Being diagnosed with cancer scares even the bravest souls. So many questions to ask and treatments to consider. Established in 1988, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) makes it easier for patients to find the answers they need. The CTCA uses a combination of conventional cancer treatment approaches while integrating various therapies needed to manage the side effects.

The CTCA operates five hospitals in major cities across the United States. Every one of their centers are staffed by professionals in cancer care. Patients receive state-of-the-art treatments for more than just their cancer. The CTCA also incorporates whole person care into their treatment programs. The doctors work with the patients to create the treatment regimen that best serves their needs. All of these programs are managed at the center making it easier for patients to receive the care they need.

Recently the CTCA partnered with AllScrips and Nanthealth to implement a new, custom solution to help doctors eliminate guesswork. Clinical Pathways was designed around the input of oncologists across the country. The program allows clinicians access to a comprehensive database of up to the minute cancer care analysis. Doctors can quickly access the most current guidelines and response rates of drug therapies and cancer treatments.

Clinical Pathways makes it easier for the patient to choose from the safest and most efficient treatment options. The new platform provides custom treatment programs designed around the needs of each patient. Clinical Pathways helps to integrate the approach to cancer care. Custom solutions are created that will help maintain the patient’s quality of life while undergoing cancer treatment.

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Felipe Montoro Jens: Leadership in His company Organizations

Felipe Montoro Jens is the chief financial officer of His company S. A. He is the alternate nominee for the board of directors, at the Odeprecht Company. Felipe has held my titles in the company and still wear many hats for the organization. Mr. Jens is a well-educated man with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Fundao Getlio Vargas and a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Management (USA). Felipe Montoro Jens organized numerous departments of His company divisions that are located in countries like Brazil, United Kingdom, and Singapore. These ventures conduct business with anything from sugar to real estate.


Felipe Jens has projected a real difference in the world through his savvy entrepreneurial efforts. He is very prismatic and easy to listen too. This business leader will leave many business professionals astonished, when doing the background research on him. He is a man of many skills, performed inside of the organization. Perhaps, he has played the role of many. The impressive part is being able to consistently get the job done. It is very impressive how well he speaks two languages. Check out the YouTube clip here:



His company SA


His company S.A. major motivation is directed towards energy solutions. The company was established in 1981 and is home based in Salvador, Brazil. The business involves engineering, demolition, development and process of groundwork and etc. creating integrated and innovative solutions that serve both its clients and its communities. The culture of His company is simple “”Confidence in People’s potential and their desire to progress is the core tenet of the His company Group’s Philosophical Concepts”.

The Wave Of Future Cloud Technology With NuoDB Cloud Technology

There are quite a few new technology cloud companies that have sprung up in the last decade bringing the age of technology storage and memory to another level. Once such company is NuoDB. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts NuoDB was founded in 2008 but was known as NimbusDB. The company patented a system called “elastically scalable database and changed its name to NuoDB in 2011.

While there are many companies that start up as cloud computing SQL database in the country, there are few that are started and run by the founders who also create the technology needed for the business. Like Apple and Microsoft whose founders, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both played pivotal roles in the founding and operations of their perspective companies. NuoDB is run with technology created by one of its founders while the other is the operating CEO of the company’s business operations. The two primary founders of NuoDB are Barry S. Morris, who is the company’s CEO, and Jim Starkey who creator and the inventor of the cloud computing technology- the “elastically scalable database”. Over the last 9 years since their inception the company has made its mark on the business world. Recently, both the Boston Business Journal and the Mass High Tech Publication named NuoDB as one of their 2014 Innovation All Stars.

The Stellar Record of Entrepreneur Omar Yunes in the Japanese Food Sector

Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur based in Mexico. Yunes owns and operates a chain of 13 franchised units strategically positioned in parts of Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City. He joined this line of work at the age of 21 years, and he has acquired sufficient professional experience over several years.

Omar Yunes’ business portfolio

Yunes works with a team of more than 400 innovative employees. He prides himself as a boss who has a great rapport with his staff. Yunes plays a huge role in enabling his employees’ network to feel motivated and to contribute their knowledge at the workplace. This trait enabled him to win the Best Franchise of the World competition. According to Diego Elizarrarras`, Yunes is known to foster great work relationships as well as he has good management skills. He is also knowledgeable in control and implementation of policies through the various boards that manage his business units. Yunes business associate and chief executive officer, Benjamin Cancelmo, attributes the company’s success to the joint effort of their staff and customers. Yunes has also enabled the Mexican franchise to stand out in the global market.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a businessman and the winner of the Best Franchise in the World Award. He is also the principal of Sushi Itto, one of the leading Japanese restaurants that serve a broad range of clientele. Yunes was named the Best Franchise of the World in 2015 upon participating in the competition in Florence, Italy. At the time, he was representing the Mexican franchise. Yunes won the award for excelling in growing his business brand and for incorporating characters, such as leadership, teamwork, and innovation in his business. His participation in this competition helped him make a name for himself as well as enabled him to network with other veterans in the franchise, such as Ivan Tamer, Marisa Lazareno, and Fernando Oliveira. The panel that evaluated him was comprised of members of the Mexican Association of Franchisees, the Sector of Entrepreneurs, and the representatives of the University of Anahuac. Yunes is also represented Sushi Itto franchise at the 2015 national competition held in Mexico where he emerged the winner.

US Money Reserve’s New eBook

A few weeks ago, PRNewswire reported that US Money Reserve released an eBook to help consumers in protecting their wealth during economic, tumultuous times. In the eBook, it shows how buying gold is a safe haven from various global issues, such as cyber attacks, terror attacks, and an unstable economy.

The name of the eBook can be downloaded for free, and it is named The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. Also, with this eBook, consumers have the opportunity to obtain an offer of 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins for a limited time for purchasing at cost. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

To obtain this eBook and the limited offer of the 1/10 oz gold coins, consumers can either visit, or contact one of US Money Reserve’s leaders, who are Christol Farris at [email protected] or Lacy Rushin at [email protected] They also can be reached by phone at 512-583-6542.

With the events of global threats accelerating and trade wars looming, many experts believe that an economic risk looming is bound to happen. And gold has always proven to be safe haven asset of the world since ancient times. Philip N Diel, US Money Reserve’s president, stated how gold has always proven to be safe haven asset of the world for a very long time. He was previously a US Mint Director also.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Established in 2001, the US Money Reserve,, is one of the U.S. biggest private distributors of US and foreign issued platinum, silver, and gold products in the world. clients in the hundreds of thousands in the US have prospered greatly with them, and they continue to rely on them.

Manta revealed that based in Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve has great products, services, and a highly trained and professional team to help consumers with their customizable needs/goals. From news updates to return policies, US Money Reserve is there to serve and guide their clients.

They are uniquely trained in coin research, numismatic, and market knowledge. Their team also work hard to go above the industry’s standards in product and customer service.

Manage Your Money with Cutting Edge Research from Agora Financial

The video describes a dentist – Bob – who wishes to get more out of his investments. Bob wants to control his own money, but have access to information and advice that can help him grow and protect his wealth.

The video introduces Agora Financial, a company that provides independent market research to those looking to invest more wisely. Information from Agora Financial is available in a variety of formats, including print and online publications, seminars, and videos.

The video describes Agora Financial as unbiased and independent, meaning they never accept money from companies in exchange for coverage of their investments. Additionally, Agora Financial spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on travel and research in order to bring you the most sound and timely investment advice possible.

The video goes on to describe how the most well-known company names are often poor investments. That’s because once those names become mainstream, much of the investment potential is gone. Agora Financial focuses on bringing customers new ideas before they get too expensive and the potential earnings decrease.

Next, the video describes a few of the experts working for Agora Financial, including a Harvard-educated geologist and a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist. Also described are several times when the company brought investors information about key economic events well before they occurred. Examples include the rise in gold prices beginning in 1999 and the mortgage crisis in 2008.

The video then says that Bob has used all of this information to successfully manage his money and protect his wealth.

Finally, the video shows the viewer where to find information on the publications Agora Financial provides on their website.

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Securus Technologies Incorporation Still Flying High Within the Correctional Market in North America

Securus Technologies Incorporation provides prison technology services in Texas- Dallas, Allen, and Carrollton- as well as in Atlanta, Georgia. It is also broken into other markets such as in Canada, Mexico, and the District of Columbia. Even though it has regional offices in all these areas, the head office is strategically located in Dallas. Since it was created in 1986, the company has been making acquisition after acquisition in the way of broadening its range of services. Some of the recently acquired companies include Guarded Exchange, Archonix Systems, Satellite Tracking of People, JLG Technologies, and DirectHit Systems.


Controlling the Correctional Market


With the said acquisitions, Securus Technologies has managed to take charge of the correctional market in the United States. To this end, the company serves over a million inmates distributed over 2600 correctional facilities. As the number of clients inflates, it necessitates the employment of additional staff. As such, Securus’ employee population has grown to a thousand people- most of whom are technology experts. Innovation has taken center stage in the management of the company, which has enabled it to develop tech solutions unmatched by none in the industry.


The Key Figures


At the center of Securus’ success is its long-serving CEO’s- Mr. Richard Falcone and Mr. Richard A. (Rick) Smith. The former retired in 2008 and was preceded by the latter. Under the leadership of Richard Smith, the company made investments of over $0.6 billion in developing its technological capacity over the recent past.


Client Comments


The good job by Richard Smith and Securus, in general, has not gone unnoticed. Prison officials and inmates’ family members write formal letters and send emails to the company detailing their experience with the tech products from the company. Richard authorized the publishing of some of these comments. In most of the comments, the clients talked about how life had become easy for them because of using Securus’ products. Prison officials were noting the tremendous improvement of security in their facilities since they started partnering with Securus.

Flavio Maluf Looks At Some Of The Myths And Facts Of Entrepreneurship

Flavio Maluf says that owning your own business appeals to a large amount of people. Many people who are not happy with their current job or wish to be their own boss are especially drawn by the promise of running their own business. Mr. Maluf says that despite all the information out there on entrepreneurship, there exists many myths that are not true and some facts that are very surprising to the beginning entrepreneur.


Below you will find Flavio Maluf’s take on some of these myths and facts as reported by the Universe Online economics section. Mr. Maluf serves as the leader of a major Brazilian manufacturing company called Eucatex that creates wood products and paints. It also supplies raw materials such as timber and saw dust for the construction and furniture industry.


A big misconception that people who want to become entrepreneurs have is that they think they will end up working less and that it will be easier that a job at a firm as an employee. While it is true that you will not have set hours as an entrepreneur, many entrepreneurs work longer hours after they leave their jobs. An entrepreneur is also in charge of an entire business. They have to oversee everything and that often means more work and not less. So the idea that you will work less and have an easier job is a myth says Flavio Maluf.


Another common myth that is floating around is that in order to launch your own business you need to have a lot of money set aside. While it is true that you need money to open a business, you do not need a lot of it to create a business. There are many investors out there that are looking to invest their money into a great idea or new concept. Banks offer small business loans to people looking to start their business and can provide that extra bit of money that a person may lack. So you do not need to have a large amount of money to create a business. You can get a loan or investment in your idea and that could be enough to launch your new career.


E-Governe presents the range of products that can be used to modernize processes in organizations and institutions that help to improve efficiency.Designed by ICI (Instituto das Citades Intelligenses) Teresina Municipal workers and officials were taught how to use the E-Governe system just a few years back, and from since then, the Municipal has achieved a lot concerning efficiency and the likes.


This exercise was conveyed in conjunction with the Municipal Education Department, Municipal Health Foundation as well as the Municipal Finance Department. Together, these various departments conducted a meeting to liberate on how they could optimize municipality service delivery to the citizens, and together they settled for e-govern.


The primary tool to be executed was the human resource management where all the internal public office processes were streamlined. Later on the Municipal took upon a more strengthened tool to offer quality service to everyone. Through the various e-govern tools, the municipal system has been able to identify problems review and monitor the overall municipal performance.


The e-govern system has also increased the speed with which public demands are responded through system tools that allow for instant received comments analysis.Another company that adopted the e-govern system is Osasco. The thorough thee-govern education system, ICI supplied computer equipment and installed electrical systems to the offices and schools.


ICI also established a client call center where all public education departments sought for help. Osasco is a very populated state in Sao Paulo, but the e-govern system takes care of all the area education departments, schools, and the nearby continuing education center. The e-govern system has demonstrated flexibility to take care of all these units.


More so, the education system has provided several benefits to the Osasco schools and education departments. Not only has it allowed for easy internet access to the students, but also encouraged user management through system administration security level set ups. E-govern has also helped the departments to share and create reports regarding the different facets more quickly.


The system has led to major transparency and accountability of the Osasco Municipality processes. The system has also done away with revisions since all works are digitized and the records electronically stored out. ICI has been vital in helping the Municipal improve general public service, education, taxes, and administration.


The implementation of the e-govern system has propelled Osasco into the most thriving economy and is now home to the largest organizations and corporations like Banco Bradesco and the Sao Paulo State Industries Center. Besides the SBTE-Governe Health was implemented and has helped to solve health service management problems in the state and municipal governments. Previously, health service management was a grim task due to the need to take care of the mobile departments since the Municipal is made up of numerous health departments and public officials.


The e-govern platform now permits for officials to plan and view worker schedules and this has made task allocation easier. It also implies that there is little hospital downtime and that every professional is assigned duty. Through the system, the beds and wards can be controlled to ensure that nurses have a small amount of work to perform.

Felipe Montoro Jens Helping Break down the Concessions in the Sanitation Industry

The Sanitation industry is one of the most important industry in any economy, and Brazil is no different. Over the years, the Brazilian government has been looking for a way in which to better this industry and finally its progress is bearing fruits. Recently, the government announced a concession that was meant to better the industry. The concession included both changes in management and resources. To understand this concept better, Felipe Jens has helped break things down.


According to Felipe, one of the limiting factors when it comes to the provision of services in the sanitation industry is the huge loses that are as a result of leakages. Felipe notes that with huge wastes people are unable to receive valuable services. With a stall in service delivery, the financial services are wasted in addressing these issues as opposed to providing quality services.


The concessions are timely and if integrated well into the system will see the Brazilian economy benefit a lot. Mr. Felipe seems to be in agreement with Edison who says that in as much as the private sector partnership services and expertise come in handy in the delivery of services, active participation of public sector is key. Generally, the sanitation sector is made up primarily of the public sector with at least 90% of the services rendered by a public organization. By actively engaging the public sector, the government will be guaranteed that the services given will meet the needs of the industry.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the few distinguished business executives in Brazil. With extensive industry experience in infrastructure projects, Mr. Felipe seats at the CEO position in Energipar Captacao S.A. Before taking his current position, Felipe was involved in a number of companies that helped shape his career path.


Montoro is a graduate of the University of Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV). It is here that he earned his BA degree and a postgraduate degree in International Management.