Changing Our Approach To Medicine with Jason Hope

Jason Hope has the notion that if we are to live a longer life, we need to have a different approach when it comes to medicine. We should focus more on preventing rather than treating.

Jason has lived his entire life in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason feels that technology is part of his life and therefore, has no time to read books. Instead, he spends most of his time reading journals and scientific articles. Whenever he finds something interesting, he shares it on social media. He is very active on social media as he can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jason says the one thing that has helped his business is the sale of his house as it freed his time and resources. He says that he has the dream of inspiring other people to become better people in the future. Jason is most passionate about his involvement in the research of anti-aging. For this reason, he runs a foundation called the SENS Foundation. Through his involvement, the foundation has worked on reversing issues such as lung cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s as well as the respiratory illness. He achieves all this through the use of technology.

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Jason Hope is a huge fan of regional marketing and use of referrals. Other than these two marketing strategies, Hope says that social media can be a very powerful marketing tool if used correctly. He says social media is very effective in generating new business and at the same time connecting people. Jason toughest decision is taking a step back to reevaluate his direction. Jason got his first customer from a referral through advertising that had been done by another company. During the initial stages of his company, Jason had a healthy sense of doubt about his abilities. He attributes these doubts to the success he has experienced today.

Among the things that have defined Jason Hope is his education background. Jason specialized with finance while studying at Arizona State University. He has an MBA from the prestigious ASU’s W.P Carey School of business. He keeps up to date with national politics. When not working, Jason is involved with giving back to the community through his many organizations.

How to Find the Best Hair Care Products

Women are very sensitive especially when it comes to their hair. It is always important to ensure you keep your hair strong and healthy all the time. However, this can be a challenge especially if you have no idea on which products will work best for your hair. There are different hair care products in the market but not all are safe for your hair. Wen by Chaz Dean ( hair products are the best choice for hair, whether it is damaged or healthy. They are all made from natural ingredients to ensure your hair is protected, remains strong and healthy all the time.

Benefits of Wen by Chaz

It will be very easy for you to manage your hair while using Wen products. The products contains different ingredients which strengthen, nourish and moisturizes your hair hence making it easier for you to brush, style and maintain it. There are products which are beneficial to women with dyed hair since it can be difficult to maintain it at times. Wen by Chaz products restores the health of your hair by reducing breakages as well as dehydration. Unlike when you use heat devices to style your hair, Wen products ensures you can style your hair in a healthier way. Heat devices such as curling irons only makes your hair weak while on the other hand, WEN products have the right ingredients to nourish and strengthen your hair. Wen products are available  online on, and on the website.


There are various benefits of sing shampoo and conditioner to manage and treat your hair. You however need to know they are all made from different ingredients and depending on the needs of your hair, it will be much easier for you to choose. Make sure you take your time before purchasing any hair product to ensure it is the best for your hair. Shampoos and conditioners keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny by providing it with essential oils to repair damaged hair.


What you should know about Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology commonly known as Wessex Institute is a research and educational institute that offer degrees. It’s situated at Ashurst Lodge which is in New Forest, a famous National Park in southern England. The Norman King William established the National Park, and it was mainly for royal hunting and is currently used by local citizens to graze their domestic animals such as cattle, ponies and pigs. The forest is well a known unique dry area in west Europe, where several landscapes have not been changed for many years.  See also

It was founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia in the year 1986 and succeeded the Computational Mechanics Institute. The primary goal of the Wessex Institute is to improve the quality of and a knowledge transfer mechanism mainly aimed towards the interchange of information between professional and academics users in the company and is achieved through several activities which include; publishing, Research and conferences  Check for additional articles.

The Sunny Plumber Setting the Bar High for Other Companies in the Plumbing Industry

The Sunny Plumber is a leading plumbing company based in Tucson, Arizona. It was established in 2013 by Kenneth D. Goodrich, who now serves as the president of the company. The Sunny Plumber was born out of Rescue Rooter, a company based in Phoenix. Kenneth bought the company and renamed it The Sunny Plumber. Mr. Goodrich has a lot of experience running businesses and this began at a tender age when he was under his father’s mentorship at his HVAC business. The Sunny Plumber has grown tremendously under his leadership and now has more than 100 trucks serving Phoenix, Las Vegas, California and Tucson, AZ.

Excellent staff and service

Although The Sunny Plumber is mainly a plumbing company, it also provides excellent HVAC services to both homes and business. Some of their areas of expertise include leak detection, drain cleaning, water heater repair and HVAC installation and repair among others. They provide high-quality, efficient service to their clients and always strive to exceed their expectations. They also provide emergency plumbing and HVAC services.

The Sunny Plumber has a team of 142 staff members who are all experts at their jobs. They are courteous and will always put the client’s needs first. Their hours are flexible and convenient even for those with busy work schedules. The company has incorporated technology into most of its operations to improve the customer experience and make processes like scheduling of services faster and more efficient. Their customers are greatly impressed with their services as is evident from their excellent reviews of the company.


The Sunny Plumber continues to improve its operations and provide even better services under the stewardship of Mr. Goodrich. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority and they always strive to exceed their expectations. It has really transformed the plumbing industry and redefined the standards of excellence for other players in the industry.


What It Takes to Get the Best Air Conditioning Services

Having a working air conditioning system in a home or commercial building is very crucial, especially if you are living in a place that experiences extreme temperatures. You need to look for professional service providers who will install, repair and maintain your existing air conditioning in the most accurate way. One company that offers quality heating services is Goettl. Goettl is a company that helps residents deal with any issue involving air conditioners, commercial heaters and ventilation. They are responsible for installing heating and cooling systems in new homes, repairing and maintaining old air conditioners.

Where Is Goettl Located?

This company was established in 1939, and it operates in three regions: Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. Goettl has operated in these three regions for many years, and is still looking to expand to other places due to the high demand for their services. Due to high temperatures in places like Phoenix, the company has decided to move fast to help residents get the best cooling systems in their homes. You can call the experts through their 24-hour customer care service that operates seven days a week.

What Services Are Provided by Goettl?

Goettl air conditioners offer a wide range of services that involve heating, indoor air quality, commercial HVAC, and general repair and maintenance of air conditioners. The company has the capacity to serve various regions in matters relating to small scale and largescale air conditioning. They also deal with ventilation in homes.

Social Media Presence

Goettl believes in interacting well with customers to make service provision better. You can find the company on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ as Goettl Air Conditioning. Customers can use these social platforms to make inquiries or make suggestions about the type of services they want.

Goettl provides qualified contractors to help in installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners. You can contact them to get the best services.

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Luscious EOS Lip Balm Flavors for Velvety, Sensual Lips

The exceedingly attractive and beneficial features of Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balms have led to a huge global fan base. People adore many of the lip balm flavors based on the pleasant fragrances, appealing aesthetics and styles as well as delightful essences. Apart from this, EOS lip balms have gained their popularity for providing its users with plump, deeply hydrated lips at very reasonable prices. EOS lip balms are commended for being created with the finest ingredients that are natural, gluten-free and organic. These ingredients consist of numerous nourishing oils and vitamins making it ideal for users with various allergies.

Favorite EOS Lip Balm Flavors of All Times

EOS lip balm range in six main categories that constitute of the organic smooth spheres, multipacks, visibly soft smooth spheres, organic smooth sticks, shimmer smooth spheres and active protection smooth spheres. At present times, the four most selling flavors are the pomegranate raspberry, blueberry acai and passion fruit from the smooth sphere lip balm range as well as coconut milk from the visibly soft lip balm range. The organic smooth spheres humidify and soften damaged lips so that they become gorgeously smooth. The visibly soft range fills the lips with natural sustaining nutrients so that users obtain distinctive elegant, soft lips. The products are available online via eBay or the exclusive website. Also see,

The Advancement of EOS Lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth was co-founded in 2008 by its current global vice president, Sherry Jhawar. This company had a distinguishable growth within the product line of lip balms for its signature aesthetics, flavors and aromas making it a heartfelt product for all consumers on a global scale. The dome shaped signature aesthetics of the EOS lip balms had gained a positive response as soon as it was first introduced in the market. People also adored the natural, organic ingredients that deliver ultimate lip care and have a positive environmental impact.



The Role of Desiree Perez and the Growth of Tidal

While many people may have at one time doubted the rise and growth of Tidal, Jay-Z has never thought that the company would go down. He bought it with hopes of providing unique services regarding music streaming. It is not simple for a new firm to establish itself in the field since there are businesses that have already developed. However, Jay-Z has been in the music industry for many years, and he knows the dynamics of the industry. He had to work smart and come up with strategies to ensure that the company succeeded. Follow and click.


According to, there are many companies offering music streaming services which approached him to seal a deal, but with the strong negotiator Desire Perez, he could not be fooled. He has stood his ground and knew that the company would achieve great things. He made a decision to work with Desiree Perez who is an influential personality in the music industry. That is how he became smart and stood out from the crowd regarding making decisions. Now the lady of good character and hardworking has brought her competence, and as a result, things have now started working well. The company is now establishing itself quickly, and there are millions of music consumers trying to sign up for a free trial. Check this out:


Her creativity is what has made her push the company towards the right directions. She has the experience needed to run such businesses, and many customers can now appreciate her efforts in working to develop the talents of musicians. She has a way of sealing deals that are the best because of his strong negotiation skills. She is also able to bring people together so that they can be focused towards achieving similar goes.

Jay-Z made such a decision because he has worked with her and knows what she is capable of doing. She has been an associate of Jay-Z for a long time, and Jay-Z knows that she can bring sanity to the music industry. There are great and talented artists who are working with Tidal, and there is no doubt that the company is improving their services and membership is increasing.


Roberto Santiago Captures The Imagination And Even Challenges It

Love it or hate it, the mall is here to stay. The mall is one of the places where people visit in crowds. Of course not all malls are equal. There are some malls that have more than others. Therefore, it is up to customers to determine the mall that works the best for them. Fortunately, there is a mall that has something for everyone. This is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall established by Roberto Santiago. One main thing about this mall is that it is a very huge mall. Therefore, there is room for a lot of stores of different types.

Among the stores that people could check out in Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping are fashion stores which include shoe stores, and designer stores for both men and women. This gives people a lot to choose from if they are looking to upgrade their wardrobe. However, among the most popular stores that are in the shopping mall are electronics and entertainment stores. People are always on the market for the next smartphone or other forms of entertainment. The mall does attract people to these stores. They are very likely to walk away with something they are satisfied with from the entertainment stores on

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a mall that not only encourages people to visit and shop but to also stay and hang out for many different events. People will find a lot of stores at the mall that they wouldn’t have even known existed. This allows them to explore around and discover many items in Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This could give them new ideas on what they can get either for themselves or the people they care about. It is especially a good place for people to go for special occasions like birthday parties and other types of celebrations on

Manaira Shopping is not only the best example of a mall but also an example of the future of malls. Just like it was once rare for a mall to have a movie theater attached to it, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is influencing other malls to have other forms of entertainment attached to it. These days, the requirement for success is definitely innovation.

The (White) Shark of Digital Advertising

Founded in 2011 by Gary Garth and Andrew Lake, White Shark Media is one of America’s fastest growing companies in the field of online advertising. White Shark Media is among the only 29 companies in America to collaborate with Google for their advertising search optimization.


White Shark Media mainly provides services in digital marketing that are custom made to fit the client’s needs. Owing to their skill and experience in the world of online advertising, White Shark Media has experienced a significant growth rate over the years.


The company is founded on the concept of giving its customers a world-class experience, while not charging an outrageous amount for it. Because of this, not just big companies, but also smaller home businesses can approach White Shark Media and have their businesses’ advertising taken care of.


The main focus of White Shark Media is to help you earn more money and optimize your marketing process. In the world of the internet, customer reviews are everything – and White Shark has numerous amounts of them.


But that’s not all, customer satisfaction being the key here, the company also offers a free evaluation of your current business plan and marketing strategies to give you a glimpse of what to expect from them. More often than not, customers are so impressed by the initial evaluation that they want White Shark Media to help them get the best out of digital marketing.


Be it medical services or real estate, White Shark Media knows of ways to market almost any kind of business. Just by the sheer amount of positive reviews on their website, you can tell that White Shark Media knows how to give customers a good advertising service.


I had approached White Shark earlier this year to help with the marketing of my home business. I made this call by putting my faith in all of the numerous positive reviews out there, and I think that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


White Shark optimized my ads daily to make sure that I was always on top of the marketing game. Their staff is always ready to help you with whatever you need and conducts monthly checks on its customers to ensure that things are running smoothly. All in all, they know what they are doing, and I would recommend White Shark Media to help your business rather than adopting the ‘do it yourself’ approach and burning a hole in your pocket.


Julie Zuckerberg is highly motivated

Julie Zuckerberg is the Leading Talent Acquirer at Deutsche Bank, where she has earned quite a reputation. Julie is distinguished for her capability to work intimately with industry professionals in the private assets field and also the commerce side of administration. Julie is extraordinarily accomplished at flourishing successful corporate dialogue, including upper echelon executive offers that bring together corporation stakeholders. Julie’s tested counsel is frequently essential for employing qualified personnel and her staffing philosophy is recognized for having a deep impact on the aptitude of a company’s output prospect and frequently delivers an assortment of talented and assorted staff.


She also has extensive experience working as an Executive Recruiter, before rising to the rank of Leading Talent Acquirer. Julie has also thrived under the esteemed title of Vice President during her employment at Deutsche Bank. While there, her skills were focused on administrating imperative associations with elite industry firms to shape an extremely valuable group of proficient workers. Julie has also created associations with a copious amount of commerce connections to better manage the hiring procedure to hire competent employees. This is essential for filling imperative positions such as Provincial Administration & US Conformity, as well as Investor Relations, among others.


Julie Zuckerberg is known for possessing a wealth of competent business knowledge and experience. Julie has served as Director of Candidate Placement while employed at the company Hudson Global Resources. This was her first professional employment back in 2002. While employed at the Hudson for a period of 5 years, Julie brought into the company a plethora of legal groups and experienced management employees for a variety of well known firms. This influx of personnel helped to fill a range of positions. When Julie left the Hudson, she committed her experience to Citi Global. It was here that Julie executed the responsibilities of the Executive Recruiter. This allowed her the freedom to make use of superior avenues of hiring employees via online sources, benefiting from social media advertisements as well as through direct sourcing. These are only some of the priceless and tremendously inspired avenues of gathering qualified personnel that Julie utilized. Julie displays a capability to organize several tasks and while working at Citi Global, a well known consumer bank, Julie served as corporate V.P. Julie’s more fascinating duties incorporated the moving of new personnel through immigration and repatriation.


Julie Zuckerberg’s knowledge obtained while working as a V.P. at N.Y. Life Insurance, imbued her with the skill to handle the hiring procedures to maximize available positions with competent faculty.


While outside of the company setting, she is happily located in New York, concentrating on numerous endeavors from industrial innovations, cooking, running, volunteering for charity organizations and taking photographs.