Be as successful as Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman, this is a nobleman who is known for several talents and leadership skills. To some people, he is a mentor, to others, he is an entrepreneur, and he is a revolutionist to other people. He has worked in several companies and organizations thus earning more and more reputation. Currently, he is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, but many companies have tested his hand in working.

His high education life ranges from1981 to1993 where he earned economically and finance degree from the University of Scranton and from the University of Chicago he got an MBA in Finance in the respective years. This extensive education landed him his first job at GE Capital after that; he presided over Nova Four. These two companies were noted for their Growth Leadership role modeling which was championed by Glen Wakeman.

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For him to succeed in such a way, he uses a 5 step performance methodology that is used to focus on how business work. This method looks at the effects of capital, risks, power, and execution in any growing business. For those who have managed to use this method, they have seen many successful outcomes. Day in day out, Wakeman sees new opportunities in the market, and he never fails to give his advice to the groups that need it. Some groups like Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded have developed much by emulating Wakeman

Most people learn from where they live. Glen Wakeman has traveled in more than six countries in the world, and he has participated in more than 30 business meeting all over the world. With that deep knowledge earned from his work, he can provide viable advice in all sectors of activity like investment, raising capital and international financing platforms. He loves seeing business innovations, developments, and growth that aims at changing the world marketplace.


Being a writer and an investor, he has shared his vision and skills through blogging. His area of specialization being emerging markets, management, and credit matters. He writes regularly about global affairs, finance, and many more business issues. His revolutionized mind has helped him run a company with 17,000+ staff members and billions of assets. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Affiliate Dork.

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