Big News For Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus

Tempus will now work with ASCO’s CancerLinQ and Precision HealthAI to help personalize the treatment of various forms of cancer through the analysis of loads of information sourced from medical facilities regarding cancer patients, their characteristics, treatments, diagnoses, and triumphs in beating or at least stifling the disease.

CancerLinQ is its own entity, separate from parent company ASCO, that consists of in excess of 1,000,000 cancer patients’ personal, confidential information. Ever since CancerLinQ was created several years ago as a subsidiary of ASCO, the entitiy has continually been collecting information about cancer patients, their treatments, and outcomes in the face of impending, deleterious doom.

Dr. Clifford Hudis, the Chief Executive Officer of ASCO, has shared that he believes the deal between Tempus, Precision HealthAI, and CancerLinQ is practical and will bear fruit, as the pair of partners should be able to analyze CancerLinQ’s expansive warehouse of information both more efficiently and effectively than if CancerLinQ hadn’t shared such responsibilities outside of its own operations.

What We’ve Known About CancerLinQ And Its Link To Tempus

Several months ago, Eric Lefkofsky was interviewed by a journalist. Despite the interview not being primarily about Tempus’ then-upcoming deal with CancerLinQ, Mr. Lefkofsky shared that CancerLinQ’s goal was compiling huge amoutns of cancer patients’ data from healthcare providers.

Many healthcare providers, ranging from hospitals to research institutions, keep patient information of all sorts confidential, and typically don’t share it with outside organizations. However, with the security and potential for societal benefit that CancerLinQ brings to the table, countless top-tier medical providers trust CancerLinQ with their private data.

CancerLinQ Has Proven Its Prowess In Hoarding Data, But Not Analyzing It

Tempus is well known around the technology community, and somewhat known within the juxtaposition of technology and healthcare information technology, as well as its prowess for analyzing big data and making meaningful inferences from it.

CancerLinQ, unlike Tempus, hasn’t demonstrated a knack for making sense of the confidential patient information records it sources from healthcare facilities. As such, many, including Mr. Eric Lefkofsky, felt and still feel that a partnership between the two organizations and Precision HealthAI would prove beneficial to the world of healthcare, and society at large.

Prior to the point where CancerLinQ made the decision to work with the two aforementioned organizations, its leaders had just decided that CancerLinQ needed to join forces with outside organizations that could be trusted with confidential patient information.

After searching the industry extensively for potential help, CancerLinQ finally stumbled across Tempus and Precision Health AI. The ASCO subsidiary quickly inked an agreement between the trio, with operations related to the partnership expected to start up at any time.

The Three-Company Partnership Could Help Healthcare At Large

Although few developments in healthcare come quickly, the enhanced data analysis offered by Tempus and Precision HealthAI could immediately result in drug development and research processes, more effectively designing clinical trials, and providing oncologists and other healthcare professionals with inferences that could enhance the treatment of cancer and related prognoses.

Tempus specializes in deriving inferences from sets of data that, before analysis, are otherwise unmeaningful and invaluable.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky went to the University of Michigan for a bachelor’s degree, then attended the Wolverines’ School of Law. Lefkofsky didn’t practice law much, if any at all, prior to getting involved in entrepreneurship.

One of the first companies he founded was Brandon Apparel, where Mr. Lefkofsky was aided by longtime friend Brad Keywell. Several years later, the pair formed Starbelly, an Internet-related company that experienced significant growth before the dot-com boom. Lefkofsky sold his stake in operations prior to the bubble’s burst.




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