Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff by Sean Penn ignites massive interest due to its entertaining plot

Sean Penn is a man who is not shy to share his multiple talents to the world, and his debut book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, is a fictitious, satirical book that profoundly sparks up a readers mind. Sean Penn has had his hand in virtually all possible literal platforms and has now embraced writing with his first book. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff features a controversial, alienated and angry middle-aged man who does all kind of work including selling septic tanks and a part-time assassin.


Bob comes out like an unruly citizen who is keen on challenging the status quo and is very politically aware and is not hesitant to voice his opinions. Bob embraces alternative social and political views. He engages in the contract killing of the senior citizens, whom he thinks are wasting the country’s resources because of their unproductiveness.

In other instances, Bob haphazardly rescues political prisoners and also volunteers in Iraq to help in the rebuilding efforts after the American war. Satire and euphemism are deeply riddled in the book because Sean Penn seems to have a lot in common with his character Bob.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff displays great displeasure in the political system and one cannot help but wonder if Sean Penn is expressing his opinions via the main character Bob. The plot of the book is profoundly political and contains characters and scenes that reference real people and actual events that have taken place in the society and Sean Penn’s life.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has a character who is described as a seventy- year old, self-destructive landlord, with orange candy hair. This is quite a candid reference to the current president of the United States. The plot gets more interesting with Bob challenging the Landlord, to a duel and also suggesting that an assassin needs to take care of the Landlord. In some interviews, Sean Penn has maintained that it is all fictional and should not be quoted out of entertainment context even though the issues addressed in the book may be real in the society.


More about Sean Penn


Sean Penn has been involved in acting, production and has also worked as a journalist. He is best known for his acting career which has won him two academy awards for the best actor. The 58-year old, California native attended Santa Monica High School before venturing into the filmmaking industry where his career took off. Penn got tongues wagging after his elaborate interview with the dangerous Mexican drug lord, alias El Chapo.

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