Boraie Development Building $81 Million Apartment Complex

Atlantic City will have the first development at market rate in about twenty-five years in the form of two-hundred and fifty apartments that should open during the summer of 2018. The project site from Boraie Development LLC was recently toured by The Press of Atlantic City. The complex called The Beach at South Inlet is being built at Connecticut, New Jersey, Pacific and Atlantic avenues at a cost of eighty-one million dollars.

The development comes after a ten-year historic decline in growth caused by the gaming industry’s decline as neighboring states opened new casinos. The Atlantic Gateway is viewed as a stabilizing project since it is not a gaming investment. The goal is to provide modern housing since the next generation of renters already know what they want. There will be a resident’s lounge, gym and pool in addition to other modern amenities included at the apartments. Check out press of atlantic city

About Boraie Development

According to NY Times, there are many services that focus on areas of the real estate market offered by Boraie including the sale and marketing of real estate developments. The company uses its own capital in addition with private funding sources such as commercial banks to provide project funding. Boraie creates projects to attract those who appreciate the long-term commitment to ownership.

Established during 1986 the company was incorporated in New Jersey. Its annual revenue is approximately 9,279,614 and there is a staff of about thirty-five employees. It is help privately in New Brunswick, NJ and has a headquarters. Boraie Realty has a long-term relationship with its brokers and its reputation is excellent. The last twenty years have seen high sales volumes and they have over thirty years expertise as a broker in Central New Jersey. Boraie development provides continuing support and education that is needed by both sellers and buyers in the economy today. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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