Businessman Brian Bonar Earns Highest Privilege For The Financial World

On the 21st of June in the year of 2010, businessman Brian Bonar was named as Cambridge Who’s Who Executive in Finance of that year in the city of San Diego in the state of California.

This is quite an amazing award to win, as only two male and two female candidates are named each year, making it quite an honor to be considered for this special award. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The committee chooses nominees on their achievements in their fields of expertise, their success when they attended an educational institution when achieving their degrees that allow them to work in the fields that they do, and their abilities to function as a leader for the corporations they found and run.

Brian Bonar: His History And Accomplishments

According to XERepublic, Brian Bonar is a successful businessman and even a really popular finance overseer. Bonar is the head of Trucept Inc. They provide financial solutions in the Human Resource Management field.

Brian Bonar received his Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and later on he went back to school and got his Master’s Degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University in the city of Stanford in the state of California, his home state.

His Work History

Brian Bonar has worked for a variety of corporations in the technology field and even in the finance world. He has worked for International Business Machines, or IBM, for short. There, he worked as the primary contact between different companies and IBM.

As a procurement manager, as his job was formerly known as, was to view potential clients that would want to do a transaction for their business, where it be with IBM’s computers or even their repairing services for rundown machines.

After he moved on from IBM, he worked at Quality Management Systems, or QMS as they were also known as. There, he was the director for the engineering department.

He successfully oversaw over 100 people, his intelligence showing through as he was able to excel at this corporation. After working at another corporation for a few more years, he started up his own business that he named Bezier Systems.

His Career Approaches

Brian Bonar is known as one of those people that adds a unique character to the work space. He takes a personal approach to every problem he comes across and solves these problems accordingly in a creative way that many people believe is very memorable.

He combines his mechanical expertise and his personal mission to achieve what it is that his customers are seeking for their mechanical goals.

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