How is ClassDojo Helping Teachers and Parents?

Every year there are 100s of startup companies that have great and unique ideas for creative apps. However, most of these companies fail because they either recycled an old app concept that has been done many times already (video calling) or there is no market for the app. Yet, there is one company that has a fresh take on how to help an enduring market, the educational sector.

ClassDojo is a communication app that is used in classrooms to encourage students to develop social-emotional skills. The communication platform also allows teachers, parents, and students to share what’s transpiring during the school day via photos, videos, and messages.

ClassDojo was founded by co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011 in San Franciso, CA.

The tech company is quickly becoming popular in the educational technology field. Its app is being utilized and embraced by millions of teachers, parents, and students in 90% of Kindergarten through 8-grade schools in the United States, and in over 150 other countries.

The brains behind the business would include designers, engineers, and educators from around the globe. Many of them have a deep knowledge about public and charter schools. Also, a lot of them come from top companies such as Airbnb, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Y Combinator and more.

Sam Chaudhary has strived to listen to teachers, parents, and students during the development process which has been a big part of the app’s success. Consequently, ClassDojo answers a real teacher-parent problem which is providing them a way to communicate about a student growth outside of the parent-teacher conference.

The company has raised $21 million from investors. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, say that they are using the funds to expand their team and to decide on what type of content that will interest both the teachers and students. Also, they would like to add features that will benefit the parents. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don insist that they want the app to be used not just at school, but also at home.

Chaudhary says that the app is to help parents to have meaningful dialog with their children while at home and develop there social behavioral skills in school.

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Understanding ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a new application that connects students, teachers, and parents who share pictures through the school day. It allows them to share photos, videos, and messages with great ease and facilitates smooth learning even outside the classroom. Users of the application can work together as a team, creating the classroom experience and bringing their ideas to life in school and at home.

ClassDojo has four main features that make it so unique and useful. The first one is the classroom where students get an opportunity to create the classroom culture by choosing skills and values such as creativity and teamwork and sharing the feedback of their progress with each other. The second feature is stories, where users can upload photos and videos from their school day, instantly sharing them across the platform. Every student, class, and school have their own story, and these are all shared at home with the parents. School story helps the school leaders to share with the families connected to their school, class stories helps teachers achieve the same while student stories help students share amongst themselves.

The third feature in the app is messages where teachers, students, and parents can share relevant information without necessarily having to exchange their contacts. The best part about this function is that the words can be translated into over 35 languages. The “Quiet Hours” part of the messages feature allows users to know when other users are not available to communicate at a particular moment. The final feature is the big ideas feature where teachers and parents are enabled access to original content that they can use to help the students gain social, emotional skills and other concepts.

ClassDojo has become an absolute necessity in the schooling system, utilized in an approximated 90% of all the K-8 schools in the US and in over 180 other countries. Give it a try.

ClassDojo: Parents’ New Reprieve in Education

Recently ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million in a drive that they seek to acquire funding for the development of the technology the helps parents connect with their student’s educators. ClassDojo makes it possible for parents to monitor the activities of their children in school together with behavioral development and the social activities in school. This app enables parents to get in touch quite often with the teachers without necessarily having a one on one meeting all these is made possible by the new technology.


ClassDojo was founded in the year 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary with the company having its headquarters in San Francisco. According to the available description, ClassDojo has been described as a platform that brings together a teacher, a student and a parent making it easier for the parties to share what is happening in school. ClassDojo is basically an educational tool that enables the sharing of messages, videos and photos while students are at home or while at school.


ClassDojo has quite a big team comprising educators, engineers and designers among many others. The dream team has quite an in depth knowledge and understanding in their respective fields to enable the company launch the best product into the market. The company has been named as being among the fastest growing educational technology companies in the world. Currently the app is used by close to 85000 parents and has received a positive feedback from those who have used it.


The founders of ClassDojo are not making revenue at the moment from the app, they have said that plans are underway to have the creation of premium features together with content where parents would be required to pay for the services in order to use them. They hold the opinion that privacy is of much concern considering that children are involved and thus having revenue through data from the users of the app will lead to privacy breaches.


Parents will be able to get daily schedule of activities that would be taking part in school while also receiving latest student’s work together with participation in activities. ClassDojo will basically revolutionize the education sector by providing parents with an opportunity to follow the development of their children in school from whatever place they are through the technological app.


The founders of the company have brought other people on board so that the app can have other features where parents would be able to pay for their students utilities like lunches and field trips via mobile phones.