The Release of Lime Crime’s New Venus 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Lime Crime has done it again. This cosmetics company has stood at the forefront of the cosmetics industry for the past few years. Thanks to the brand’s ingenuity, it has grown to become a fan-favorite. On April 24, 2018, Lime Crime introduced its all-new product that’s known as the Venus 3 eyeshadow palette. The company does a great job of building anticipation and a week before its launch, people all over the globe got a first-hand glimpse of the new product. This is Lime Crime’s formula of success, and the company always seem to deliver on its promises.

The previous versions of this exclusive eyeshadow palette are known as Venus, Venus 2 and Venus XL. These products come equipped with a mirrored box, and they come in numerous shades of rustic colors. Thanks to being deeply pigmented, the eyeshadow won’t fade or falloff. Venus 3 has stepped-up its game for 2018 with its earthy-brown shades and glistening finishes. You won’t find another eyeshadow palette on the market today that can match this superior appearance. These ultra-buttery formulas has a heavenly appearance. Lime Crime’s social media accounts has been blazing with activity. Fans and customers have gone wild in the comments section. “You’re spoiling us,” said one commentator. By signing-up directly with Lime Crime, you would’ve been one of the very first individuals to receive the new product. The all-new Venus 3 eyeshadow palette starts at $38, and it gives consumers seven different shades and finishes, including matte, metallic, glow, shimmer matte and lit lilac.

Founder Doe Deere is simply revolutionizing the game by setting new standards. Her products has brought excitement back into the makeup industry. This Russian-born beauty has been on a mission of excellence ever since 2008, and she will definitely continue by introducing ingenious products to the market.

Futurist, Innovator & Entrepreneur: Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man of many talents, and he’s a man of many acts. Many of his counterparts have stated that he’s a businessman, a community servant and a well-established doctor. Born in raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, McKenna started his professional career as a medical doctor. For an estimated half-a-decade, he would work alongside of his dad, who was also a medical doctor. The happily married father of one does a bit of brainstorming to come-up with fresh ideas. McKenna also likes to participate in Jiu Jitsu training after his work hours. One of Dr. Mark McKenna’s biggest businesses was known as ShapeMed, and it helped to revolutionize medical aesthetics.

ShapeMed specialized in providing noninvasive as well as minimal-invasive procedures. Located in near Atlanta’s downtown district, ShapeMed became a huge success. It was so successful to where it obtained “Black Diamond” status. This team of clinical staff was highly educated in the tasks at hand, and they provided superior services in:

  • Hormonal Therapy
  • Botox Injections
  • Weight-Loss Management
  • Juvederm Treatments
  • And more

For an undisclosed amount, Dr. Mark McKenna would eventually sell the prosperous medical practice and move on to greener pastures. His next big project launched in early 2018, and it took the industry by storm. OVME is its name and providing top-rated medical services is its game. OVME offers an advanced suite of products and services. At its physical location in the Bankhead community of Atlanta, this medical practice provides consumers with a chance to better themselves on a physical level. “Improving your looks can definitely improve your confidence,” said McKenna. OVME is state-of-the-art thanks to its luxurious features. This practice is like Shapemed on steroids to some degree.

Throughout his time of being a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Mark McKenna has taken time-off to spend with his family. He has also used this time to take vacations. For growing his many businesses, Dr. Mark McKenna has connection with medical institutions as well as connection with trade shows. All in all, this man is the personification of a doctor who successfully turned entrepreneur.

Choose Amazing Coverage With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics promises to give you all the right coverage with award winning ingredients which earned their CEO, and founder, marketing analyst, and technology expert, Doe Deere female entrepreneur of 2016. In an attempt to expand, LC has launched a new Pocket Candy palette with 5 buttery colors to choose from, costing under $40. Their bundles are great for makeup artist, and are reasonably priced for your budget. Picket Candy Palettes have had no problem standing on their own as a new product. Their new line will take you back to a time when you proudly sported your best doll in your favorite Jordache jeans.

LC products are trusted worldwide as a trusted brand with amazing coverage. Their beauty care products are committed to helping your beautiful features standout. Their bright, intricate colors will work well with your sparkling blue eyes. LC cosmetics offers a line of eye-shadow, and lipstick products. Don’t trust imitators who offer products that are recognized with the official LC logo, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. Their cosmetics are clinically proven to last up to 24 hours, but they’re easy to remove at the end of the day. Say goodbye to multiple applications at the worst time.

Thousands of girls, and guys around the world use LC products, and love they way they have confidence in their face to face interaction like never before. You have the option of their familiar packaging that is easy to find in the bottom of a cluttered purse. High end celebrities love the way it holds up under the camera lights for a prolonged period of time. Their elite line of eye-shadow, and lipstick products dry to a perfected mold. They give you a new look, or help you spruce up on your current look. Take advantage of a unique makeup choice based in amazing super-foil ingredients.

You’re invited to use their YouTube channel to leave your review of Lime Crime products, and explore new ways to mix, match, and blend their cosmetics. You won’t find LC products at participating retailers, but you can purchase their products with free shipping offers directly from their website.