Greg Secker: The Learn Trade CEO With a Golden Heart

On his interview with, Greg Secker said that he’s a why not guy, he’s not a why guy, which has always been his philosophy. Secker believes in saying yes to everything, and then he will try to figure out about the components along the way. People asked him why he wanted to do trades while he was flying over the Canary Wharf, and he answered them why not? He’s giving money to people who are in need, so that he could show people it is possible making more money in any place, anytime and anywhere.

Greg Secker said that he sees himself as a renaissance man; he’s involved in many things; he has 17 different companies that range from motivation courses to philanthropic endeavors to success summits. He feels the way people do anything in their life, is the way they always do everything. That’s why when he gets into something, he tries to make it a bit special and personal. He wants to help the Filipinos. When he’s speaking in the Philippines, he feels that most of them are having low self-confidence, especially in their abilities.

Throughout their history, the Filipino people have been taking advantage of them, and that has impacted their self-worth image. They do not believe they are capable of doing stuff, and they cannot be successful. Secker wants to create a program that is capable of showing them they could be successful and they are capable of living the best life possible. Once they launch, he wants to roll the program out all over the world.

Secker was a prize finalist position in the London Excellence Awards of the year 2010. His company Learn to Trade held the forty-ninth position in the 2010 Track 100 Awards of Sunday Times. The award is an initiative that was co-sponsored by Virgin; it recognizes the Fastest growing companies in the UK.

World Finance Magazine awarded Learn to Trade with the Best Educator award for two years consecutively. Also, Wealth and Finance Awards awarded Learn to Trade with the Best Trading Education Product, and Best Forex Trading Training awards.