Paul Herdsman: Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Majority of people often dream about becoming their own bosses by starting companies. However, this is not always the case since most of the people end up giving along the way after facing a few setbacks. The question is what separates those who succeed and fail?

NICE Global COO and Co-Founder Paul Herdsman, shares some of the tips for succeeding in business.


Have A Positive Attitude

Most people who succeed in life never harbor negative thoughts. It is important to always have a positive mindset if you want to get somewhere in the business world. One of the best ways of maintaining a positive attitude is by learning to be grateful for everything in your life. You can put that into practice by coming up with a list of five things every morning that you are grateful about.  Go To This Page for related information.


Do Not Be Afraid Of Risks

One of the functions of entrepreneurs is to take risks. This, therefore, implies that in order to become successful you should always be prepared to take risks. As Paul Herdsman puts it, it is difficult to know if your idea will be successful if you do not take a leap of faith with it. There are numerous risks in business and the most important thing is to gather as much information as possible and take calculated risks.


Write Down Your Vision

They say where there is no vision people perish. This is true for entrepreneurs because you cannot succeed in something you do not have a clear path for. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is important to be clear about the path you want to take. Herdsman emphasizes a clear picture of how exactly you want your business to look like.


Have The Right Team In Place

No man is an island and this old adage is true when it comes to entrepreneurship. It is important to surround yourself with the right people who will help propel you into success.


Avoid Shortcuts

Paul Herdsman advises entrepreneurs to avoid shortcuts in business. He says that there are no shortcuts for overnight success. True success comes through hard work and determination.


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