Gregory James Aziz: National Steel Car’s Visionary Leader

It is hard to imagine that just more than two decades ago, National Steel Car was a company in decline. Today, the company is the largest railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. Just how did National Steel Car turn around its fortunes? To most people, the simple Answer is Gregory James Aziz.

National Steel Car was acquired by National Industries Inc., a company owned by Gregory J Aziz, in 1994. Gregory subsequently became the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car. Through his visionary leadership, National Steel Car increased the number of cars it produced annually from 3,500 to 12,500 within a few years. This raises the question of what made Greg Aziz special such that he could turn the fortunes of an ailing company. This may be answered by looking at his autobiography.

Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. Aziz pursued his college education in Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He thereafter joined the University of Western Ontario (UWO), London, Ontario, Canada. James Aziz was being groomed to take over the family business, Affiliated Foods. In 1971, soon after completing his university education, Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods.


Gregory Aziz saw the potential that Affiliated Foods had. He aspired to make the company international, which would have provided it with huge growth potential. Gregory J Aziz was determined to make a move beyond the Canadian borders and make Affiliated Foods one of the largest importers of fresh foods in the globe. By the time Greg Aziz left Affiliated Foods, it had expanded its distribution network across North America. The company imported fresh foods from Europe, Central America, and South America.

Greg Aziz quit Affiliated Foods in the late 1980s and moved to New York where he worked as an investment banker. In 1994, Greg saw the opportunity to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. After the purchase, National Steel Car became a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., a company owned by Greg Aziz. Greg Aziz became the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car.


After assuming the leadership of National Steel Car, Aziz implemented measures that reduced the inefficiencies and increased the productivity of National Car. Greg Aziz appreciated the rich history of National Steel Car. Therefore, he was not contented with making National Steel Car one of the largest railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in Canada. He wanted National Steel Car to become one of the largest railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in the world. Go Here for additional information.


Currently, it is the largest railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in North America, which shows that Greg Aziz is on his way towards achieving his goal.



The life of Gregory Aziz and his contribution to North America’s Railway Sector

For the last two decades, National Steel Car has been the major beneficiary of Gregory James Aziz, services as the CEO and President. The native of Ontario has propelled the company to become the top railroad freight car manufacturing company in the world as well as being the only North American Company in the industry. Greg was born in the 1949 and grew up in London and later attended Ridley College. Aziz would later enroll at the University of Western in Ontario where he majored in Economics. Peers of Aziz and those close to him describe him as a focused and highly ambitious man who worked tirelessly to achieve his earnest goals.


It is the same spirit that has seen Greg achieve major success all through his career, from the time he was working with Affiliated foods to investment banking in New York and finally at National Steel Car. According to Aziz, the railway sector is very important to the economy of the United States, and he is humbled to have played a major role in the sector as the CEO of National Steel Car which is among the major players in the field.


After his graduation, Greg J Aziz opted to join Affiliated Foods which is a family run food company. Greg had just completed his studies but his contribution to the company remains undisputed. It was under his watch that the food company grew to international status, securing markets in areas they were previously not heard of. Affiliated Foods, grew to become the largest importer of fresh food, in virtually all markets of the globe, among them South America, Eastern Canada, and Europe. However, James Aziz could not let the success be the glass ceiling of his career, and he moved to New York where he began working as an investment banker.


It was during this time that he organized to buy National Steel Car Company and come 1994, he would be successful in his plan. He bought the company from its Canadian owner, Dofasco and his sole aim was to guide the company to become North America’s top Railroad Freight Car Company. Greg Aziz invested 100% of his time and resources into the company which at the time was a sleeping giant, and a few years later the results would speak on his behalf. Production tripled and more people were hired to work in the company. Click Here for more information.


More about Greg James Aziz


James Aziz believes in giving back to the community and via his company or solo initiatives he has funded a number of noble organizations in his hometown of Hamilton. Among the charities include the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army. He is also a family man and is married to Irene, with whom they have raised a family. The couple is also the major sponsor of the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair, which is the first of its kind in Canada.