What you should know about Wessex Institute of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology commonly known as Wessex Institute is a research and educational institute that offer degrees. It’s situated at Ashurst Lodge which is in New Forest, a famous National Park in southern England. The Norman King William established the National Park, and it was mainly for royal hunting and is currently used by local citizens to graze their domestic animals such as cattle, ponies and pigs. The forest is well a known unique dry area in west Europe, where several landscapes have not been changed for many years.  See also wessex.ac.uk.

It was founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia in the year 1986 and succeeded the Computational Mechanics Institute. The primary goal of the Wessex Institute is to improve the quality of and a knowledge transfer mechanism mainly aimed towards the interchange of information between professional and academics users in the company and is achieved through several activities which include; publishing, Research and conferences  Check theweek.co.uk for additional articles.