US Money Reserve’s New eBook

A few weeks ago, PRNewswire reported that US Money Reserve released an eBook to help consumers in protecting their wealth during economic, tumultuous times. In the eBook, it shows how buying gold is a safe haven from various global issues, such as cyber attacks, terror attacks, and an unstable economy.

The name of the eBook can be downloaded for free, and it is named The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money. Also, with this eBook, consumers have the opportunity to obtain an offer of 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins for a limited time for purchasing at cost. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

To obtain this eBook and the limited offer of the 1/10 oz gold coins, consumers can either visit, or contact one of US Money Reserve’s leaders, who are Christol Farris at [email protected] or Lacy Rushin at [email protected] They also can be reached by phone at 512-583-6542.

With the events of global threats accelerating and trade wars looming, many experts believe that an economic risk looming is bound to happen. And gold has always proven to be safe haven asset of the world since ancient times. Philip N Diel, US Money Reserve’s president, stated how gold has always proven to be safe haven asset of the world for a very long time. He was previously a US Mint Director also.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Established in 2001, the US Money Reserve,, is one of the U.S. biggest private distributors of US and foreign issued platinum, silver, and gold products in the world. clients in the hundreds of thousands in the US have prospered greatly with them, and they continue to rely on them.

Manta revealed that based in Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve has great products, services, and a highly trained and professional team to help consumers with their customizable needs/goals. From news updates to return policies, US Money Reserve is there to serve and guide their clients.

They are uniquely trained in coin research, numismatic, and market knowledge. Their team also work hard to go above the industry’s standards in product and customer service.