Class Dojo’s Communication Platform Is Creating Better Environments For Students

In today’s day and age, the world is full of different distractions and commitments, all of which occupy the minds of students during their schooling. For a long time, the most common way of parents getting involved with their child’s schooling was through scheduled conferences with their teachers, which isn’t very hands on, especially considering they usually only happen a couple times a semester. Today, we have Class Dojo, a company that has created an educational platform with a focus on improving communication and improving the mindset around schooling.

Class Dojo is a program that allows teachers and parents as well as students to stay better connected than was ever possible before, which engages students better and encourages more activity in class. Every parent participating can keep track of their child’s overall progress and behavior while in school. Instructors are able to stay connected to Class Dojo’s app and send direct messages to parents if needed. They can also post things to the Class Board, including videos, photos, or even notes. Most devices are capable of running Class Dojo’s app, this includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Since first launching Class Dojo has expanded greatly and continues to grow over time. Their platform is becoming an extremely effective tool for bringing a better mindset to the classroom and building positive school communities. Through the app, and by watching their freely included growth mindset videos, students are able to understand basic principles and learn more effectively in class. Parents are able to stay actively involved with their students and provide encouragement, which improves their confidence . Teachers are able to give parents all the information they need on their students classwork as well as any upcoming events or holidays to be aware of.

Because Class Dojo allows for direct and quick communication through their platform, even parents with the busiest schedules are able to stay in contact and be involved. With their app being entirely free, easy to use, compatible with most devices, and supportive of dozens of languages, every parent can take advantage to improve their child’s learning capabilities.