US Money Reserve Is Awarded Two DRTV Awards At AdSphere Presentation

US Money Reserve has used some great quality television ad presentations to discuss their gold and silver products, and their ads have been given two category awards by the AdSphere awarding company, DRMetrix. Their ads involve using the Direct Response Television (DRTV) platform which provides an outlet to bring the audience into the conversation in the infomercial or event.

US Reserve also was on DRTV during a 2016 event known as the Gold Summit which had a panel of their executives discussing buying gold. These awards from AdSphere bring more recognition and enhance the company’s reputation since customers get a close-up look at their inventory. But most importantly, US Money Reserve has honored their promises to customers.

US Reserve has sold precious metals since 2001 and has earned the title of “America’s Gold Authority®” over the years. Their gold and silver bullion includes exclusive collector sets not found anywhere else. The latest pieces to be added to their inventory are the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Ceremony set which is an exclusive deal they have with the Perth Mint. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

Buying gold isn’t simply a purchase like jewelry in order to have fancy items to show off. Gold is an asset you should own as a safety net for your wealth because regular cash, stocks, bonds and real estate holdings are never completely safe. Gold on the other hand has always held high value especially during periods of inflation and stagnation. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

You might wonder what you should do first if you’ve never bought precious metals before and aren’t sure which ones would work for you. Fortunately US Money Reserve has a large database of information on their website that has helped people make informed decisions on buying gold.

Their introduction to precious metals can be found in their free kit which is downloadable and also has a word from their president Philip N. Diehl. Diehl worked with precious metals as the 35th US Mint Director and even lobbied Congress to pass legislation on minting the Liberty Platinum Coin.

Diehl has also talked about different kinds of bullion and how each can be sold off when you’re ready to change back to traditional assets. He recommends always buying physical gold from a trusted and verified company with high ethical values like US Money Reserve.

The US Reserve website is relatively easy to make a purchase on, and if you need a little help along the way, you can chat with a live representative on Client-Connect Advantage.