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Felipe Montoro Focuses on Brazil’s Infrastructure Privatization

Felipe Montoro Jens is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the principal at Odebrecht Properties at Odebrecht S.A. He served as a board member of a few controlled companies of Odebrecht. Felipe has also worked for Odebrecht Group in planning, treasury, corporate, controlling and project finance divisions in Brazil as well as abroad. He was optimistic about Brazil’s privately owned corporations on their journey to modernization and had a vision for the future of the country. His education background is impressive, having graduated from Fundao Getlio Vargas. He also attained a degree in international management from Thunderbird, which has made him competent in managing various organizations.

Although the idea of privatization in Brazil came up in the 1930’s, privatization of the infrastructure program began in the late 80’s as a result of a debt crisis. The government then intervened and standardized privatization to economic reform platforms. The government then passed a law, the Concession’s Law, which set out a couple of industries as priorities of this privatization program. These companies include banking corporations, telecommunications, electricity, sanitation and transport. Being a specialist in infrastructure, Felipe’s recent partnership would result to reduced waste as well as improved sanitary conditions in Brazil. Other industries included were steel, petrochemical and aeronautical industries.

Brazil Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum is a seminar that brings together many events at one place such that the interested parties do not have to go to different places just to attend different seminars. This forum is advantageous as one gets to have one on one conversations with various world leaders as well as companies. This forum hosts and features the leadership of strategic 100 Latin-American Infrastructure Project drawn from the region. The Latin American requires at least a doubling of infrastructure investment over the next decade. Felipe has been instrumental in improving various organizations within Brazil.