Edward Honig Continues to Offer Quality Care for Cardiology Patients in New York City

Many people rarely find the need to visit a cardiologist until they have a heart problem or their general doctor suggest it. Cardiologists are medical experts whose primary focus lies in the heart and the entire cardiovascular systems. They have expertise in diagnosing and treating everyday matters like hypertension and heart attacks. Upon visiting one, a cardiologist will do an overall system scan which includes checking your lungs, heart, blood pressure. Depending on the results of the scan, they will suggest the next best step of action.

Finding a Cardiologist

As there is quite a number of cardiologists, knowing who is best suited takes time. As you start, focus on the following factors.


A qualified cardiologist must have credentials such as a certificate from the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC). Any professional who has this in their title has achieved unmatched success in the cardiology field.


Heart problems are complicated. Therefore, look for an expert that has served for long and amassed great expertise. They are also quicker in diagnosing and offering a solution to a problem. Furthermore, there are different cardiologic issues, and you need to ensure the professional you go for has expertise in that particular field of cardiology that is causing trouble.


Communication is vital between a patient and a doctor. You want to ensure that your cries are well interpreted and your questions answered appropriately. Furthermore, as you must be involved in the diagnosis and medication phases, the cardiologist must find effective ways of informing you of the condition of your heart, even if it’s not good news.

About Dr. Edward Honig

One of the most outstanding cardiologists to ever grace the field is none other than Dr. Edward Honig M.D. With over 60 years of experience, he currently dispenses his services at the Glen Cove Hospital, and also serves New York City and neighboring residents.

It is evident that a lot of people struggle with investigating cardiologist before becoming their patients. However, those who happen to contact Dr. Edward Honig have nothing to fear. He packs a lot of experience and knowledge and is ready to help everyone struggling with heart conditions.