E-Governe presents the range of products that can be used to modernize processes in organizations and institutions that help to improve efficiency.Designed by ICI (Instituto das Citades Intelligenses) Teresina Municipal workers and officials were taught how to use the E-Governe system just a few years back, and from since then, the Municipal has achieved a lot concerning efficiency and the likes.


This exercise was conveyed in conjunction with the Municipal Education Department, Municipal Health Foundation as well as the Municipal Finance Department. Together, these various departments conducted a meeting to liberate on how they could optimize municipality service delivery to the citizens, and together they settled for e-govern.


The primary tool to be executed was the human resource management where all the internal public office processes were streamlined. Later on the Municipal took upon a more strengthened tool to offer quality service to everyone. Through the various e-govern tools, the municipal system has been able to identify problems review and monitor the overall municipal performance.


The e-govern system has also increased the speed with which public demands are responded through system tools that allow for instant received comments analysis.Another company that adopted the e-govern system is Osasco. The thorough thee-govern education system, ICI supplied computer equipment and installed electrical systems to the offices and schools.


ICI also established a client call center where all public education departments sought for help. Osasco is a very populated state in Sao Paulo, but the e-govern system takes care of all the area education departments, schools, and the nearby continuing education center. The e-govern system has demonstrated flexibility to take care of all these units.


More so, the education system has provided several benefits to the Osasco schools and education departments. Not only has it allowed for easy internet access to the students, but also encouraged user management through system administration security level set ups. E-govern has also helped the departments to share and create reports regarding the different facets more quickly.


The system has led to major transparency and accountability of the Osasco Municipality processes. The system has also done away with revisions since all works are digitized and the records electronically stored out. ICI has been vital in helping the Municipal improve general public service, education, taxes, and administration.


The implementation of the e-govern system has propelled Osasco into the most thriving economy and is now home to the largest organizations and corporations like Banco Bradesco and the Sao Paulo State Industries Center. Besides the SBTE-Governe Health was implemented and has helped to solve health service management problems in the state and municipal governments. Previously, health service management was a grim task due to the need to take care of the mobile departments since the Municipal is made up of numerous health departments and public officials.


The e-govern platform now permits for officials to plan and view worker schedules and this has made task allocation easier. It also implies that there is little hospital downtime and that every professional is assigned duty. Through the system, the beds and wards can be controlled to ensure that nurses have a small amount of work to perform.