Herbalife Officially Signs Jonathan dos Santos as a Sports Performance Partner

In May of 2018, Herbalife proudly announced they have now officially signed Jonathan dos Santos as a Sports Performance Partner. Dos Santos is a midfielder for both the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Mexican National Team. According to PRNewswire, Herbalife Nutrition CEO, Rich Goudis, believes dos Santos represents the company’s brand and its mission extremely well. He quotes “…His commitment to nutrition, fitness and the community is an embodiment of our purpose to making the world healthier and happier.” This partnership is a multi-year sponsorship deal that will continue through the 2021 Major League Soccer season. During this partnership dos Santos will have the opportunity to take advantage of Herbalife’s Herbalife24 which is the company’s sports performance line. This sports line is NSF Certified for Sport, and it will help enhance dos Santos performance by giving him energy and strength as he plays on the field. Dos Santos was first introduced to Hebalife while at Los Angeles Galaxy, prior to signing his sponsorship contract, and he has been using Herbalife24 product “Rebuild Strength” to make his favorite shake, which he calls “Banana Sunrise,” to start off his day and as a post practice drink. Also apart of the sponsorship deal, he has the opportunity to take advantage of being apart of Hebalife’s joint community and marketing plans as well as learning more about sports nutrition. He is very enthusiastic about working with Herbalife. He quotes “…I am excited to work with Herbalife Nutrition and its nutrition and sports experts…” He looks forward to creating a proper nutritional plan to give him the boost he needs when he is on the field.

Dos Santos is just one of many athletes Herbalife sponsors. Since 1980, Herbalife’s mission has been to make the world happier and healthier by providing awesome nutrition programs and products in an effort to provide an answer to worldwide problems such as obesity, expensive health care costs and malnutrition. It sponsors over 130 athletes such as soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, Heathers Jackson, who has competed in multiple triathlons, and ultra and survival runner Paco Raptor. Herbalife also sponsors more than 60 professional sports teams and leagues such as Los Angeles Galaxy, Millionarios FĂștbol Club and Liga Deportiva de Quito and many events all over the world. Herbalife’s products continues to enhance energy and fitness, manage weight, provide nutrition and wellness and personal care while impacting people across the globe.