Felipe Montoro Jens Helping Break down the Concessions in the Sanitation Industry

The Sanitation industry is one of the most important industry in any economy, and Brazil is no different. Over the years, the Brazilian government has been looking for a way in which to better this industry and finally its progress is bearing fruits. Recently, the government announced a concession that was meant to better the industry. The concession included both changes in management and resources. To understand this concept better, Felipe Jens has helped break things down.


According to Felipe, one of the limiting factors when it comes to the provision of services in the sanitation industry is the huge loses that are as a result of leakages. Felipe notes that with huge wastes people are unable to receive valuable services. With a stall in service delivery, the financial services are wasted in addressing these issues as opposed to providing quality services.


The concessions are timely and if integrated well into the system will see the Brazilian economy benefit a lot. Mr. Felipe seems to be in agreement with Edison who says that in as much as the private sector partnership services and expertise come in handy in the delivery of services, active participation of public sector is key. Generally, the sanitation sector is made up primarily of the public sector with at least 90% of the services rendered by a public organization. By actively engaging the public sector, the government will be guaranteed that the services given will meet the needs of the industry.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the few distinguished business executives in Brazil. With extensive industry experience in infrastructure projects, Mr. Felipe seats at the CEO position in Energipar Captacao S.A. Before taking his current position, Felipe was involved in a number of companies that helped shape his career path.


Montoro is a graduate of the University of Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV). It is here that he earned his BA degree and a postgraduate degree in International Management.


Felipe Montoro Jens Conquering Waste In Brazil: All It Takes Is Partnership

In order to conquer basic sanitation issues, the government of Brazil has decided to join forces with BNDES (the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.) Edison Carlos, President of Trata Brasil, specializes in sanitation issues and appeared on a recent interview to discuss a new project. He is fully confident that waste will decrease by improving the following: infrastructures, resources, and management. In addition the the aforementioned steps, Felipe Montoro Jens, a highly regarded financier, has been tapped for his expertise in infrastructure, which will add to the effectiveness of the initiative.


In the above-mentioned interview, Edison provided statistics regarding the sanitation issue. He says that 90% of sanitation service in Brazil is per public power. Out of the 90%, 70% uses state-run departments. He believes that both private and public initiatives do not need to exclude one another, but can work together very effectively, if managed properly.



BNDES agreed to create plans fueled by local surveys; Plans will be customized to each area based upon the needs specific location. Jens complained that the water loss in one particular area was so wasteful, it would make it impossible to implement any new initiatives. He reiterates that water conservation is of upmost priority in making these new initiatives a success story.


Edison further explained that just because an organization is efficient on paper, doesn’t mean it is providing the most cost-effective and productive service that it could. A company must incorporate the needs of citizens, as well. That’s why Jens believes that all costs must be watched closely while the new programs go into full swing. Another important aspect, says Edison, is keeping the initial goals at the forefront of decision-making when drafting up contracts, as well involving public agencies involved in all localized inspections.


Both Edison and Jens are optimist about these plans, and Edison is grateful to have Jens by his side; Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known partner who has ample amounts of expertise to bring to the table. In addition to being an expert in infrastructure, he is a financing and investment savant, as well. He’s held several positions, such as Chief Exectutive Officer of energizer Captaco S.A. and Director of Santo Antonio Energia.


When Jens became involved in the merger between Brazil’s government and BNDES, He did so out of a passion to lower the waste he witnessed around him. He feels that high amounts of waste ultimately lower the economic value of the states. Therefore, He regards this as a beautiful partnership set on combating an urgent situation, and he recommends that it be implemented immediately. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923