Dr. Saad Saad Is Not Only A Pediatrician, But An Inventor

Dr. Saad Saad has had a long and successful career. There has been quite a few amazing highlights like working for Saudi Royalty and going on a dozen medical missions to help children get surgeries they desperately needed and could not afford. Saad Saad has multiple awards and has traveled all over the world. Raised with seven siblings in Kuwait, the future doctor had big aspirations of becoming successful one day, and so did his siblings. Although they came from humble beginnings, all eight children went on to live very successful lives and excelled at their careers.


With all the amazing things that Dr. Saad Saad has done in his life, he didn’t stop there and invented two patents to improve two different procedures. These two groundbreaking inventions would save patients’ lives and help make doctors job easier. There are great inventions that help look inside a patient’s body and one of them is called an endoscope. This very helpful optical device goes where the human eye cannot see like inside the mouth in the windpipe and throat. It can also give doctors visual contact with the colon, stomach, and the bladder. They can see what is going on like any possible problems with endoscopes. It is a common understanding that when it comes to children they often swallow hazardous objects including marbles, little toys, food, etc and they get stuck in their throat. With the help of an endoscope doctors can see the foreign objects and remove them so the child will be okay, and it is often life saving.


Dr. Saad Saad has used an endoscopes so many times, so it was easy to see that it needed improvements. When it is inserted doctors lose their visibility when fluids in the body surround the endoscope. This makes the whole process take more time, is more tedious, and doctors lose sight of where the endoscope is because they have to take it out and use a suction device to remove the excess fluids so they can see clearly. After that, they have to start the process all over again. Dr. Saad Saad created a device that has a suction apparatus connected to the endoscope so doctors do not lose their eyesight and can remove the fluid. On top of this, it is very cheap to make and very easy to use.


The other invention is a electromagnetic location identification device that helps find catheters. It looks a lot like a metal detector. Once the external device locates the internal device and the catheter is perpendicular to it, the external device lights up. This is a much safer way and faster way to find catheters in the body that don’t require and MRI or X-ray. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/