Tidal is Amazing and Dez Perez is the One that Made People Realize That


Tidal has a lot to offer. Adele, who did not stream her music when her latest album was released, has a full album streaming on Tidal. Usher released the latest video for his single for his “Hard II Love” album on the Tidal website. This is a masterful music and video streaming playground of exclusive content. That is what makes people recognize the site. They know that this is going to be a place where they can acquire something that is not found anywhere else.


Desiree Perez may be the influence behind this type of exclusive content. She knows that customers will come when Tidal can offer something that no one else can offer. That is how she has lived her entire life. She has been the one that could offer up information that no one else could offer. That is how she has gotten herself out of some tight situations.


Desiree Perez knows business. She could look at what was happening with Tidal and realized that Jay-z needed something that was unique. He already had the artists that had fans galore. He just had to make sure that he was in a place where he could open up the doors to more exclusive content in order to stand out. With Perez he had a chance to see that Tidal could charge more than the competition because he had the exclusive content. Apple could not compete with exclusive Beyoncé videos and visual albums. Spotify could not compete with exclusive album releases from Damien Marley or early releases from Kanye West. This is all a part of the intensity of the music streaming battle.


Perez has never been one to lay all of her cards out on the table at the same time. She always seems to have something under her sleeves that can get her to the next level. This is what makes fans want to keep coming back. They want the element of surprise, and that is what Tidal presents. It keeps people entertained by giving them access to music and behind-the-scenes commentary much earlier. Nick Jonas created a documentary for his “Last Year Was Complicated” album that was exclusive to Tidal. Jay-Z has even released some “Only Available on Tidal” content to keep fans excited.