Evolution Of Smooth And Marketing To Millennials

The brilliance of EOS lip balms lies in the niche they chose to market to and the emotional connection and loyalty they formed with their customers. They have in just a few short years beat out long time company Chapstick in sales. Their first year they only sold around one million units, and they are doing those numbers now in just one week. Their customer base has grown from one aisle at Walgreens to an overseas market in Asia.

Not everyone knew about EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/) when they first came to the drugstore aisles at Walgreens. This, in fact was strategic as the brand chose to face the decision of where to place their efforts in the growing business. Would they promote their product endlessly, or use their resources to set themselves up for future success? The three founders chose to set themselves up for success and used their resources to have custom automated machinery built that could churn out their balms one by one in house. This also gave the company a chance to keep their product offering interesting, being able to change packaging color and the formulas and flavors of their balms as often as they wanted to.

Today, the brand is becoming more widely known, as they tapped into the marketing resources they knew their customer base would respond to. They focused their efforts on beauty bloggers, magazines, beauty writers, music stars and celebrities that were all popular with the female millennial generation. Promoting the product this way proved to be successful in keeping their customer base growing and talked about. The mystery behind the product was broken down by bloggers who all raved about the balms and celebrities who actually used them to keep their singing mouths free of cracks while on tour. The products are now being sold on Target supermarkets and eBay online.