The RealReal Developing Into A Successful Brand

The RealReal had its first-ever perpetual store located in New York City. The RealReal store located in New York City has great success. There has been talk that in the year 2018 The RealReal store is going to support in-store capabilities. Allison Sommer has mentioned that the year of 2018 is going to be a pop-up year. Allison Sommer is in charge of advertising for this business. Associated in-store capabilities enable the ability for virtual products to gain a street-level existence. In the year 2016 The RealReal did a pop-up. The pop-up was held in New York City. The pop-up held by The RealReal reportedly accomplished $2 million. As a result of such an amazing outcome The RealReal established a location. The establishment of the SoHo location took place towards the end of November. The RealReal provides an incredible brand.

The RealReal has also done a pop-up in San Francisco. Since the pop-up in San Francisco this business has seen an enormous percent growth with online consumers. With such great success The RealReal had in San Francisco another pop-up will be occurring in Las Vegas. Additionally, more locations will be happening within the year all over the United States. The RealReal continues to have these pop-ups so more and more consumers become loyalist and the brand reaches more and more fervent fashion individuals. The RealReal will be supporting sequestered shopping happenings for VIP consumers and informative workshops in order to bring forth more consumer circulation. The RealReal has been in existence for 6 years. The RealReal is credited for being the most supported virtual superfluity resale establishment. Its site currently has 7 million supporters globally. Therefore, the in-store existence appears to be working for The RealReal business and its continuing success.

The creator and CEO of The RealReal is Julie Wainwright. The RealReal offers quality resale items for ladies, men, and the household. Within the past 18 months The RealReal has established 6 valuation agencies. The RealReal has established offices in Chicago, Washington, D.C., L.A., San Francisco, and New York.

In conclusion, The RealReal is developing into a successful brand.

TechStyle Fashion Group Continues to Dominate the Fashion Industry

The worlds of technology, fashion, and e-commerce are exploding. The total revenue in retail e-commerce in 2016 was $72 billion and is expected to hit $116 billion by 2021. Startup fashion brands are increasingly looking for ways to keep up with today’s digital- savvy consumers. They have adopted advanced CRM technology and embraced social media as a market channel. TechStyle Fashion Group is one of the pioneers of subscription programs. Over time, it has emerged top in online retail sales. However, almost no one knows about TechStyle’s role as a technology and marketing trailblazer. It is led by co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.

TechStyle Fashion Group began as JustFab in 2010. It launched the first fashion membership program for footwear in the retail industry in 2010. Clients enjoyed over 30 percent off the retail price after subscribing to TechStyle’s VIP monthly subscription. It came along with loyalty reward points, exclusive access to special products, and free shipping. In just two years, JustFab had reached six million subscribers and sold over 2.5 million pairs of shoes. Over time, JustFab acquired ShoeDazzle and FabKids in an attempt to expand its operation in Germany and the United Kingdom. Later on, Adam and Don Ressler teamed up with Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics. In 2016, JustFab changed its name to TechStyle, a name that reflects the company’s position as a reemargining platform in the fashion retail.

Adam Goldenberg, a co-founder of TechStyle began his 20-year career in the fashion industry at the age of 13 years. He started with Gamer’s Alliance, an online bulletin board that converted into a gaming website. Four years later, Adam Goldenberg sold his gaming website to Intermix, the parent company of MySpace. Upon the merger, Intermix appointed Goldenberg as the company’s Chief Operating Officer at the age of 19 years, making him one of the youngest COOs in history. Afterwards, Goldenberg left Intermix to start Intelligent Beauty, which is an early e-commerce site. Over time, Intelligent Beauty spawned several other startups including JustFab and DermStore.

TechStyle Fashion Group has invested heavily in technology. It has also innovated its marketing and product selection techniques. TechStyle Fashion Group launched a customized styling system that pairs personal stylists with sophisticated algorithms with the aim of offering a better shopping experience. Over time, TechStyle has grown to become a leader in predictive analytics, one of the trends affecting the fashion industry. Moving forward, TechStyle wants to invest heavily in machine learning and personalization.

White Shark Media the Number One Digital Agency


White Shark Media is a PPC management agency. It has offices in various locations and offices across the world. Some of the offices are in Miami, FL, GA, Nicaragua, Central America, and Denmark Scandinavia. The company focus is on offering completely transparent and efficient services to all its clients. The company treats all its customers with utmost respect irrespective of the company’s size. Whether the companies are from small or mid-sized enterprises that are advertising through online platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads, White Shark doesn’t discriminate.

The company is committed to helping its clients succeed in their businesses. They believe that they can only be successful if their customers are satisfied. This has created a real relationship between White Shark Media and its customers. The company charges are very customer friendly, and they don’t have contracts, cancellation fee, and the setup fee. White Shark charge is cheap and affordable even to people running small businesses.

White Shark as a leading digital agency has recorded a very fast growth rate. The company has achieved this because of quick integration of very effective search marketing. The company, also, is very friendly to the staff. The services are not overly priced, and this has made them affordable and appealing even to businesspeople that are getting into entrepreneurship as first timers.

White Shark, which was a subtle agency, not so long ago, has now grown and has served very many businesses in North America. The firm helps entrepreneurs to utilise online marketing to reach more potential customers. The company has developed a marketing blog which is very informative, and this has helped the company be able to dispense knowledge to more people on how they can best utilize the online marketing opportunities. The company has had very many compliments from their clients, but there have been some complaints. White Shark Media handles complaints in a friendly way, and this has improved the way the company relates to its customers this is an agency that every business requires to excel in their endeavours.