Organo Gold with Bernardo Chua’s Expert Guidance

There are many companies in the world with each performing varied tasks. However, some firms should be recognized because of their unwavering efforts and products of excellent quality. Organo Gold is one of such companies.

A great man, who recognized the health benefits of a Chinese herb, founded Organo Gold. The company provides both coffee and tea products, which apart from being healthy, they also offer a broad spectrum of health benefits. With such vast benefits, the firm’s products are something everyone should try.

The company was started by a healthy blogger, Bernardo Chua. He did not get started on the idea right away. He first kicked the idea around the social media, in particular, Facebook.

All the time, Bernardo was working with other companies, which gave him the relevant experience and expertise he needed to start his own venture. The experience he gained played a substantial role in founding and organizing the company to its current successful position.

According to The Street, in his professional career, through one of the firms he worked for, Bernardo Chua learned about the Ganoderma lucidium herb. Though the company he was working for utilized the herb for a different purpose, Bernardo saw the health benefits of the herb.

With the knowledge, he set out to incorporate the Ganoderma lucidium herb to tea and coffee products to come up with excellent products. With this knowledge and expertise, Organo Gold has been able to bring a new commodity to the market. The products of Organo Gold provides a healthier alternative to beverage users, which enhances health and fosters wellbeing.

The gourmet coffee firm primarily focuses on catering for the welfare of the active lifestyles of both coffee and tea consumers. The company has since its inception, through the help of Bernardo Chua, been able to grow substantially to the current network marketing corporation it is.

With the excellent reputation that Organo Gold has earned over the years, it has become a pacesetter in the wellness and health industry. Intrinsically, the company ventured into the Singapore markets and established Organo Gold Singapore in 2014.