50th Party- Juan “OG” Perez

Jay Z is a hip-hop icon not only in his home country but also in the world. Recently the music artist treated one of his close friends at an expensive birthday party. The birthday was organized during the President’s day, and it cost about $113000. Juan “OG” Perez is a close friend of the Hip Hop icon and a partner in the music business; Roc National Sports. Juan Perez was turning 50 and the birthday party was organized in an incredible style which included $13k on dinner and $9k on drinks.

Juan “OG,” his wife Desiree Perez and few of their friends began the party at night in Midtown when they dined at Zuma restaurant which is a Japanese food joint. Bey and Jay Fave served the celebrities dinner which was steak, sushi, and lobster. The dinner took place on Sunday and afterward the friends and business partners took off to Mexico; Inwood which is a restaurant as well as a nightclub. Courtesy of his friend Juan “OG,” Jay Z spend another $90000 on drinks during the night party. The party was not over, and Jay Z spent another $91000 on drinks at Playroom Nightclub. The amount paid at Playroom is estimated to be enough to purchase a private Island. While partying in Mexico, the hip-hop artist continued to order one D’USSE’ a drink associated with him. Rock Nation Sports crew were treated into an expensive party which brought reactions from onlookers as well as the social media on whether Jay Z was only wasting money during the party.

It is clear that during the party the hip artist wanted his friend to celebrate  50th birthday with style, but also the businessman; Jay Z was advertising his brand of liquor; D’USSE’. Juan “OG” and Jay Z have been close friends and business partners for decades, and it is not a surprise that he threw such an expensive party for his friend.

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