Relax and Cloud on With Unique Onelogin Computing Solutions

Businesses have already started warming up to secure cloud storage even as the clouds get stronger. Previously it has been a challenge convincing people that the clouds can be a better storage option than onsite solutions. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply that cloud storage is a hundred percent free from security breaches according to experts at OneLogin.

There has always been a challenge when it comes to strictly adhering to standard security procedures set by companies such as OneLogin. Most companies fail to comply with such procedures especially when they are migrating their infrastructure and applications. It is important for organizations to adopt two approaches while cloud transitioning. Most companies have often lost data and even exposed critical company information to hackers simply because they did not follow the right cloud transitioning policies.

Hardware-based Risks

Initially, when shadow IT was introduced in corporate lexicon, the term was used to refer to unauthorized access to hardware operating systems. It was seen as an intrusion from third party users trying to access cloud data using certain devices. However, as time moved on, shadow IT has changed from hardware to software mainly in the use of cloud applications. This has shown how risky it can get if IT experts do not carb its usage.

Most businesses and organizations continue to grapple with software shadow IT despite the fact that hardware risks continue to be another risk. Although most organizations have managed to control the amount of hardware brought into offices by their employees, they still face the problem of setting up secure servers which exposes their cloud data into great risk.

It is understandable that most businesses and organizations set up unsecured servers in a bid to avoid what is termed as onerous security controls. On the other hand, they might find themselves in such situations probably because their IT department might not be aware of the existence of such servers.

Managing identities rather than Hardware

IT experts in most companies such as OneLogin have always turned their attention towards the management of hardware rather than users. Therefore as an organization migrates from its infrastructure to the cloud, the IT department cannot have total visibility control of its endpoints.