Alex Pall Drums Support for Chainsmokers

Andrew Taggart, Alex Pall’s partner in chainsmokers, sang in ‘Closer, their latest track. Their previous singles were performed by other artists. The two are slowly coming out of the DJ shell. They have Halsey to thank for the great success of their latest single. The rising star gave everything she’s got and the results were tremendous.

DJs more often than not depend on vocalists to give life to their compositions. The duo are looking to earn recognition as true artists. The presence of Andrew in ‘Closer’ is one step towards achieving this goal. The two are working on bringing dance music to life. They keep letting out a bit of themselves with every passing day with a view of widening their fan base.

The two started out well and have been close buddies ever since their first meeting. Alex began his music journey as a part time DJ. Pallard on the other hand had been a producer before the two joined hands. He had been invited to play in some shows and he even had some of his songs on SoundCloud. He had wanted to do full time DJing once he was done with high school. They have successfully taken on numerous challenges throughout the four years they have worked as a team.

Unlike many other artists, Alex and Paul share the same values and this more than anything has kept them going. Their fans are their biggest priority and the duo keeps working and thinking of ways of keeping them entertained. They take the time to evaluate every project so as to get it right the next time they’ll be working on something new.

The fact that they have exceeded their expectations does not make them want to sit back and enjoy their success. They are ever on the move trying to figure out what they could do to remain on top of their game. As they consider doing an album, they are keen on putting together songs that are related.

Pall lauds the partnership with Halsey and believes that there are better things to come for them. He is proud of their work as they can monitor the report on their sings and it is promising. More and more fans are warming up to them.