Gregory James Aziz: National Steel Car’s Visionary Leader

It is hard to imagine that just more than two decades ago, National Steel Car was a company in decline. Today, the company is the largest railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. Just how did National Steel Car turn around its fortunes? To most people, the simple Answer is Gregory James Aziz.

National Steel Car was acquired by National Industries Inc., a company owned by Gregory J Aziz, in 1994. Gregory subsequently became the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car. Through his visionary leadership, National Steel Car increased the number of cars it produced annually from 3,500 to 12,500 within a few years. This raises the question of what made Greg Aziz special such that he could turn the fortunes of an ailing company. This may be answered by looking at his autobiography.

Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. Aziz pursued his college education in Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He thereafter joined the University of Western Ontario (UWO), London, Ontario, Canada. James Aziz was being groomed to take over the family business, Affiliated Foods. In 1971, soon after completing his university education, Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods.


Gregory Aziz saw the potential that Affiliated Foods had. He aspired to make the company international, which would have provided it with huge growth potential. Gregory J Aziz was determined to make a move beyond the Canadian borders and make Affiliated Foods one of the largest importers of fresh foods in the globe. By the time Greg Aziz left Affiliated Foods, it had expanded its distribution network across North America. The company imported fresh foods from Europe, Central America, and South America.

Greg Aziz quit Affiliated Foods in the late 1980s and moved to New York where he worked as an investment banker. In 1994, Greg saw the opportunity to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco. After the purchase, National Steel Car became a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., a company owned by Greg Aziz. Greg Aziz became the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car.


After assuming the leadership of National Steel Car, Aziz implemented measures that reduced the inefficiencies and increased the productivity of National Car. Greg Aziz appreciated the rich history of National Steel Car. Therefore, he was not contented with making National Steel Car one of the largest railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in Canada. He wanted National Steel Car to become one of the largest railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in the world. Go Here for additional information.


Currently, it is the largest railroad car engineering and manufacturing company in North America, which shows that Greg Aziz is on his way towards achieving his goal.



Who is Robert Deignan?

When people have questions about or are experiencing issues with their computers, phones, or other electronic devices, many turn to ATS Digital Technologies to help them out. When they do, not only are their problems fixed quickly and expertly, but they are often surprised by the exceptional quality of customer service. Robert Deignan, the Chief Executive Officer of ATS, is a major reason for this. As he stated when being awarded with certification from AppEsteem, “Comprehensive, consumer-focused compliance is the backbone of our organization.”

So who is Robert Deignan? Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Robert has always been a team player. He was awarded a full football scholarship at Purdue University, where he graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership. Not long after, he co-founded his first corporate venture, Fanlink, Inc., where he gained hands-on experience in running a business.

It was while working at iS3, an anti-malware service company, that Robert and his co-founders had an idea for what would be his second venture: Advanced Technical Support, or ATS for short. The team realized that they could save people a lot of time and hassle by using special software to access a client’s problem devices remotely. They could then help customers troubleshoot their technical issues quickly and easily, drawing on the team’s long history of cybersecurity.

Even greater, the team decided to commit themselves early on to excellent customer service. No upsells, over-sells, crafty, crooked, or questionable practices. Though it sounds like a no-brainer, the call-center industry is rife with such problems, making ATS a welcome step in the right direction.

Under the guidance of Robert Deignan, each call support specialist is knowledgeable and polite, helping their customers solve problems both big and small, specific and generic, with service that is consistently high quality. The company will also be adding “Truck Rolls” to its wide selection of services, allowing for tech specialists to visit the home and help with things like TV and speaker installations.

In his off-time, Robert continues playing sports competitively, and helped propel his sailing team to victory in the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.

The life of Gregory Aziz and his contribution to North America’s Railway Sector

For the last two decades, National Steel Car has been the major beneficiary of Gregory James Aziz, services as the CEO and President. The native of Ontario has propelled the company to become the top railroad freight car manufacturing company in the world as well as being the only North American Company in the industry. Greg was born in the 1949 and grew up in London and later attended Ridley College. Aziz would later enroll at the University of Western in Ontario where he majored in Economics. Peers of Aziz and those close to him describe him as a focused and highly ambitious man who worked tirelessly to achieve his earnest goals.


It is the same spirit that has seen Greg achieve major success all through his career, from the time he was working with Affiliated foods to investment banking in New York and finally at National Steel Car. According to Aziz, the railway sector is very important to the economy of the United States, and he is humbled to have played a major role in the sector as the CEO of National Steel Car which is among the major players in the field.


After his graduation, Greg J Aziz opted to join Affiliated Foods which is a family run food company. Greg had just completed his studies but his contribution to the company remains undisputed. It was under his watch that the food company grew to international status, securing markets in areas they were previously not heard of. Affiliated Foods, grew to become the largest importer of fresh food, in virtually all markets of the globe, among them South America, Eastern Canada, and Europe. However, James Aziz could not let the success be the glass ceiling of his career, and he moved to New York where he began working as an investment banker.


It was during this time that he organized to buy National Steel Car Company and come 1994, he would be successful in his plan. He bought the company from its Canadian owner, Dofasco and his sole aim was to guide the company to become North America’s top Railroad Freight Car Company. Greg Aziz invested 100% of his time and resources into the company which at the time was a sleeping giant, and a few years later the results would speak on his behalf. Production tripled and more people were hired to work in the company. Click Here for more information.


More about Greg James Aziz


James Aziz believes in giving back to the community and via his company or solo initiatives he has funded a number of noble organizations in his hometown of Hamilton. Among the charities include the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and the Salvation Army. He is also a family man and is married to Irene, with whom they have raised a family. The couple is also the major sponsor of the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair, which is the first of its kind in Canada.



Avanca Sees Big Success with Help from News Watch

The Avanca company started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to raise money for the “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. Avanca hired NewsWatch to help promote their campaign so that the funding could hit $10,000 within 30 days. This was actually their second time working with News Watch. The first time was during a crowdfunding campaign for a complete Windows Ten PC that fits in your pocket (a precursor for the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC).

With the help of News Watch in promoting the launch of this third device in Ockel series 8, the Avanca Indiegogo campaign raised $456,551. This number is almost 30 times more than the initial goal. In an interview with a News Watch employee, the Avanca Marketing Director says that working with Newswatch was a great success.

Natalie van Wijkvliet, the marketing director, was also excited to promote the Avanca Wireless Headphones during her interview. She remarked that they will be put into action by all exercise enthusiasts and athletes that enjoy comfortable access to music while working out.

NewsWatch is a weekly television show that airs for about 30 minute segments on a wide array of markets around the USA. Founded in 1989, the company is located in Arlington, Virginia. News Watch has found a good deal of success in many forms of media outreach, such as National television, satellite media tours, entertainment, broadcast media, and video news releases.

One key attribute of News Watch is the substantial number of celebrity guests that have been guests in their segments. These can be watched from all different social media platforms, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others as well. Due to their partnerships with a multitude of business and organization types, the success of Newswatch is advantageous to many companies looking for good advertisement and promotion of their products.


Talk Fusion: The Story Of The Failed Email

Back in 2004, Bob Reina was searching for his new home in North Carolina. His family’s opinion was important. Therefore, he took a short video clip and tried to email it to them. AOL, a free web-based email service provider, told Bob that it was not possible.
Many people were facing this problem. Bob called his longtime friend and IT expert, Dr. Jonathan Cheng. It was at this moment of revelation that Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion.
Talk Fusion’s flagship project was video email. This product was a welcome solution for the market. Bob talked to everyone he could about his new product. He got many positive responses from potential customers and associates even before launching the product.
Talk Fusion is an award-winning video marketing solution, which offers businesses ways to make their marketing more engaging and memorable.
Bob Reina is not an overnight success. Bob is an alumnus of the University of South Florida. He attended Tampa Police Academy, where he earned the Award of Merit for being top in his class. Bob served in many capacities as a police officer.
He worked for ten years as a police officer. Bob had to work hard to achieve his goals. His paycheck was a limiting component. He was working part-time as a network marketer. Bob started by selling products from the trunk of his police car to his colleagues in the force.
Bob then built a team of marketers on whom he relied on to multiply his sales. He failed and had to start over with a new company and a new team each time.
As the current CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob leads the company’s success by being vocal about his ideas. He is persistent and consistent with his expectations and deadlines. He starts his day at 5:30 AM and then plans his day regarding priorities.
There is a strong culture of philanthropy at Talk Fusion. Bob dedicates his resources on helping people. He believes in giving back to the community. His monetary donations to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and an Indonesian orphanage are life-changing. Learn more:
Talk Fusion employees and independent associates replicate these generous acts. The associates can donate a free account to the charity of their choice. Through this platform, charitable causes can reach more people.

Talk Fusion University is underway. This is a free educational platform where Bob Reina shares his knowledge, experience, and tips. This will enable others to reach their goals.

Jason Hope sees total revamping of logistics industry with Internet of Things

Over the past few decades, Jason Hope has emerged as one of the most influential entrepreneurs and technological thinkers in the state of Arizona. After having founded a series of extremely successful startups, including Jawa, the first premium mobile content streaming service, Hope has recently decided to take to the internet in order to write about the coming revolution in technology that will be brought about by the Internet of Things.

Hope foresees many industries being completely revolutionized by Internet of Things technologies. Among these will be the logistics industry. Hope says that the coming widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles will completely transform the way in which the modern logistics industry operates. He says that modern warehouse operations will be able to streamline their businesses to an extent that has never before been possible. Hope believes that, within the next five years, there will be networks of completely autonomous warehouse operations, from the moment items are pulled from the shelf to the point of delivery.

Although many people may find it difficult to believe that completely autonomous semi trucks will be traveling the roads of the United States within the next five years, Hope is quick to point out that the technologies that will make this possible are already here and largely proven. Hope cites the 2016 successful delivery of a long haul trucking payload by innovative self-driving truck company Otto. Hope says that, today, the main obstacle to implementing a large-scale self-driving delivery networks is not the technology needing to be developed further. Instead, it is the passage of regulations and opening up of state highways to the legal use of these vehicles.

Hope points in the state of California as an area that is already rapidly transitioning over to a self-driving private transportation model. He has stated that the state of California has tens of thousands of self-driving vehicles already registered to legally drive on the state’s highways on a limited basis. Hope believes that the state of California will pave the way for self-driving automobile technology across the United States. He has said that, once the state of California fully legalizes autonomous vehicles, it will likely be a very quick process for the technology to rapidly spread to other states, as legislators realize the incredible economic gains that are to be had by the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles.

This is just one area in which the Internet of Things promises to radically upend the status quo.

For more info:


E-Governe presents the range of products that can be used to modernize processes in organizations and institutions that help to improve efficiency.Designed by ICI (Instituto das Citades Intelligenses) Teresina Municipal workers and officials were taught how to use the E-Governe system just a few years back, and from since then, the Municipal has achieved a lot concerning efficiency and the likes.


This exercise was conveyed in conjunction with the Municipal Education Department, Municipal Health Foundation as well as the Municipal Finance Department. Together, these various departments conducted a meeting to liberate on how they could optimize municipality service delivery to the citizens, and together they settled for e-govern.


The primary tool to be executed was the human resource management where all the internal public office processes were streamlined. Later on the Municipal took upon a more strengthened tool to offer quality service to everyone. Through the various e-govern tools, the municipal system has been able to identify problems review and monitor the overall municipal performance.


The e-govern system has also increased the speed with which public demands are responded through system tools that allow for instant received comments analysis.Another company that adopted the e-govern system is Osasco. The thorough thee-govern education system, ICI supplied computer equipment and installed electrical systems to the offices and schools.


ICI also established a client call center where all public education departments sought for help. Osasco is a very populated state in Sao Paulo, but the e-govern system takes care of all the area education departments, schools, and the nearby continuing education center. The e-govern system has demonstrated flexibility to take care of all these units.


More so, the education system has provided several benefits to the Osasco schools and education departments. Not only has it allowed for easy internet access to the students, but also encouraged user management through system administration security level set ups. E-govern has also helped the departments to share and create reports regarding the different facets more quickly.


The system has led to major transparency and accountability of the Osasco Municipality processes. The system has also done away with revisions since all works are digitized and the records electronically stored out. ICI has been vital in helping the Municipal improve general public service, education, taxes, and administration.


The implementation of the e-govern system has propelled Osasco into the most thriving economy and is now home to the largest organizations and corporations like Banco Bradesco and the Sao Paulo State Industries Center. Besides the SBTE-Governe Health was implemented and has helped to solve health service management problems in the state and municipal governments. Previously, health service management was a grim task due to the need to take care of the mobile departments since the Municipal is made up of numerous health departments and public officials.


The e-govern platform now permits for officials to plan and view worker schedules and this has made task allocation easier. It also implies that there is little hospital downtime and that every professional is assigned duty. Through the system, the beds and wards can be controlled to ensure that nurses have a small amount of work to perform.

Eric Pulier’s Career As A Businessman, Author, And Philanthropist

Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey during the mid-1960s. He has been a successful businessman, author, and philanthropist. While his career took off after attending college, he got his start long earlier.Eric Pulier had a strong interest in computers even during his elementary school years. At this time, computer technology was still in its infancy. Computers weren’t even being used by the average person, let alone understood.

Then, he relocated to Boston in 1984 to go to Harvard University. He was not a computer technology major at Harvard, but he took technology classes at MIT. In 1988, he completed his college education. Then, Pulier went to Los Angeles after his graduation to start his business career.

During the early part of the 1990s, he launched his first major enterprise. His first company was People Doing Things. They provided technological assistance to businesses and organizations within the public sector. Only a couple years later, he started a company that was even more successful, called Digital Evolution. While it operates under a different name, it is still thriving. These two companies weren’t his only endeavors, and he is well known for all of the businesses that he founded in the computer technology sector.

While he is best known for his for profit endeavors, he also is one of the founders of a very well known non-profit organization. Eric Pulier is one of Starbright World’s creators. Starbright World has brought together numerous children that are struggling with serious, chronic health conditions. This website is set up so that children in similar circumstances are able to communicate with one another. However, this is not the only philanthropic cause that Pulier has been involved in.

His career as an author has also been quite prolific. In fact, Pulier is one of the individuals who wrote the well known book, Understanding Enterprise SOA. This book’s information has helped other businesses to be more profitable. In addition, Eric Pulier has used his knowledge of computer technology to assist the federal government.

For more information please visit

Eric Pulier: A Commitment to Higher Needs

The story of Eric Pulier is one of those rare but amazing stories of child prodigies proving themselves early on in life and continuing into adulthood. As early as the 4th grade Pulier began writing his first programs. As his talent he grew he was finally able to start his own database company while still in high school. As you would probably expect, Pulier enrolled at Harvard University and took classes at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology to advance his expertise to the point it lies on today.

As he began his career after graduation Eric Pulier focused on combining innovation with philanthropy to produce technological advances that not only defied the expectations people had for technology but also gave the world what it needs. A great example of Pulier’s work is the groundbreaking Starbright World, the world’s first private social network. Starbright World connected chronically ill children with each other and allowed them to share their experiences with others who would understand. The success of Starbright World attracted the attention of then POTUS Bill Clinton and his Vice President Al Gore. Understanding the potential of his expertise Pulier was tasked with a project for the Presidential Technological Exhibit referred to as “The Bridge Of The 21st Century”.

If there’s one thing that dwarfs Pulier’s amazing talent for software engineering, it’s his commitment to philanthropy that has shown itself throughout his career. He has consistently placed the public good into his pursuits and has done so without any rest or hesitation. Eric Pulier stands as an example of rare but talented individuals making it to the top of their crafts and bettering humanity in the process.

More about Eric: