Travelling Vineyard: Wine Tasting Parties Made Easy

Traveling Vineyard is popular with its wine tasting parties. The parties bring together wine lovers who sample both local and international wines. Traveling Vineyard’s parties are hosted by the company’s Wine Guides who get an opportunity to sell the company’s merchandise to their guests during the party. Novice Wine Guides often feel overwhelmed with the notion of throwing a wine tasting party. However, according to the company, planning a wine tasting party is manageable. In fact, the company has a guide that helps Wine Guides to organize professional looking wine tasting parties.

Select a common theme

Traveling Vineyard proposes two primary themes for Wine Guides who are starting out. The first theme involves comparing pricey wine with relatively cheap wine. The second theme concerns comparing one variety of wine from different regions of the world or various wineries. Ultimately, a Wine Guide should focus on less than five selections of wine. Two or three bottles of each sample should be enough to host a party. However, additional bottles may be needed in case a Guide plans to serve dinner.

Gather the necessary supplies

Of course hosting a party requires that a Wine Guide avails specific items. Some of the items needed include glassware, water, corkscrew, personal spittoons, neutral-tasting palate cleanser, and paper & pens for making notes among other essential supplies.

Buying all the supplies required to host a party may be costly for Wine Guides who are starting out. Traveling Vineyard suggests that renting items such as glassware may drastically lower the cost of hosting a party.

Create a conducive party atmosphere

Although Traveling Vineyard encourages creativity regarding creating an ambient environment, the company warns against strong cooking aromas or other disruptors that are likely to interfere with wine tasting.

One way that a Wine Guide could create a conducive environment is through playing the right music. For instance, the company suggests that Italian music should be played in parties that guests are sampling Italian wine.

Prepare the wine and set the table

Different varieties of wine call for different preparations. While some wines need to be chilled, some types may be served without the need for chilling. Most wines require the right cooling and decanting otherwise they end up tasting not so good. Well prepared wine should be served on equally well-prepared tables. For more info about us: click here.

Lead by Example

While a majority of guests in a wine tasting party are knowledgeable in wine tasting etiquette, a Wine Guide should be ready to demonstrate to any guest how to perform certain wine tasting activities.