Kim Dao Spends Her Second Day in Korea Having Meetings

Before going on the bus trip, Kim Dao had scrambled eggs, sausage links, and oatmeal for breakfast. She went on the bus with her K Offers Group. The group decided to spend one night in Seoul and then check of the hotel and head for Jeonju that was a three-hour bus ride from Seoul. It was so hot in Jeonju, Kim Dao bought one of those hand held, battery operated fans. Learn more:


Kim Dao and her group decided to make some Korean snack foods. The group wore full-sized aprons and began to prepare their bean bar. Each participant got his own bowl to fill with rice, onions, shredded banana squash, beans, shredded cheese, and whatever they wanted to make ( There was some cracked egg yolk and whites that could be spooned into the bowl of vegetables. The egg yolk was mixed into the mixture.


After the cooking class, Kim Dao and cohorts walked through a park with fountains that spirted water. There were also outdoor shops that sold food and other goods. Kim Dao was most interested in a trough that had a block of ice in it. Kim Dao saw the outside of a Korean church. Kim Dao and her group entered an art shop to look at landscape drawings of Korea done by local artists. Some trays were painted with flowers. The paintings of the trees were so good, you could see little pink birds in the trees. Kim Dao got hearts for her team and some ice-cream for herself. Learn more: