Don Ressler Transforming The Shopping Experience Through JustFab

Don Ressler is praised for coming up with businesses that have offered solutions to different problems and most of the ideas he has launched came out with great success. Through dedication and massive consideration, Don Ressler has managed to launch businesses that have stood out in the market for enhancing productivity and offering solutions to problems in different sectors.

He started his career when he launched and the company paved the way for bigger ideas since the success it attained after a short while allowed him to reflect and identify his strengths on Wikipedia. To move forward, he sold to Intermix Media in 2001. After some time, he came across another person with similar ideas like his, Adam Goldenberg, the then COO at Intermix.

They set out on a journey to work together and offer solutions. Their first idea was the formation of Alena Media, which performed unexpectedly well after a short while. The marketing section on of the company generated millions in revenue and it is at this point that they realized they could establish a business that could serve globally. They needed capital to kick start their next idea, so the duo sold Alena in 2005.

After raising the required capital, Don Ressler and Adam thought about their next step for some time until they decided to make a try into the beauty market.  Intelligent Beauty offers weight loss products through the company’s franchise called SENSA. Ressler also operate another franchise called DERMSTORE that deals exclusively with cosmetics and makeup products.

Intelligent Beauty has been a success and they have expanded to other online markets with the establishment of different models of business as highlighted in JustFab.

About JustFab
Established in 2010, this is a company that offers beauty products on their online portal. The system is designed to operate on the basis of member subscription and there different products for all categories of buyers. JustFab has received two major rounds of funding with their first offering $33 to help them establish a strong system.

Another major success that JustFab has made is the acquisition of several businesses among them FabKids, which specializes with fashion items for children. They also have a franchise that offers sportswear, Fabletics, and all the companies operate on subscription basis.

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