Doug Levitt Gives The Struggle A Voice

The American dream is not always realized by people. While the ideal circumstance is that anyone makes it and the only reason that people don’t make it is because they are lazy, there are a lot of circumstances and occurrences that could prevent people from making a name for themselves. However, people that are unfortunate to go through a series of unfortunate circumstances that land them in their current predicament are often treated the exact same as the lazy people that the stereotype is based on. Fortunately, there are people like Doug Levitt who are willing to show others that people who are down and out are still fighting to make a better life.

Doug Levitt is someone who has a heart for the struggling. However, he also notices that efforts to help the people who struggle have been lacking. He also notices the mentality when it comes to people that are struggling. Therefore, he has decided that he is going to put together a compilation of stories called The Greyhound Diaries. This book presents a lot of scenarios for people to read so that they learn about what people have gone through in order to get where they are and what they are doing in order to improve their lives.

Doug Levitt calls his book The Greyhound Diaries because he is collecting the stories from the Greyhound bus. One thing that he notices is that a lot of people that ride the Greyhound bus are traveling from hard times in order to start over. However, Doug is not looking to just break people’s hearts and look at the struggling people as hopeless. In fact, he is trying to bring hope to people.

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