Dr. Akhil Reddy Finds his passion through Wine Tasting

Dr. Akhil currently works with MB2 Dental as a dentist, located in Dallas, Texas. MB Dental is a practice organization, who delivers affordable healthcare opportunities for all individuals. As a company, they believe that patients always come before profits and they ensure that they meet every need of each and one of their patients.

As Dr. Akhil Reddy’s sole focus, his focus too is to ensure that healthcare for everyone is much affordable, disregarding if one may be wealthy or important. At an early stage of Dr. Akhil’s days, he had already knew that his calling would be connected with medicine, engineering, and hands related skills. Once Dr. Akhil was accepted to one of the most well respected schools, University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program, he moved closer to his dreams of his acceptance in California, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

Dr. Akhil also earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, California. Dr. Akhil is truly amazing for his great success in earning his Doctorate by the age of 23. He then moved back to Dallas, Texas after he had graduated, where he then began his practice with MB Dental.

According to Crunchbase, not only is Dr. Akhil a dentist through his profession, he has also become a wine connoisseur. He’s not too busy of a dentist to not have time for some good wine tasting.

Through his interest, he has made it his mission to hunt for good tasting wine due to his strong appreciation of balanced flavors and exquisite wine production. Dr. Akhil Reddy makes it his goal to find good tasting wine at affordable prices who don’t much get the buzz that they deserve. His well knowledge of wines can pin point some really great wines.

For instance, Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon has to be one of the freshest and most vibrant wines that cost as low as $18. This wine makes it a good complimentary to a good tasting meal. On the other hand for $9, Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit is also an exceptional good tasting wine for its price, which has a hint of vanilla and cream from the barrels that are used to age it. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/3112766/Dr-AKHIL-REDDY-Irving-TX.html

It has a grapefruit and stone fruit flavor. For $5, Asda Beajolais has a fruity flavor of cranberry with the top-notch of a classic Beajolaid wine. This wine specifically goes very well with steak. When choosing wine, forget about the price tag; good wine needs time to bring out its rich taste; it’s about the type of grape and the mastery of the making of the wine.

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