End Citizen United An Important Player In American Politics

End Citizens United PAC formed on March 1, 2015, in direct opposition to the citizens united ruling. This ruling by the supreme court in 2010 allowed corporations to spend money to support or denounce individual candidates in election. Corporations cannot fund the candidates directly but can support them in other ways including ads. The ruling could mean that corporations could give money to candidates that act in their favor. Some worry that this will lead to corporations buying the elected officials.

End Citizens United is fighting back against this ruling. They do this in many ways. One way is supporting candidates that turn away money tied to corporations, and have a history of voting for measures to stop the flow of money in D.C. One way that they support candidates is to raise grassroots money to help their campaigns. It helps combat money given to other candidates through big corporations. ECU expects to raise around 35 million for the 2018 midterm elections. Another benefit of raising money in this grassroots way is that candidates connect with people in their states and districts all pushing toward a common goal.

Another way that End Citizens United is fighting back is to raise the issue of money in politics. They are calling out people who’s campaigns are breaking laws. An example of this is when ECU filed a complaint against Florida governor Rick Scout for illegal use of a super PAC to help fund his campaign. A super PAC can raise money for a candidate, but it must not work directly with any campaign. End Citizens United has collected evidence that shows that Scout named as the Chairman of the super Pact in January. They also found evidence that Scout and the Pact had the shared the same address in February. Another piece of evidence points to the fact that the pact and Rick Scout were both working on a fundraiser with Jenny Rucker.

End Citizens United has become an important player in American Politics. They show that you can raise good funds through grassroots measures. They also show that they will not stand by and allow campaigns to be illegally founded. ECU is still pushing towards ending the ruling that allowed corporations to have so much power in politics.

End Citizens United’s  Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

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