Evolution of Smooth Becomes all the Hype

Up until several years ago, whenever consumers needed or thought of lip balm, the brand that immediately came to mind was Chapstick. Chapstick was extremely generic, it was not marketed toward a specific group of consumers, it didn’t come in many flavors, and the packaging was boring. Although it was reasonably priced, readily available, and efficient at hydrating ones lips, there was nothing that made the product exciting.

Seven years ago, a new type of lip balm hit the market, and it became all the hype. It was called Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm. Marketed towards women, it is available in a countless number of flavors, the packing feels soft in the hand, and it comes in small, egg shaped pods in pastel colors that coordinate with the flavor. Making the product appealing to all the senses helped it to become a huge seller, outselling Chapstick. EOS lip balm currently sells over one million units per week. It is priced at approximately $3.00 per unit, and is available at most major retailers like Well and Walmart. Making it even more appealing is the fact that there are numerous flavors. Whether you are looking for something fresh and minty, sweet and fruity, or yummy and flavorful, you are sure to find the perfect EOS balm to meet your needs.  For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.


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