Glen Wakeman: Company Mentor

Glen Wakeman has worked and traveled in many different countries throughout his 20-year career with the primary company of GE Capital ( When starting with GE Capital Glen Wakeman employed almost half of the company with 17,000 employees. Glen Wakeman also provided the integrations and new exponential growth for this company throughout the years. Now Glen Wakeman being the co-founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings allows himself as a looked upon entrepreneur to succeed through the rates of online business planning and Global Affairs emerging the markets and financial advice of capital raising to up and coming companies.

Glenn’s Wakeman expertise provides him with the skills and knowledge that he needs to be a successful entrepreneur in his new industry that he has launched. Being very in successful in leadership development, he advises growing his company and previous companies that he once was a significant leader at. Having this skill set has led him to and participate in strategy building within his company. This new company that he has launched allows Capital markets to invest and provide numerous startups in mentorship growths with Glenn Wakeman (Dailyforexreport). Business transformation has always been one of Glen’s most reliable assets; this is what initially helped GE Capital grow to the exponential wealth that they are at now. Glen Wakeman now provides the mentorship to individual companies that are in need of growth and new ideas to extend an expand their venture.

Glenn’s new company founded in 2015 allowed him to become a successful investor and to inspire others of the economic business that he can offer on any organizational strategies they may need to know. Glen Wakeman has provided much advice on Capital raising and International financing platforms all of which he finds himself to be very passionate about when helping other companies grow. This new company that Mr. Wakeman has provided to smaller businesses will help them improve in the future and also become a successful as Glen Wakeman has.


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