How Green Structure Homes Has Benefitted From Barbara Stokes

Even though Green Structure Homes is a successful company on its own, they needed a CEO who would be willing to push the company even further. In fact, they needed someone just like Barbara Stokes who would not have a problem helping them out in any way. She knew what she wanted to do and she always pushed forward to make sure she was doing it. In addition, Barbara Stokes has always tried to make sure everyone knew there were different things they could do and there were options she had when it came to the business.

After working for a large company like Boeing, Barbara Stokes tried to always show people what it would be like to make GSH the corporate culture it could be. She knew there were things she would have to do to make it better but she also knew there were things she would need to bring attention to the different issues in the industry. Since she has been the CEO, Green Structure Homes has flourished. Not only are they getting more business but they are also doing what they can to help all their employees with the issues they had in the past. Barbara Stokes is the one to thank for these things. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

For years, Barbara Stokes has been helping out with things like charities and different organizations in Huntsville, AL. She knew there would be different options she could use and different things she could do to make sure she was helping the business out. For Barbara Stokes to make these things happen, she tried to always give them attention in the industry. It has led to her making the right choices and giving her best attention to those who are a part of the charity. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Even though Barbara Stokes is very career focused, she also has a lot of time invested into her family. She has recognized this is an important part of life especially since she has three children. The three children who she has are the most important part of her family life. She does what she can to give them the attention and the things they need. Barbara Stokes has always been great at balancing her work life, her family life and the other things that she has to do. By balancing all of this out, she has been a great influence on those who are a part of the industry.


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