How Logan Stout Developed His Company IDLife As A Way For Each Person To Achieve Optimal Health

While growing up, Logan Stout was a fan of playing sports, especially baseball. He was also very successful in basketball and was named the MVP of his high school team in both his junior and senior years. After graduating from high school he went played baseball professionally and also coached teams. During this time he was also attending the Panola College, earning a business degree. He also attended the University of Dallas where he graduated with a degree in psychology.

His love of mentoring young players and helping them build their athletic abilities led to Logan Stout founding the Dallas Patriots organization. This organization, which he leads as the Chief Executive Officer, offers baseball camps, private classes, and other ways for players to develop their game. He also helps other with this organization by creating volunteer positions where people can apply their skills to helping young baseball players develop.

In 2013, Logan Stout published a book called, “Stout Advice: The Secrets of Building Yourself, People and Teams“. In this book he outlines the strategies that he has used during his career as a baseball player, coach, and entrepreneur. He has learned that the skills he has developed in each of these professions also apply to the other ones as well as life in general.

Another company that Logan Stout has developed is IDLife which he founded and leads as the CEO. His company offers personalized nutrition plans that are designed to meet the individualized needs of each customer. People take a free health assessment which identifies the best dietary supplements that best fit them which they can purchase through IDLife.

As Logan Stout explains it, the ID in the name of his company stands for “individually designed”. The mix of products that customers receive are designed with their age, sex, eating and exercise regimens, and other factors all being taken into account. An algorithm takes all of these factors into account in order to create a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that optimize each person’s performance. The algorithm is based on more than 7500 clinical studies about nutritional science.

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